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Bing Bang Boom

June 30, 2011

DSCN2365Happy little friday and dogs on thursday!  Gretchen is one of many pets who has no use for fireworks.  Luckily, unlike one of my sister’s departed labs, she doesn’t freak out and go sit on the end table behind a Tiffany lamp (yes I’m serious, and no there’s no photo), but she does yap and race from one end of the house to the other, trying to find what’s making the noise.

There are plenty of resources out there with advice on how to weather fireworks with a fearful dog, but we’re going to try playing the 1812 Overture, one of my personal favorites.  Poor girl… she’ll likely have to endure Mama’s own perforamance of such.   (I played the oboe from age 11 through college and beyond and am lucky to have a few recordings of my performances.)

February 2011 018

Let me at those boom-booms!

Do you have a fireworks-sensitive pet?  If so, how do you help them through it? 

Happy 4th to those in the US, whether you like fireworks or not.


Proper Attire

June 23, 2011

Happy dogs on thursday to you!  Gretchen Greer here… but you probably knew that, based on the title.  Proper and attire aren’t words associated with the DIVA.

Tomorrow, June 24th, is Take Your Pet to Work Day.  Because the world is full of dogs like Sissy  pets that might not be familiar with workplace decorum, Mama suggested that I should shed a little light on the subject.

June 2010 012

Office casual shirt dress

First things first.  Do you know what your people do?  See, Mama works in the office 99% of the time, but it’s a construction-type office, not a high-rise business place.  She has to be able to grab pipe off the rack outside or pick up a pump from a distributor, so she can’t be too done up or something will get ruined.  She never wears anything that isn’t machine-washable to work, so I don’t either. 

Of course, on the off chance Mama would take me to the Junior League office with her, or to one of their parties, I could dress up a lot more… 

June 2010 008But if we’re workin’ with Dadaw, we have to be ready to get dirty.  Just a simple Insectshield neckerchief to ward off the bugs and make me easier for Dadaw to see…  Not that he’s ever taken us to work with him.  I’d be a good girl and stay close, but we all know Sissy would be quite a handful and EVERYONE would be sorry before we got back to the office or home!

Then there’s Dadaw’s other job.   We do have these cute firefighter raincoats we could wear if he’d let us run calls with him…

November 2010 004

Do you ever get to go to work with your people?   Would you know what to wear if you did?

Dadaw’s Day

June 19, 2011

Summer 2009 at work (seriously!)

Happy Father’s Day, Dadaw!  There’s something to be said for an Alpha Dad who still lets us walk all over him.  Thanks for all the treats, snuggles, wrasslin’, huntin’ (even if your idea of taking us hunting is just coming to see what we’re barking at in the pen), rides and more.

We couldn’t love you more… unless you’d start taking us for daily walks too. 

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.  Hope your day is a special one!


Feed the World!

June 16, 2011


Sissy here – no.  Really!!  Sometimes there’s a good enough reason for me to put up my own post.  Plus, Dadaw gave me a paw-dicure last night… He tricked me.  Lots of cuddlin’ and then when I thought he was sitting up to get a sip of his soda, he came back with those clippers…  Sigh.  At least only my front paws needed trimming.  All that walking on the paved road and racing up the rocky banks on the side of the road keeps the rear feet in shape!

Oh – Gretchen says I was supposed to open with happy dogs on thursday.  Yeah.  That too.  That girl is so hung up on being proper…

From Freekibble

Anyhoo, was Mama the last fur-carer to learn about Freekibble?  And Freekibble kat?  On the off chance she wasn’t, consider yourself invited to click, answer a trivia question, and give free kibble to pups and kitties. 


Good Vibrations?

June 11, 2011

If hope and crossed paws can bring Jaxon home, he’ll be reunited with Shannon soon.  Thank you.

Edit:  Jaxon was happily reunited with his owner on Saturday.  I’m SURE all the good vibrations made the difference.  Thank you.  You can read more here

And evidently, we’re keeping those good vibrations happenin’.   We had a very, very good day today.


Gretchen sat much like that for both trips!

First, the easy report.  Wee Gretchen Greer had two fabulous rides (up and back).  She got one Gravol tablet about 30 minutes prior to departure, and then one of these calming chews as we were heading out the door.  (They’re from PetCo, and that’s really about all I know about them.)  I gave another 30 minutes into our trip, and another roughly 2 hours later when we left the eye clinic.  No groggy doggy, but a nearly content rider.    Don’t know if she’s outgrowing her anxiety or if we stumbled upon the right combination.  Don’t care; we’re just happy to have her not totally stressed out in the car.

Now, the Sissy report.  It’s very good news.  Firstly, we’ve had yet another vet go on maternity leave on us.  Congrats, VisionVet!  Maybe we’ll see you for our next quarterly check-up?  So, we met another nice member of the eye clinic team, and she confirmed that I am a worry-wort and Sissy’s glaucoma is well under control.

I’ve never been so happy to be wrong.  I’ve known most of my adult life that my intuition and I aren’t in sync, so it’s all good.  For those keeping score at home, we have a new (good thing) low pressure reading for Sis; THREE.  (The goal is to keep her at 15 or below.) 

Obviously, we’re continuing with the Demecarium; it’s working like a champ.  However, there are two changes to our arsenal.  Firstly, we’ve added Pred Acetate on Monday, Wednesday, Friday to control the redness I saw and fretted over.  Hem.  Might just be her seasonal allergies.  Might be the rather typical irritation some dogs experience with Demecarium.  In fact, the eye vet we saw today prescribes Pred Acetate along with Demecarium as a preventative, so…

March 2011 020

Do I look like I have 'roid rage?!

For the very astute, yes… Sissy has a Prednisone problem.  She has ‘roid rage.  However, I’ve been assured that topical pred and oral pred don’t impact the body the same way, but just the same, I was reminded that they are on call 24 hours, 7 days a week…

Last, but hardly least is some very exciting news in the world of emergency glaucoma treatment.  Latanoprost is now only $14 a bottle!  (Don’t ask what it cost previously.  Let’s just say we kept the bottle in the fridge and petted it until it expired, okay?  I think the Knight might have buried it in the boys’ garden or something…)  So, I no longer have to carry the horse-syringe of glycerin with me.  I just have to drop a little box with a little bottle in my purse and keep it at room temperature.

Perhaps even bigger cause for the sigh of relief is Latanoprost requires one simple drop to control the sudden pressure spike, whereas glycerin required a very complex, careful administration, along with some milk, and then there would still be vomiting most likely.  (Sorry.  Hope you weren’t having a snack.) 

January 2011 002

Sissy's glycerin tote

Anyone need a big, insulated, purple medication bag?  Just kidding… we’re keeping it.  Sissy’s grown accustomed to having her own bag.

Wee!!  While the emergent care plan seems almost silly with sustained single-digit pressures in the remaining eye, we don’t have a spare.  That beautiful right eyeball and its eyesight mean almost everything to this pack.  Making it easy enough that we don’t need to pack administering instructions with the drug is a tremendous blessing.  Making it a single drop, not a long, slow-push syringe also means that if the Knight is busy being the Chief, I don’t have to stress over how to get on the road to the eye clinic AND be the nurse all at the same time.  Whew.

Calling all cars…

June 10, 2011

Our Auntie ‘Nita wants help, so we’re hoping some of you can do just that.  Below is a repost of her plea…

My friend Shannon (theluckielizard on Ravelry) has lost her beloved Jaxon. He disappeared from their campsite while they were on vacation at the Clabough’s Campground in Pigeon Forge, TN. Jaxon is a 3 year old black & white Boston Terrier. Do you live in this area? Do you have family or friends in this area? Do you know of any good ideas to help find Jaxon? Shannon has called every shelter, vet, animal clinic, pet store and business in the area and left her information with them. This is after spending three days walking the entire area looking for him. She also ran ads in the local paper and posted everywhere online she can think of. She also hired a call service that actually puts out an “Amber Alert” for Jaxson to the surrounding area and sends flyers to all the local shelters and animal clinics/hospitals.

If you hear of anything or have any ideas you can contact me or Shannon, here is her online flyer.

Feel free to post this on your own blog… I’m thinking that someone out there knows someone & so on, maybe it’ll get to the person who is caring for Jaxon & looking for his owner….

Please send lots of thoughts & prayers to Shannon & her Jaxon.


For those of you new to our world, Auntie ‘Nita is a “real” friend of ours and spends time every year in our home.  This is a very legit call for help for a beautiful boy separated from his family!!  Thanks in advance for you help, and yes, you have permission to re-post in any format that might help get Jackson back to Shannon.

Green Bandana Day Reminder

June 9, 2011

Green Bandana Day June 10th 2011

Last call!  If you’re reading this after noon, central US time zone or so, it’s probably too late.  Otherwise, rush to send your you in green photos to Sue for her pack’s big day tomorrow!

Oh – and of course, happy dogs on thursday and little friday to you. 

Luckily, Miss Sue gets it and encourages all kinds of attire in the color of the year.  I – Gretchen Greer – look forward to Bandana Day each year because I should get a new frock in the color.  Sissy as you recall, doesn’t like dresses or even shirts, so she shows solidarity with a bandana, usually in some off-beat way.

May 2010 013

RED Bandana Day 2010

June 2010 004

Red 2010

Last year, we were rockin’ our InsectShield ‘danas.  I don’t like neckwear, but I don’t like bugs either, so when it wasn’t too hot, I’d wear mine. 

Why yes, that is a visible haze in the photo.  We’re having that kind of weather now too.  I don’t mind it so much, but Sissy is rather sensitive to the heat, and no walks are happening until it cools down.  Hrmph.


Blue 2009

2009 was the Blue year.  Miss Barbara made us these Chief Knight approved ‘danas, so I was a good sport and wore mine for the photos, but I’m glad Mama went straight for a new frock for me this time. 

I must say though, I do look rather dapper in a ‘dana, don’t I?  Hmmm…  Maybe I should reconsider my disdain for them?


Green 2011

As a reward for taking this walk back in time with me, I’ll share an out-take from this year’s photo shoot.    It also gives you an idea of what my life is like.  Sis *IS* quite the DIVA, but as you probably know from watching some of the infamous human divas, being a diva doesn’t mean you have decorum.  Luckily for my sister, I have enough for both of us and this photo isn’t as indecent as it could be.

Sigh.  That Sissy is so uninhibited!

We Should Be There!

June 2, 2011

Mama is usually right on top of things, but podunk and social media failed her this time, and frankly… we’re pouting about it.

She gets this big, glossy magazine Virginia Living, and they email her a lot too.  Yesterday, she learned about FETCH a Cure in Richmond.  Hrmph.  We’ll leave her to tell you all about it on her blog, but here’s what we would have worn if we got to go to the Pets on Parade benefit. 

February 2011 005Of course, Sissy would wear her favorite crown.  PLEASE keep soliciting Mama for a proper tiara for the Queen, will you?  I mean… I’m – Gretchen – the first to admit Sis is full of herself, but she is the reigning DIVA and Best in Show winner from Mango Minster after all.  And as Dadaw would say, she only has one eye.  While Mama worries about the remaining eye a lot, she doesn’t seem to be as vulnerable to pity plays as Dadaw is.

July 2010 015
Of course, she’d also need to wear her purple tutu too. 

Me, well…  I’d want a new frock… maybe something like this?  But if Mama shocked us by offering to change her plans tomorrow night and take us to the parade – it’s for a good cause you know – I’d make do with my existing PANK polka dot dress.  Luckily, one of our fairy dogmothers – gMarie – snagged it for me last summer.

July 2010 014

So, Happy Dogs on Thursday to you.  You’d take your doggies to such a charitable event if it was only a little over an hour away from your house, right?