Reilly’s Name Game

Gretchen here.  Whilst reading blogs with Mama this morning, I realized she’d failed to enter Reilly’s how you got your name contest for us.   Good thing Mango and Dexter‘s human is on the ball – and in our blog reader.   


The young Queen on her first throne, 1-08

Of course, we have to start with Sissy, because well…  Sissy was here first, and isn’t she always first?  I think most of our friends already know she prefers to be Queen DIVA, Best in Show these days, and while the vet’s office happily calls her THE QUEEN, Mama just snorts and rolls her eyes… and sometimes calls her Sis-Miss-Pumpkin-Piss.  (Mama here – hem… sorry, ’tis true!)

So.  Sissy’s name story.   Sissy was in fact, named as soon as Dadaw learned of the pups available in Uncle’s own neighborhood.  Because back then, Mugsy was king of the Woods, so Dadaw announced the new gal would be Mugsy’s Little Sister, called Sissy.  

Mama liked Sissy as a call name well enough, but it’s her fault Sissy’s so full of herself and fancies herself queen of it all; her registered name is Haddon Wood’s Princess of Joy.   The first naming post can be found here.   The short version is that Mama and Dadaw were in a sad place when silly, funny, sweet Sissy came to live with them.  She brought so much JOY to their lives that Joy became part of her name. 

Gotta’ have a couple more photos, so that means writing more.   She was Mama’s Christmas gift, but she had Dadaw wrapped around her finest eyelash from day #1.  Yes, you see that correctly; big ol’ alpha Dadaw has the girl zipped into his coat because she’d just been outside and was cold.  At least, that’s the story as he tells it.  Mama doesn’t remember that Sis had been out; she thinks Dadaw just wanted the girl snuggled close.

And yes, she’s kissing his face.  He pretends he doesn’t like it most of the time, but we know better and kiss him anyway.

Hard to believe she was ever that small.


Borders on indecent, but proof-positive that Mugsy did love her from the start.   Well, okay…  Mama says that based on the date stamp, Sis had been with them over a month when this was taken, but still.  That’s love, from Mugsy to his Little Sister.

You’d best grab refreshments and settle in somewhere comfy for my name story.  It’s ridiculously complex, and it shows why Mama is rarely allowed to name things around here.  Analysis Paralysis is what one of Mama’s friend’s dubbed her condition…

maggie4Before they’d even held me, Mama named me Haddon Wood’s Campbell Cameo. 

I’ll come back to that though…  I forgot a layer in my name debaucle.  My breeder was calling me Maggie.  That wouldn’t do for Mama; something about some book… Maggie: A Girl of the Streets?  Then, Mama and a friend counted something like a dozen other Maggie pets and kiddos they knew…

Back to Campbell Cameo.  Mama loved that name.  See, I was born in Campbell County, and Mama’s dearly departed aunt had a dog named Cammy.  So, I was going to be called Cami.  Dadaw hated it, and informed Mama she had a whole two-hour ride to come up with something better.

DSCN2083She didn’t.  On the way home, I got a little car-sick listening to the nonsense.  I don’t recall whether it was that night or the next morning, but she decided I’d be called Aerial.  Yes, spelled THAT way, like a fire service ladder truck, also known as an aerial.  Didn’t hurt that I am also a redhead like Disney’s Ariel.   Mama figured out pretty quickly that I was too plucky for such a soft name.  Plus, people were assuming it was Ariel, and that annoyed Mama to no end…

So, the whole weekend I was called “the baby” which is still a command Sissy performs without fail; “Find the baby!”  Gah.  Humiliating, except when being cute and wee gets me what I want.  We tried on name after name, and finally, Dadaw saw Gretchen Wilson on TV.  He immediately asked Sis if she’d donate one of her names to the baby, ‘cuz Sis is proudly a Redneck Woman.  For me, my namesake’s Here for the Party and All Jacked Up (get it?)  were perfect fits, and so was the name.


Thank goodness Dadaw got me named before this photo, or I might have been Gidget

Anyway, to finish up the story, like Dexter, there weren’t enough blanks on the registration form for me to be Haddon Wood’s Lady Gretchen Greer, so Mama went with my more magical essence and I am registered as Haddon Wood’s Gretchen the Crup.  That’s also a nod to Mugsy, even though I never knew him.  He was definitely pure crup, and it’s an honor to share the title with such a legendary dog. 

Personally, I’m thinking that if I was to change my name, I might go with Paige.  She has reddish hair in many episodes, and she has two different types of magical beings as parents.  Mama won’t let me say too much, but the crup reference is above, and I will tell you my parents are Irish…

How’d you get YOUR name?


10 Responses to “Reilly’s Name Game”

  1. Fiona (and Abby the Hippobottomus) Says:

    Wow. Your stories are way better than ours. We’re both named after teevee characters. I’m named after a former operative for the IRA on the teevee show ‘Burn Notice’ and Abby is named after Abby Scuitto on the teevee show ‘NCIS’. Mom liked ’em because they are both strong females with soft sides. But we didn’t have any special registration papers, so we’re just Abby and Fiona. (And I have no idea why Abby’s name is first there.)

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  2. Mango Says:

    Oh SQUEEEE! Most adorable puppy pictures and good post too.


  3. The OP Pack Says:

    Very interesting and fun stories about your names – much more so than ours. We like your official names too.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. Maggie and Mitch Says:

    We love your naming stories and we LOVE your puppy pictures!
    Mom calls me Sissy too sometimes.

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Reilly - Cowspotdog Says:

    Oh my dogness those are the cutest puppy pictures and what a wonderful on how you got your names. Thank you so much for playing along.

  6. Fashionably Sweet « Chan Knits Says:

    […] or get your Federal taxes submitted on time.   You can also check the girls’ blog for a last minute entry in a fun doggy contest! Lilly P special edition animal […]

  7. gMarie Says:

    Hmmm – I actually remember all that drama with naming little gg. She’s still adorable and Gidget – love it. g

  8. Sue Says:

    Standing there on the laptop, we think Gadget would be more appropriate.
    Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

  9. scrabblequeen Says:

    We think your name stories are way cool. Momma does most of the naming around here, with Dad only getting veto rights. Misty, more properly Mistique, was not the first little black doggie born into our extended family. Momma would have called her Raven, but our oldest siter-cousin beat her to it by a few months. Humph. So, mom was looking for a name to describe our pretty little black pup…and didn’t like Ebony (too masculine) or any other names for black….

    I, Sasha, got my name only after weeks and weeks of momma trying out names and dad regecting them. Because MY doggie momma is Misty’s sister Gracie, my parents were able to visit me almost from the day I was born. Momma says I was a tiny terror from the get-go. Heh…I used to beat up on my brudder, my only litter mater, who was easily twice my size. And I LOVED my Jack to death. He was a huge German shepherd dude. So, long story short, Momma thought I looked “exotic” and wanted a name that lived up to that. Or Sassy. Yup, she really almost named me Sassy….as if….

    What do they call us? Miss, Missy, Princess, squirt, Sassy, Sashie, and…lately….they call me “the barking couch’ because I like to hide under there.

  10. Bubblesknits Says:

    LOL I didn’t know you had considered all those other names. Good story. : ) You know how Micro got his name. Karate Kid. Full name? Micro Terminator. LOL

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