Doggy Sign Language?

Photo courtesy of Dogster's article

Happy Dogs on Thursday to you.   Dogster sends me an email pretty regularly, but the latest one caught my eye.   Anyone out there familiar with this book, this concept? 

If you read THIS STORY, the author has documented her success with her own pet.  I would LOVE for Sissy to be able to tell us if her eye is hurting! 

For those of you not inclined to click over, the concept is that you can teach your dog to communicate with you via a special sign language.  The author calls it K9Sign.  Don’t worry my non-canine owner friends…  evidently, it works with other animals too.  Her website is call AnimalSign.


9 Responses to “Doggy Sign Language?”

  1. The OP Pack Says:

    Very interesting concept. We too would love it if Phantom could tell us what is wrong. Of course he has to fall into the category of a more challenging dog to teach singing because (1) he is highly obedient and (2) he is not easy to motivate, especially with food.We will see what her next post has to offer.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. gMarie Says:

    Hmmm – this would be very interesting indeed. Perhaps with the next dog – you know the one I teach to behave from the get go? I do want to hear about your progess, however. g

  3. Nichole Says:

    Very interesting! That would be so helpful indeed.

  4. Digital Dogs « Chan Knits Says:

    […] Dogs on Thursday, little friday and Thankful Thursday!  Don’t miss the post on the girls’ blog about doggy sign […]

  5. Sue Says:

    Samba and I are so close that she can communicate her feelings pretty well. I know when she’s hurting. The others would probably abuse this and start complaining all the time to get more attention.

  6. Mary Says:

    Abby the Doberman paws the covers off my shoulder at night to let me know she wants under the covers, so please lift them up. Clearly, she knows how to communicate.

  7. KittyplusCoco Says:

    Wow! This was a great article. It does make sense to further our communication skills since they ARE trying to tell us things. I would really really love to know if my Boston Terrier’s eye was hurting her. I will definitely research this further.

    The OP Pack told us about your blog. Kitty, my Bost. T. has just been diagnosed with the beginning stages of Glaucoma in one eye, and I have read your posts about your own experience in this area. I would love to know more about this if you have any info you think is important.

  8. Bubblesknits Says:

    lol I can see some dogs (like my Mom’s) using that to get even more treats. ; )

  9. Terrie Says:

    That was a very interesting article! Definitely a cool idea. How great to be able to get such valuable information from our pets 🙂

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