Make Way for the Queen

Friday evening, Sis and I went to visit Wondervet.  Her eye pressure was FABULOUSLY low – 8!!  (The goal is to keep it below 15.) 

We know Sis is something special, but it still amazes me how quickly she takes over and steals hearts everywhere we go.  I apologize to whomever got put on hold, and to the client waiting at the reception desk when we walked in; the world stops when the Queen makes her entrance.


The Queen on her throne

And yes, that’s what they call her.  Her exam was done right there on the bench, and yes, that’s where the human is intended to sit.  I didn’t give her permission; she just launched up there while I was putting our bags down, and there she stayed.

It really is an honor to care for this crazy, beautiful, loving girl, and her cute, sweet little sister too.


12 Responses to “Make Way for the Queen”

  1. Retreat Report « Chan Knits Says:

    […] I launch into my account of the event, I’d be remiss if I failed to note that Sis had a great vet visit Friday evening.   You  can read all about it on their blog.  And yes, the nut-nut is standing […]

  2. Mary Says:

    You go, Girl! Of course you had to sit on the throne. They surely didn’t expect you to put your tushie on that cold linoleum floor, did they? Excellent news on the eye pressure.

  3. gMarie Says:

    How sweet! Of course she sits on the bench – Beau does too – only he squishes behind me.

    Tickled beyond words that she is doing well with her eye pressure. Keep up the good work. g

  4. The OP Pack Says:

    Wonderful news about the eye pressure – now to keep it low! Phantom is a bench prince too – he thinks all benches are reserved for him:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. Sue Says:

    Great pressure reading!

    Samba always enters the exam room and jumps onto the table. Easier to reach the treat jar from there.

  6. Nichole Says:

    YAY – awesome pressure reading!

    You go Girl (Sis, that is)!

  7. Bobo and Meja Says:

    All Hail Da Queen!!!

  8. scrabblequeen Says:

    Great news on the eye! LOL…our vet has benches long enough for both girls AND my tush to share…because of course, the Queen really does get the throne!

  9. Mango Says:

    I am glad that her title is respected no matter where she goes. Looking really fab there on the throne. And great news on the eye! Woot woot!


  10. StarSpry Says:

    Way to go, Sissy!! That’s wonderful news about the eye 🙂

  11. Bubblesknits Says:

    : D You have no idea how happy that makes me. Micro is giving her a tiny paw high five.

  12. Dianne Says:

    That’s the best news!

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