Note to self…

March 2011 008

I'm cute... and worth all the headaches!

Sigh…  I’m really blogging this for my own purposes, but on the off chance any of you know anything about Royal Canin and their process…

Seems there’s been a little restructuring.  For about two horrible, rotten, no good hours, I feared Sis’s prescription kibble had been discontinued.  Right now, it appears to be just a matter of some internal reorganizing – that makes good sense – to include all the hypoallergenic formulas under one header, distinguished by intitals at the end of the “name”. 

I was also able to order a larger bag for the same shipping fee, so we’ll come out ahead in the long run…  *IF* the formula is unchanged.

Those of you with pets with special nutrition needs know that the TINIEST change in food can mean disaster.   We’ve been down this road before; Sis did really well on Wellness until the company was sold.  There were only cosmetic, packaging changes, or so I was told, but Sis’s body said otherwise.  Needless to say, I’m all but holding my breath.

So.  Self, look under Hypoallergenic and then select the PR formula when you order.  That is, assuming that there are no real changes and girlfriend’s system doesn’t revolt…


8 Responses to “Note to self…”

  1. The OP Pack Says:

    Oh yes, we so understand about changing formulas. So many companies seem to be getting bought out or moving to new management and you have to be so vigilant about the formulas. We hope this one will stay the same for Sissie.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Nichole Says:

    Here’s hoping it’s only a marketing change and not a formula change!

  3. Mango Says:

    Gah, those dog food humans are so reckless with their formulas and, yes, it is hard to find just the right combination of foodables for sensitive doggies like me and you.


  4. Golden Gracie Says:

    I totally get this! We have been so blessed the California Natural has not been a problem since we started using it. I read the ingredients EVERY TIME though, we can’t even have flax seeds…which so many foods have in them. Oye.

  5. Dianne Says:

    Momma says we are very lucky dogs not to have any food issues. Our only issue is that we want MORE of whatever food we can get.

    Hugs & Kisses,

    Emma, Tara and Cooper

  6. gMarie Says:

    Fingers crossed that it’s just packaging. g

  7. Sue Says:

    We’ve gone thru the same thing a couple times. Let’s hope they leave a good thing alone.

  8. Terrie Says:

    I hate it when “they” change things that are working well and didn’t need to be changed in the first place! I know how hard it is for sensitive eaters. I really hope Sissy’s food continues to stay exactly the same!!

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