Peeps on Parade

Sissy here.  Yeah, it’s really ME.  See… Sometimes, you just gotta’ do something yourself especially if you’re possibly breaking some rules.    A few of the doggy bloggy pals I made when I had that highly successful run at Mango Minster have already posted their Peeps on Parade posts, and since we really enjoyed them, it’s only right that Mama and Dadaw join the parade, whether they like it or not. 

Gretchen is pacing and fretting.  She really is a goody-two-shoes.  It’s annoying.  Her feet fit the keyboard so well, and hunt and peck doesn’t even describe it for me and my paws.  Hrmph.  But they ARE pawsome peep-parents, so I’m determined… 

Here’s the problem.  Dadaw doesn’t like to have his photo taken, and Mama hasn’t had a good photo taken since all that walking I’m making her do has paid off.  Gretchen’s right; they aren’t going to like the photos I flop up here, but they have no one to blame but themselves – am I right?!


Mama, Mugsy (RIP) and Me, 2008

Since Mama is often our scribe and technically, I was HER Christmas present, we’ll start with her.  Sadly, this is the earliest photo of us together, and I’d been with her four months when this was taken.  If Gramma wasn’t so very awesome, we wouldn’t have this photo, because Mama likes to be behind the camera. 

But I’m supposed to tell you about the humans, right?  Mama does office stuff for Dadaw’s family’s business.  She’s also still an administrative member at the firehouse where Dadaw is Chief, and now, she’s president elect of the local Junior League too.  Other than fretting over my remaining eyeball and walking me (and Gretchen; we always take her along too), Mama knits, bakes – but not often enough for me, take photos, and sits with this computer thingee in her lap a lot.

Mostly though, she’s Mama.  She’s our chauffeur, our warden, our scribe, our photographer, our nutritionist (Mama here – I’m trying to resist editing, but I think Wondervet might take offense at that, since she does specialize in nutrition!), and did I mention she worries about my eyeball a lot!?


Gretchie and Mama, Feb 2011

I guess even though the little brat won’t help me compose this post, I should show a photo of her with Mama.   Gretchen loves to help Mama at work.  It’s still not a great photo of Mama, but I believe I’ve crafted my defense as best I can.  I’m making do with the photos I have access to, okay?!

Do notice that Mama’s cooing and making a kissy face with Gg.  She does that a lot too.  We both have about 100 names.  I like it best when she calls me her most beautiful girl, but I’ve heard her say that to Gretchen too.  Hrmph.   Mama doesn’t play favorites, and that annoys me sometimes, but Gg says that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

Oh!  I should also mention that Mugsy told me Mama used to be a firefighter and be gone for whole days, all the time.  He said she didn’t want to stop being a firefighter but her back made her.  I’m glad she stopped though, because I like having her around every night and I really like it when we get to go to work with her, which Gretchen insists wouldn’t happen if she was still a firefighter.

September 2010 005

Chief Dadaw September 2010

That’s actually a nice way to transition to Dadaw, because while he works for his family’s business too – I don’t know what he does because he won’t take me with him, even though I ask and ask, but he comes back dirty and smells like strange places and even other dogs sometimes – but the job that keeps him away from me the most is being a volunteer fire chief.  We’re really proud of him, but I still think he could let me ride along sometimes.

Oh – I don’t like that blue suit-thing any more than I like Mama’s dressy dresses.  Both of ’em fuss at me and dodge me like I’m Harry the Dirty Dog or something when they’re in those fancy clothes.  Today on our walk I found some great smelling stuff and managed to rub my neck in it before Mama caught on.  Silly woman; I got hosed off and wiped down before I was allowed to go back in the house at the end of our walk.  Huh.  They have really odd ideas about what smells good, my peeps.

Hobbies?  Dadaw has expensive hobbies, Mama says.  He does competition shooting, with fancy, funky guns.  He used to hunt, according to Mugsy, but he doesn’t anymore.  Lately, he’s been spending too much time with his new lawnmower.    Strange man.  Gretchie and I try to help by eating grass, but both of ’em yell at us.  Kinda’ rude, doncha’ think?


Dadaw and us OBX 2010

Gretchen says I’m going to get in BIG trouble for this photo, but it’s a rare one of Dadaw with both of us.  We both REALLY love banana, and the beach.  Dadaw’s also a good cook, but he only cooks and grills; Mama does all the baking.  I’m not too clear on what that means, but both humans agree that’s the way the food division of labor happens, so maybe it makes sense to you?

While Mama is generally the one that totes us to the doctor and such, Dadaw is the only one who does our pawdicures.  Well, I’ve had my nails trimmed at the vet’s too, but I don’t think the baby has had hers done by anybody but Dadaw.   Who’s the spoiled one?!


Me and Dadaw, with Gretchen in the way 2009

I almost forgot one of Dadaw’s best hobbies.  He likes to play rough with me.  Once in a while, Gg will bark and play along, but I like it best when it’s just Dadaw and me, boxing.

Hope you enjoyed this little Peep Parade.  Don’t worry; I won’t get in much trouble because Mama has the admin rights on this blog too, and whenever I’m naughty, Dadaw is quick to say, “It’s okay… she only has one eye.”  Heh.  He’s a push-over, but don’t tell him I said so.

Won’t you join the parade?  We like to learn more about our bloggy friends and their peeps!


8 Responses to “Peeps on Parade”

  1. Mango Says:

    That was a wonderful post. You are such a great writer. You must be so proud of Dadaw being the head fire fighter dude. That is an important thing to do. And of course mama sounds just wonderful. Goodness, she takes such good care of you.

    The pictures were fantastic. I think your mama is beautiful and I love that Dadaw wrestles with you. My Master wrestles with PeeWee and it makes Pea go mental cracker fits (I am more of a snuggler myself). Your Dadaw is a push over for your sweet face, isn’t he? I thought so.


  2. The OP Pack Says:

    Sissie, you did very well with your paws. Great post, great style in your writing. We loved learning more about your peeps. We are still working on ours to let us do one about them or at least about the Momster.

    Hope you are all having a great weekend.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. Maggie and Mitch Says:

    What a great post! You guys live with very interesting peeps! Our mom loves the pretty brown sweater your mom has on in the picture with you, Gretchie. Did she knit it herself?

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. Nichole Says:

    Wonderful post girls!!!!!!! Your humans are amazing!

  5. Terrie Says:

    Wonderful Peep Parade! It’s nice to hear more about your Dadaw and Mama 🙂 Great pictures, too!

  6. gMarie Says:

    Sissy – you are charming as always. And I can tell in the photo from February that the walking is paying off for Momma – she’s as lovely as always.


  7. Jed & Abby in MerryLand USA Says:

    Mama says we’re ‘voyeurs’, whatever that is, because we get to read all about the other doggies’ peeps but, not having a blog, we don’t have to post about mama. Doesn’t bother us one bit. Peeps are, indeed, funny some times. We think of blogs as virtual pee mail in a way; if you leave it, you expect some other doggie to read it, and there’s no obligation to leave your own pee mail just because you read some other doggies’ pee mail. Anyhow, your peeps both sound terrific and we know that because they obviously love you so much and take such good care of you. Good job, Sissy!

    Jed & Abby

  8. Sue Says:

    Great post Sis. Mom has been keeping us away because she’s afraid of what we’ll say. But now that you’ve written this, maybe we can sneak in a post about our Peeps.
    Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

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