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March 31, 2011




Happy Dogs on Thursday!  Have you seen our spring weather?  It’s gone, and I – Lady Gretchen Greer – miss it terribly. 

November 2010 003

Fire Prevention Week 2010?

Some of you know our Dadaw is a fire chief.   This is as close to doggy turnout gear as it gets.  Sissy uses hers for a warm-weather raincoat, and I’m just not fond of mine – do people really like this vinyl stuff?!

Oh – sorry.  I got distracted.  I’m supposed to be telling you about the email Mama got recently about pets and fires.  We can CAUSE fires, you know…  Chewed wires, knocked over candles, stove knobs turned by counter-cruisers (Sissy!!)…  In June, there’s actually a National Pet Fire Safety Day.  

We’re lucky that Mama is certified in pet CPR.   She also keeps emergency kits all over the place.  There’s one in the house, one in her car, one in our beach bag…   However, we do not use the pet stickers on our home.  For starters, we’re probably the most well-known doggies in the local fire/rescue community.  Secondly, those stickers don’t hold up under fire conditions for a host of reasons.   Plus, we’re a “you go, we go” pack. 

Dadaw’s fire company even has its own pet oxygen masks.  They’re cool like that, and for the record, they were in place before Dadaw became chief.   If ever you’re looking to make a donation in a pet’s honor, contact your local fire/rescue place and see if they have all the pet oxygen masks they need.

Are you prepared to care for your pet in a disaster?

Cross My Paws

March 28, 2011

DSC02017Sissy here.   Just a quick shout-out for my glaucoma sister Mabel.  (No link… we know her from Ravelry.) She lost sight in her only remaining eye yesterday, and we’re still waiting on the report, but… 

And somebody tell Mama that just because I followed in Mabel’s footsteps earlier this year with my other eye, it doesn’t mean I’m having trouble now, or will be in a week.  Geeze.  Besides, the crazy woman kisses my eye and blesses me every dang time I get within her reach.

Aka: Mountain Goat

March 24, 2011

Happy dogs on thursday!

We call Sissy our mountain goat.  See, she likes to climb/leap onto most anything, and will eat whatever comes near her mouth that strikes her fancy.


Girlfriend does a LOT of hunting on our walks.  She sight hunts, which has always annoyed me a bit, because dangitall, bassets are SCENT hounds!  Now that she is down to one eye, it really concerns me.   We’re fighting hard to protect and preserve that one eye, but I also want to assure she has quality of life should we lose the battle. 


Not to be outdone, Wee One had to strike a pose and wait until I pulled the Blackberry out, unlocked it and said loudly “Got it!”  Yes, my dogs actually do pose sometimes, and both of my JRTs can/could point as well as any Pointer. 

Pretty Hound

Fred, aka: the cat, because affection was solely on HIS terms

Do your dogs have breed/species confusion?  For instance, Sue has also said Sissy could be an honorary Portuguese Water Dog, and I am quick to correct anyone who, upon meeting wee, sweet Gretchen Greer, thinks perhaps they should discount all they’ve heard about Jack Russells and consider one for themselves after all.  Gg is a sainted gift.  She is sweet, demure, well-behaved, and not interested in being the alpha dog.  Most other terrier fans are laughing, but it’s true.  We can take some credit for nurturing her inner, passive girl, and the Knight and I both have lived with dog breeders, so we know a thing or two about how to pick the puppy with the temperment we want, but almost all of it was dumb luck.

Do your dogs represent their breed well or are they more like some other breed or even a different species?

Instinct, anyone?

March 20, 2011

While chatting with the owner of Sammy Snacks yesterday, I learned of a non-prescriptive rabbit kibble.  Has anyone tried Instinct, in any variety?  I need to run the ingredient list past Wondervet, because it is more complex than the list for Sis’s current prescription stuff, but the nice man is willing to get me a small bag for Sis to try, the price difference is SIGNIFICANT, and he has a truck that delivers weekly, so no shipping and no waiting with baited breath, paws crossed that the next bag arrives in time.  He also has a personal relationship with the owner of THAT company, so it’s just a really cozy option… if Wondervet approves.

Sis is all for it; evidently, purple is the official accent color for rabbit kibble, but she also thinks that’s one good-looking dog on the bag.   I like it because the protein is higher than in our Royal Canin formula, and girlfriend is a HARD keeper, which is to say that we struggle to keep her from looking too thin.

I’m already planning to switch Gretchen over to the Sammy brand kibble just as soon as the salmon formula comes out of its test-only status, so one-stop shopping would be a beautiful thing.  If nothing else, the fine folks at Sammy’s have yet again proved they care about their customers – both the two-footed payers and the four-footed consumers.  Is that ever more appreciated than when it comes to our pets?!

A Doggy Limer-lick for You

March 17, 2011
March 2011 014
Lookin’ for the Leprechauns!

Mama’s been dressing us in green for a few weeks now.   We started the day with green doggy treats, but I thought it would be fun to pen our own little blessing for you, in the Irish tradition.

It’s not technically a limerick, but for my (Gretchen Greer) first attempt at poetry, I’m kinda’ pleased with myself!

Bless those who love their pets,

May they never have to hedge their bets.

May they have more sunshine than rain,

May they know more joy than pain.

Bring them more laughter than tears

And grant us time together to span many years.

March 2011 032

Arrrooo we're Irish too!


Be sure to visit Mama’s blog too.  She kept the best photo of the bunch for herself!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and dogs on thursday!


PS – Sis’s food has been ordered for a week now, but hasn’t shown up yet.  It’s getting to be a dire situation.  Hope Mama knows how to make rabbit stew.

Happy Birthday Samba!

March 16, 2011

Doggy birthday cookie from the Lapdog Creations pack 2009

Please go wish our good friend Samba a very happy birthday.  She’s a very special dog, and who doesn’t love a blog that tells our mama to give us an extra treat for them!?

Note to self…

March 11, 2011
March 2011 008

I'm cute... and worth all the headaches!

Sigh…  I’m really blogging this for my own purposes, but on the off chance any of you know anything about Royal Canin and their process…

Seems there’s been a little restructuring.  For about two horrible, rotten, no good hours, I feared Sis’s prescription kibble had been discontinued.  Right now, it appears to be just a matter of some internal reorganizing – that makes good sense – to include all the hypoallergenic formulas under one header, distinguished by intitals at the end of the “name”. 

I was also able to order a larger bag for the same shipping fee, so we’ll come out ahead in the long run…  *IF* the formula is unchanged.

Those of you with pets with special nutrition needs know that the TINIEST change in food can mean disaster.   We’ve been down this road before; Sis did really well on Wellness until the company was sold.  There were only cosmetic, packaging changes, or so I was told, but Sis’s body said otherwise.  Needless to say, I’m all but holding my breath.

So.  Self, look under Hypoallergenic and then select the PR formula when you order.  That is, assuming that there are no real changes and girlfriend’s system doesn’t revolt…

Pressies? Really?

March 10, 2011

Happy dogs on thursday!   It’s been very busy here in the Woods, what with Dadaw being appointed Chief again Tuesday night, and Mama helping plan some big party we can’t attend this weekend, but last weekend, they did take a few minutes to think of us.

March 2011 001

PetCo is the newest pet store in town, and Mama’s wild for it because it’s convenient to some office she goes to a lot.  Whatever…  the important thing is, the goodies come home.

Problem is, as you can see… not all that stuff counts as pressies.  Yeah, we got new harnesses, but Mama’s saving those for her blog post, and Fruitables always rock and are Sissy-safe (meaning no corn, no animal products), but…

The Pup-RRR-Mints are yummy.  Sissy particularly enjoys them.  I – Gretchen Greer – find them a little big and chewy.  However, Dadaw says they were purchased for Sis and her “stinky breath”.  I don’t have that problem, so one of these little chews daily is more than adequate.

It’s the rest of the display that concerns me.  Those chews on the far right are for my next ride, Mama says…  I sure hope they help, but we’ll come back to that.  The other two things are dental-related.  It’s not fair; Sissy has bad breath and I’m going to have to have my teeth rubbed too.  Ick.

March 2011 002

Last, but certainly not least, is my new, smelly collar.  Isn’t it pretty?!  It’s the Good to Go calming collar by Calming Collars.   The nice lady there patiently emailed back and forth with Mama and designed this little wonder just for me.  I really do like it.  Mama was worried the normal 2-channel width would be too bulky for my little neck, so the nice lady did a slightly narrower 2-channel version so I could still have lots and lots of the smelly stuff to help me.  Jury’s still out, but we’ll report back after the next ride.

Thanks too for all the suggestions on what might help me ride better.  Do you brush your doggies’ teeth too?

Ten, 10…

March 6, 2011
March 2011 002

Who goes there?!

Thanks to everyone who crossed paws, prayed and sent good vibes.  Sissy’s visit today with VisionVet (thanks, Terrie!) was a 10, which also happens to be the pressure reading in her eye this afternoon.  WHEW! 

The goal is to keep the pressure at or below 15.  Did I say WHEW?! 

Both the vet and the tech we’ve seen the most spent a lot of time with us, even though they were running behind schedule.  I’d found an article online that suggested bilberry and/or ginko to help lower the eye pressure, and VisionVet confirmed she’d heard of it, but had never tried it.  She wasn’t opposed to supplements in theory, but she pointed out that there were two reasons to hold off…

  1. What we’re doing is working, and we don’t want to waste options we’ll likely need later.
  2. Allergies.   VV might be a specialist, but she’s thorough enough to know that our girl is a walking, breathing allergy fit.  Therefore, any oral supplements have to originate with Wondervet.  How beautiful is that!?  I think I’m going to start using vets for my personal health care…

Just a few weeks old and already miserable in the car 10-08

That’s just half our of fur-party though.  I’m sorry to report that Gretchen Greer is still a lousy travel companion.  I gave the recommended 1/2 tablet of Gravol one hour before departure, and less than ten miles from home, the panic attack flared.   I had to stop for gas (boy, that was painful!), and when I did, I found the sad little Thundershirt wadded in the floorboard.  Score!  I swaddled her in, and while Sissy would bite me if I said we had a good ride, Psycho – as we call Gg’s miserable rider alter-ego – did have a seated panic attack, rather than trying to bounce of the walls.  The ride home was more of the seated same.

I have two more tricks up my sleeve for Gretchen, before we have to give in and try Wondervet’s prescriptions yet again.  There’s also much bounty from an after-dinner pet store spree, but I’ll save that for another day.


March 3, 2011

Mama says “easy” a lot when we’re walking…  Sissy gets all worked up and charges ahead with her nose to the ground, so before she gets to the end of the leash, Mama reminds her to take it easy. 

Cory and crate rest

We’re guessing Cory needs similar reminders, or will very soon.  Mama says it’s hard to be an active, terrier puppy on crate rest…

Happy dogs on thursday, everyone!