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Celebrating Dogs

August 25, 2011

Happy dogs on thursday, little friday and National Dog Day eve!


Sissy looking out on the Atlantic Spring 2010

Whew.  There’s a lot going on, but I’m keeping an eye on things.  Two nights ago, we had a tremble in the night, and we had another one at nearly the same time last night.   Not cool, especially when Gretchen sounds the alarm and I’m sound asleep.   Dadaw insists he and I could have happily slept through the shake-quake if Gretchen hadn’t been so mouthy…


Gg smelling ocean breezes

Speaking of the brat, Monday is her birthday.  Mama doesn’t make a big fuss about these things and Gg is far too proper to ever solicit good wishes on her own behalf, so here I am.  Sometimes, you just have to be a little assertive.  I think Gg and I are both getting new raincoats for her birthday.  Fine with me, as long as mine’s purple!


My brother, the prince

August 24, 2011

Us, January 2008

Sissy here.  Now that it’s behind us, I think Mama can help publish my post.  Yesterday’s shaking marked the third anniversary of Mugsy’s going away.

Gosh I loved my brother!  Mama says she’s not so sure he loved me so much, but… that’s not how I remember it.   Yeah, he was old and crochity, but this picture says it all, doesn’t it?  He loved me!


Us, OBX 4-2008

Mama still talks to him every day, and to Fred too… but I never knew him.  He went to the Bridge so I could come live in the Woods.  All this talk about hurricanes and our beach makes me think about Mugsy a lot.  We had some great times on that beach when I was little…

Mama says Mugsy and Fred are our guardian angels now.  If that’s true, she can stop worrying about that hurricane hurting our beach, because nobody loves the Outer Banks more than Mugsy, so if he can watch over those he loves, he’ll round up all the other beach doggies and chase that old windbag away. 

DSCN1981See that nasty, sandy tennis ball?  Mugsy left that for us just before we got to the beach house the first time without him.   Mama and Dadaw always do a couple of walk-thrus to assure no toys have been left out or behind when we leave, so there’s no way that ball was from our previous trip, almost 6 months before that. 

I say it’s a sign that Mugsy’s not stuck here in the Woods.  He’s quite capable of hanging out at the beach to guard what he loves there too.  Look out Irene!

Freedom Report

August 18, 2011

Gretchen Greer using Dadaw as a throne while he slumbers

Since this is a crazy-busy week for Mama and Dadaw, there’s not really any great dogs on thursday content to share.  So, I’ll report in on how this freedom thing is going.

To date, the only SLIGHT mis-steps, which haven’t dissuaded anyone, were a water bottle Sissy left in the middle of the bed – and no one, not even me, knows where she found it – and some peppermint taffy wrappers we -er, SISSY – lifted out of the trash can Mama says shouldn’t even be right there by the table where our treats live.  Dadaw actually seemed to think it was cute that Sis only removed those wrappers, and not any of the other trash.  Mama just reminded him that food trash should go in the kitchen, in the lidded trash can…

Dadaw kindly leaves us the run of the house.  It’s been going well enough this week that I look for Mama to follow suit.  Keep those paws crossed that Sissy doesn’t get crazy and ruin it for us!  We’re still being crated when they’re gone for more than 2-3 hours, and while I don’t really mind as long as I’m with Sissy, freedom is a good thing, right?!

Happy dogs on thursday to you!

I’m so Honored!

August 15, 2011

Mama falsely accused me last night and as penance, Aunt Mary (blogless) sent her a link for a tee she’s going to have to wear in public – OFTEN.

Land’s End.  Yeah, it only comes in girl sizes, but see… Aunt Mary has met us in person and she kindly suggested Mama could wear a big size.  Hem.  Wish it was purple, but the Labradog got that color.  Poor little Gretchie didn’t even get featured, so the PANK will make her feel represented too.

December 2010 004

Just LOOK WHO is standing on the table... and Mama put her there!

Oh – and just what was I so wrongly accused of doing?!  Well, Mama has been letting us – um… me specifically, since that perfect brat has been allowed to stay out of the crate since she was a few months old – stay gated in the bedroom for a few minutes here and there, so last night when they went to dinner, Dadaw just waltzed out and told us to wait and be good girls.  (Gretchen says the wait was just to hold our position while they left.  Good thing, ‘cuz I wasn’t standing still for long.)

Mama told the guys at the firehouse they couldn’t stay long because surely I was at home getting into something.  WAS NOT!!  I was a good, good girl.  Never mind that she moved my treats so I’d have to put my paws on the table to get them…  I didn’t. 


Office version of our pillow pose

We tried to look cute in our pillow pose when she was ready to leave for work this morning, but into the crate we went.  She says it’s going to take a lot of proving before THAT can happen.   Hrmph. 

What should her next penance be? 

And where did they get that awesome tiara?  I want one JUST LIKE IT.

Talk much?

August 11, 2011

Happy dogs on thursday to you!   Since the last post was supposed to be about ME and MY trip to meet Wondervet’s replacement, I’m taking matters into my own paws today, to be sure I get enough press.

February 2011 002Mama is on a rampage.  See… I’ve been extra talkative since the vet’s Monday evening.  Not my fault the woman planned my appointment smack in the middle of walk-walk AND dinner time.  Did she really expect me to be on my best behavior when there was a walk to be had AND my stomach was growling?  Besides, the folks at the vets office thought it was cute that I had a lot to say and wasn’t shy about it.

March 2011 011

Gretchen can be yappy.  I know that’s rude, and I know Mama has no tolerance for that shrill stuff Gg will do when she’s excited, but the girl has a right to express herself.

You can’t tell, but Gretch is in mid-bark in that photo.  Her bark is fine; it’s that ear-splitting, rapid-fire yap of hers that has to go.

Mama is teaching us a command called “Shhhh… inside voice” that means we can make soft noises, but no real barks, bays, yaps or howls.  Hrmph.  Do your humans have such obnoxious rules about self-expression?


August 9, 2011

No, we could NEVER forget Wondervet, but she was right; we do love the vet she left our records with when she moved away.  We already have the VisonVet team for her eye care, so we need a new name for this nice lady…


Missing a walk-walk makes me POUT!

It was time for Sissy’s pressure check yesterday, and it was fine.  It was 13, but that’s still below 15, and if you’ll recall, her first pressure check with Wondervet was a little higher than that, so it might be the time of day, or a little stress on the vet’s or Sissy’s part… but no big deal, not at all. 

July 2011 005

I need a REAL job...

I think this vet is truly going to be awesome for Gretchen.  We discussed the fear factor, and the woman obviously knows JRTs.   She insists Gretchen is not timid nor fearful, but rather, she’s just nervous because she’s an unfulfilled working dog.   Like most working breeds (yes, yes, terriers are STILL working dogs, even though the AKC has them in two different classes), Parson Jack Russell created his breed of terriers to WORK, so when they are asked to merely be lap dogs (hem…), they get frustrated.

So.  I’m rounding up some trainers to interview by phone.  If they suit over the phone, I’ll then go observe a class, just me, no dogs.  If I like what I see, THEN I can enroll Gg in a class.  New to us vet recommends agility or Canine Good Citizen because she fears basic obedience will bore Gretchen and thus be counter-productive.


Mugsy on the beach, OBX November '07

She also laughed when I said I want to socialize Gretchen.   She finds Gretchen’s “no fear” (aka: no boundaries) approach to meeting new people and pets very normal.  JRTs are thrill-seekers and like to rush in where angels fear to tread, so the only chance I have of convincing Gretchen that she needs to allow me to control her greetings is through training her to watch me for cues in EVERYTHING we do, which seems do-able.  Mugsy was far more dominant by nature than Gg is, and his desire to please allowed us to train him to be a model citizen (eventually). 

What say you?   I’d always thought Gretchen would prefer to be a therapy dog, and saw Sis as our agility girl.  Now though, Sis has no depth perception, and while we endeavor to have her live life to the fullest, we’re also mindful of giving her things we’d have to take away if/when she becomes blind.   I just don’t see Gretchen doing agility, but she does love to leap, fly, bounce, rip, race, etc…

Admitting it is half the battle?

August 4, 2011

Gretchen here.  This is a very difficult post for me.  See…  Mama and our friend Sue have been talking about me for a while.   Before I go any further, I hope just sharing this dirty little secret shows how brave I really am, and proves I really am a plucky Jack Russell Terror at heart.

Oh, let’s just get it over with.

July 2011 004Hi.  My name is Gretchen and I am a timid dog.  I’d like to explain that I’m only timid sometimes, and that I also run in where angels fear to tread at other times, but Mama says that only masks the issue.  Miss Sue thinks it’s because Sissy and I are always together, and has suggested that I need a chance to be my own dog, so Mama’s looking for a basic obedience class that starts very soon. 

I’m a little confused about that part; I’ve always been highly obedient, especially for Mama, but she keeps patiently trying to tell me class isn’t just about learning commands.  Whatever.  I did catch the part where I’ll have to ride in the car, so I’m already thinking this isn’t going to be fun, although the car does take me to work-work, and that’s BIG FUN!

I realize it’s silly to be so nervous, but I just can’t help it.  Can anyone out there relate?   Nothing’s ever happened in my life to make me so nervous…  I just seem to be wired that way.   I know it stresses everyone out when I’m overwrought, so I sure hope this class I don’t think I need helps.

Isn't he handsome!? His owner is even named Gretchen!

Oh – and happy dogs on Thursday to you, despite the angsty post.   Sissy wants everyone to know the new Smurfs movie has a basset hound in it!   The star is out near our friend gMarie so that’s even more reason to be excited.  Mama is pondering trying to sneak us into the drive-in, but Dadaw is sure (and rightly so, dontcha think?) Sissy will get us all kicked out for good!

Do you read?

August 2, 2011

Just a quick question for the humans…

Do you subscribe to or regularly buy any dog publications?  A neighbor gets Whole Dog Journal and currently has an offer from DogWatch sitting on my desk (because the mail isn’t fool-proof).  My great aunt used to get Dog Fancy, and I know there are countless others…

What do you recommend and why?  (And all the better if it can arrive electronically, via Nook, Kindle, iPad or email!)