Best in Show Entry


Queen DIVA and her court

Gretchen here.  Mama has cracked down on Sissy’s use of the word staff…  I am her little sister, not “staff”, even if I do get stuck writing her posts, letters, emails, etc.   I don’t know why Mama’s so annoyed at Sis; she’s the one who put the title “Princess” in her name, and she’s the one who entered Sis as a DIVA…

So, before it’s too late, here’s Sis’s entry for Best in Show.  (Please don’t forget to vote – for me today/Friday, for Sis in Best of Show tomorrow/Saturday!)

February 2011 003

I might be Queen Shameless DIVA now, but I still have manners, so I’ll start my Best of Show entry out by thanking the hosts of this fine event, the judges, my fellow competitors, and the voters for allowing me to represent all the shameless dogs and divas for the next year.  I should also thank my family – Mama, Gretchie and Dadaw – for supporting and in some cases even contributing to my DIVA ways.   I look forward to lending my permanent wink to Mango Minster as the Best in Show spokesdog for the upcoming year too. 

PS – Can someone PLEASE tell Mama I need a tiara and professional photos?!


7 Responses to “Best in Show Entry”

  1. Sue Says:

    A tiara, a royal purple cape, a new soft, comfy throne etc. Fudge is a little hard to live with today, too. His already large head seems to have grown a size or two.

  2. Last call for votes « Chan Knits Says:

    […] Cracker Dogs, and Sis is up tomorrow for Best in Show.  You can see Sis’s best in show post HERE.   To clarify, you can vote for Gretchen through about noon on Saturday, and Sis’s voting […]

  3. Nichole Says:

    We’ve been trying to tell your Mama to get your a Tiara all week… geesh, you mean she STILL has not gone out and bought one? hmrpf.

    Votes are in for Gretchie…

  4. gMarie Says:

    I would have thought you’d put on a royal purple skirt to show that you are able of dressing up and acting modest. I know you have one. So glad you remembered that Momma wasn’t staff. 🙂

    Now – about that email addy…..


  5. Bubblesknits Says:

    /snort/ Honey, I will be on the look out for a tiara that will fit upon your darling head. : )

  6. scrabblequeen Says:

    Um, Gretchen, how are you NOT staff if you do all that stuff for the Diva? Sheesh, ggrll, let your inner Terrier out and tell her (with emphasis) enough is enough!

    Terrier wisdom free, courtesy of Misty: Chipooa Terrier Extraoridnaire
    and Sahsa: Yorkie Throwback Princess

  7. Jed and Abby in MerryLand Says:

    We wish you luck in the BIS competition, Queen Diva Sissy. And we appreciate, if others do not, that due to your vision issues you naturally require assistance with your blog and those who assist are assistants. Res Ipso Loquitor. We think it is very sisterly of Gretchen to step up and do what any good sister would do, which is help out when and as needed. You would do the same for her if she needed help, we’re sure.

    Jed & Abby, L.B.E., etc.

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