New Noms

Happy Thorsday!  Know what we like best about Thorsdays?!  They’re nearly Fridays, and Fridays bring weekends, which bring more time with our humans…

Mama lied.  She told us when she agreed to this president-elect thing that it wouldn’t take more time than what she was already doing.  Riiiight.  I think we’re going to get her a new watch, because CLEARLY the ones she has don’t work.  Yesterday, we only got a little over a mile walk, crammed in between two meetings.  Where are her priorities!?

Anyhoo, in an effort to keep the peace, the woman did score some new noms for us.   Just about everything she buys these days comes from PetCo, because that is so convenient for her, but really, all that matters is she keeps buying yummies.

For my – Gretchen Greer – birthday, we got Zuke’s Z-bones in cherry.  Since they were big hits, we got more and some carrot too.  They don’t last long at all, but they’re good for our teeth, safe for Sissy and they do take longer to crunch up than those Sammy Snacks she dispenses regularly. 

Note from Mama:  They’re hardly cheap, but life with a dog who can’t have corn, beef, chicken, pork, venison, duck, etc. is challenging enough that we are grateful we don’t have to pinch pennies when it comes to treats!

We’ve also tried two (meat-free) varieties of the Simply 5 chews.  They’re tasty, but Sis finds them ridiculously small and lobbies for two… to no avail, of course. 

From Mama:  I know nothing about this company.  Anyone else have experience with their products?

Do you have any Sissy-approved chews we should know about?


9 Responses to “New Noms”

  1. Thorsday 1.3 « Chan Knits Says:

    […] It’s been one of those weeks…  I can’t even fuss about Gretchen fussing in her post, because both of their humans have been gone too much this […]

  2. Mary Says:

    Don’t know about the companies, but I do know how to tick off a dog or two…forget their treat time. Just ask Abby and Jake.

  3. Phantom, Thunder, Ciara and Lightning Says:

    Hmmm.we think Mom needs to let us taste test those Zuke bones for sure. Sorry, we don’t know much about that company. It must be nice, though, to find some goodies for Sissy too.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. Sue Says:

    We like Zukes at this house. They make treats that are perfect for training and tasty, too.

    We’re not familiar with the other company. Mom’s been falling down on the new treats thing. Now that the weather has changed, it’s time for homemade treats again.

  5. scrabblequeenRuth Says:

    Wow…we don’t get a mile walk even on a good day! Lately, we don’t always get a walk at all….so yes, treats do help off-set the injustice of that, and the fact that the pople have been leaving so much more than before. We don’t know your treats…but we’d be happy to taste-test for you! 🙂

    Woofs…Sasha and Misty

  6. Maggie and Mitch Says:

    Your new treats look very tasty to us! We normally get Nilla Wafers or Kidney sparing treats because of my diet but occassionally mom breaks down and buys something different for a change but usually it’s only Mitch that gets to eat it.

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  7. gMarie Says:

    Ever since Dudley, the gentlest dog on earth, practically bit the vet trying to get one of the science diet treats and then screamed at him for more – that’s all my dogs get because who can deny a sick dog his absolute favorite treat?

    That being said – the zukes treats look yummy and if I actually get my yoga pants clad rear off the couch today and make it to the bookstore then I might just pop over to PetCo and take a look for Zukes. So – the really, really long answer is no – I don’t know. When I buy her stuff I have the clerks lead me in the right directions after telling them no animal and no corn. 🙂 Happy Friday! g

  8. Mango Says:

    New noms are always a good thing. I hope that your belly liked them as much as your tasting buds.


  9. Nichole Says:

    The Lapdogs are big fans of Z-Bones as well… tell Mama to try ordering online direct thru Zukes… it’s well worth it, esp when they’re having sales. Just place a big enough order to making shipping worth it!

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