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Guest Behavior

July 28, 2011

Our new friend Mary took some fun photos of us the other weekend when we had dinner at their campsite. 

2011-07-15_22-51-38_949First, she got a photo of me.  I was too busy keeping an eye on the shadows that were moving under their camper to look at the camera. 

I got to sit with everyone there for at least a little bit.  It’s good to be the wee one. 

And don’t you think Mama should do these Mommy & Me outfits more often?!

2011-07-15_23-01-11_775Of course, the Queen/DIVA/Sissy got jealous and had to have her moment too.  Mama tells her regularly she’s not a lap dog, but somehow, with all of Mama’s laughter, Sis doesn’t get the message.  Imagine.

She’s QUITE a lapfull, isn’t she?  Mama was a little afraid Sis would tip them both over.  Note though that the woman has skills; my leash is still in her other hand.

2011-07-15_22-59-40_407Once wasn’t enough for Sis.  A little later, my little PANK leash still in hand, Sis climbed up again.  THIS is just one example of why they call her a mountain goat!  For a dog that fancies herself a DIVA and somehow has everyone calling her Queenie and/or THE Queen now too, she sure is a mess.  Of course, the world is her throne, so…  I guess she’s on to something, huh?

Hope you’re having a good week.  It’s so hot we’ve missed walks, and when they do happen, it’s late in the evening.  Hrmph.  I hear that down where Wondervet and our Auntie Bec-bec and her family live, it’s been over 100 for nearly a month straight.  That’s just crazy!

Happy Dogs on humans Thursday!

Too Hot Dogs

July 21, 2011

Happy dogs on thursday!  Just a little drive-by cuteness for you.  Our blogless friend Mary and her husband came to our neck of the woods last weekend and we got to hang out at their campsite Friday night. 


Mary brought us these spiffy bandanas.   Sissy’s is actually a lovely periwinkle, for the record.  It’s ridiculously hot here, so we weren’t about to pose outside in natural light!  Thanks, Mary for the gifties – including Mama’s tea that she won’t share – and for dinner.  We liked all the fruit and veggies, not to mention the cuddles, the tour of your camper…

Stay cool!

Busted Routines

July 14, 2011

July 2011 015Gretchen here.  This photo kinda’ says it all.  It’s been ridiculously warm, Dadaw’s been notably absent, and all of this has shot our routines all to —  you know…

Anyway, happy dogs on thursday and little friday to you.  This morning, it seems the heatwave has broken, so I’m going to hold Mama to her word and we’re going to get a long, long walk this afternoon.  Then, I’m going to pin her to the sofa and make her hold me all evening long.  She can knit if she must, but I’m not budging!


Mama here.  These girls are creatures of routine like no others.  Most of the time, that’s awesome, but I still don’t think Gretchen Greer has EVER been too hot, and she doesn’t understand – or understands and has no patience – for poor double-coated Sissy and her heat sensistivities!  They both did really well while the Knight was out of town, which I truly appreciate…  Sissy did have a little fussy fest Monday morning when she figured out he wasn’t coming home to switch vehicles, but that was as bad as it got.

Do your dogs fuss when their routines are broken? 



July 8, 2011

This post is not only an update, but a testament to why I try to avoid public rants in the first place.  Still, no links, in part to protect my crabby, impatient self.  I will say that I would link to my beloved veterinary practice if I WAS using links in this post, because they go beyond awesome, they really do.

Firstly, the whole venison thing was a miscommunication.  I got it from a voicemail left by the gal who is in charge of ordering prescription food.  What the new-to-our-cases vet REALLY said was, “Be sure to tell her we only have the venison and white fish kibble in stock.”  That is NOT what we were told, and I’m not upset with the food-order, message-leaver either, because I never called her back, so I don’t know what she might have said then.

photoAnyway, to cut to the chase, Wondervet called the vet who needs a name and then that vet called me.  She *IS* awesome, and we had a great talk.  She’s totally up to date on Sissy and her dramatic, complex medical history, and even knows that sweet little Gretchen Greer and her “one page” chart exist and matter too.   I am looking forward to seeing this vet next month when Sissy gets her next pressure check. 

So, we’re all on the same page now and again, I SO appreciate all of your support!

Chasin’ Rabbits

July 7, 2011

… a rant.

Sorry.  We really do wish you a happy dogs on Thursday though!   For a change, the girls are suggesting you check out my blog for more doggy cuteness.

**Edit:  The world is a better place.  Read on only if you really are curious about what gets me – Chan – riled up.  A few hours later, a few phone calls with the awesome office manager at our vet practice and a VERY soothing, order-restoring long-distance call to Wondervet, and the world is still turning.  This is thankful Thursday, and goodness am I *EVER* so thankful for Wondervet, who can’t make house calls, but she still takes my calls and cares about the big hot mess we all know and love as Sissy, DIVA, the Queen, Queenie, etc.

I am also thankful for each of you who offered aid and advice, concern, and/or shared my righteous indignation!!**

July 2011 011

I could eat tea and scones, right?!

Some of you know that Sissy has had kibble issues her entire life.  We finally found relief for all of us when we found Wondervet and Royal Canin’s potato rabbit kibble.  I’ve groaned on the blog before about Royal Canin’s inability to keep ANY size of the kibble in their warehouse and we’ve pondered other options, but it’s so easy to stay with what is working.

That is, until they – Royal Canin – opted out of our vet’s online pharmacy program, and then politely noted that our kibble would be backordered for 2-3 weeks.  Seriously?!  This is a prescription kibble.  gMarie‘s Lucy has another, non-food medicine that is all but impossible to find as well.  Totally unacceptable, folks.

There was one other brand of prescription, limited ingredient rabbit kibble 18 months ago when we went on this “gold dust” diet.  I’m going to call the vet’s office manager today and discuss my options – and a few of you know that putting Sissy on a VENISON version is NOT acceptable – but should all else fail, it turns out little Gg’s kibble, while using salmon as its protein source, is free of Sissy’s allergens.

Yes folks, Sis is sensitive to ALL red meat.  To the DEAR vet who took on Sissy’s case when our beloved Wondervet left, VENISON is a red meat.  I have some in the inlaw’s freezer if you need help understanding that.  (See why I’m calling the office manager?!  Two days have passed and I’m still incapable of leaving snark out of it.)

There is also one non-prescription rabbit-based kibble, which I blogged about before and discussed with Wondervet.  I might re-visit that option, but chicken fat, even hydrolized, scares the heck out of me, because corn and chicken not only make Sis itch, get ear infections, etc., but they make her barf.  That’s soooo not fun.

I’m not looking for advice…  Thanks to a few trusted friends, including the local one who led us to Wondervet and the most awesome practice, my ire is directed squarely at the vet who made the wholly inappropriate substitution suggestion.  I have been Sissy’s best advocate since she first made it clear something wasn’t right with her digestive tract, but I got used to having Wondervet as my best resource and partner in care.  I knew that the next vet would pale in comparison, but this is ridiculous.

(No links.  Some of the info can be found in previous posts, but I’m not proud of my anger, don’t care to drive traffic to Royal Canin’s site because I feel they’ve failed me and more significantly, my precious dog who counts on them to keep her belly full and the rest of her healthy.  I don’t yet feel comfortable with any of my options, so… no links for them either.)