Double Trouble

December 2010 003

Taken 12-10

Yesterday was also vet day.  It was Wondervet’s first day back from maternity leave, so it was a good time to deliver her cowl.  She truly loved it!  No, I don’t have photos, but I’m also sure she doesn’t care a bit that Sis modeled it first.

January 2011 013Both girls had good reports for general health.  Weights are good, coats are beautiful, test results were normal.   Wondervet did get to see Gretchen in a full-blown fit of travel anxiety, but we’ve exhausted all conventional treatments, including the Thundershirt and the herbal calming collar.  Ironically, the Gravol from Canada was in the mailbox when we got home from the vet.  Wondervet and I are going to talk again soon about Gg’s next step, so we’ll discuss dosage then.

January 2011 014

Sis in Wondervet's infinity scarf

Sis’s eye pressure was up a tiny bit, although still within the normal range.  Wondervet called the eye clinic last night right after our appointment, and I’ve talked to Sis’s eye vet this morning (she needs a fabulous nicknname too).  While we’re all concerned, we’re not sounding any alarms.  We’ll see the eye vet in early March unless something changes between now and then.  See… there are just too many variables at play to get in a panic.  Sis has never had a pressure check much past mid-day, much less in the evening.  Most of Sis’s pressure checks have happened after she’s had her morning drop(s), not a couple of hours before her evening dose. 

I can’t say enough about these two vets, who both care deeply about Sis’s health, who so willingly listen and advise and even encourage me to call again when next I have a concern.  It was also a great weight lifted to have Wondervet say, “I’ll call the clinic now, and get back to you.”  Sure, I could have called them last night and spoken to the on-call eye specialist, but Wondervet wanted to communicate what she saw, and she was the one who was examining Sis!

Stay tuned… hopefully, Sis’s pressures will be back down on the low side of normal when we visit the eye doc.


10 Responses to “Double Trouble”

  1. gMarie Says:

    Oh your girls! How are you doing? You’re very right to look at all the ‘variables’ in play with her pressure check yesterday. Now – stay calm. 🙂 g

  2. Still Feelin’ the Love « Chan Knits Says:

    […] and Wondervet really, REALLY liked the scarf.  You can read the details about the vet reports here.  See where Sis slimed HER card, down on the lower […]

  3. Golden Gracie Says:

    Thank goodness for good vets! So glad the vet loved her cowl. I must make a cowl, I’m starting to understand their value (after re-looping my scarf a g’zillion times).

  4. Dianne Says:

    Oh, Chan… I decided to get started with two months of blog catch-up at lunchtime today, and “Don’t Mess with my Tutu” was the first I started reading. I can’t believe what you all have been going through these past several weeks. I am so upset with myself for not keeping up. Dear Sweet Sissy is so lucky to have you for a momma. I just want to give her (and her “staff!”) a great big hug. Thank goodness for wonderful vets and specialists!


  5. Sue Says:

    Now you’re living in my world. Before a vet visit I’m given times to administer certain meds. That way tests are done at the exact time the meds are working their best. It sometimes means getting up at 4M to give a pill.

    What we do for these kids.

  6. scrabblequeen Says:

    Glad you all got to see your special/good dr! Wow…you got gifts for some holiday OUR people didn’t bother to celebrate!?

  7. Nichole Says:

    SO glad you found Wondervet….. and now the amazing eye doc too! Glad to hear the reports were good….. and here’s hoping there are no alarms in March!

  8. Bubblesknits Says:

    All of us are keeping our collective fingers and paws crossed for Sis. It’s awesome that Wondervet and the eye doc are monitoring the situation so closely. : )

  9. Mango Says:

    How about opti-doc?


  10. Terrie Says:

    It’s great to hear how closely Wondervet and the eye vet are working to keep Sissy healthy! I hope things continue to stay in the normal range for her. Good luck with Gretchen and the Gravol!

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