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Treats Abound!

October 31, 2011
October 2010 016

Halloween 2010

Happy Howl-o-ween!

This is one of my – Mama – favorite Halloween photos of the girls.  Gretchen hates anything on her head, but her miserable pout looks a bit like a demure witch… maybe?

No, there are no new photos for this year.  I made a deal with Sissy-devil last fall that I wouldn’t shove her in costumes anymore.  She hates it.  She doesn’t mind headwear, curiously enough. 

Then, I thought about taking cutie Gretchen to any of several pet costume events in our area, but after her very thorough meltdown at Yappy Hour earlier this month, I nixed that idea and kinda’ lost my Halloween mojo what with all the restrictions and such.

October 2010 022

Cute, content cheerleader in her own home 10-10

But I have a plan for next year!!  MJ & I were watching The Today Show this morning, and we think Gretchen would be okay in a pet costume parade *IF* we coordinate costumes in such a fashion that part of the “gig” is for Gg to be carried in my arms, snuggled close.  Any ideas?  Keep in mind, she doesn’t like anything on her head!

Before we wish you a happy Howl-o-ween, we need to announce that Jed & Abby in Merryland were the winners of our little celebration contest!  Thanks to all who entered, and we’re already pondering what kind of treats to send to the winners!

Thorsday Eve

October 26, 2011

Happy Thorsday Eve!  Thor came from a household where needing just the right recipe on just the right day isn’t a crazy concept, so we’re sure that Thor won’t mind if we do our Thorsday post a few hours early… even on the eve of his mom’s birthday.

October 2011 004

Happy birthday eve Miss Marjie!  We’re delighted to share our celebration week with you.  We hope your pack showers you with a special gift or two and cake and…

Hem.  Sorry.  Sissy’s helping a little too much with this post and she forgets that just because she likes certain things doesn’t mean everyone else does!  If you could be here with us, we’d let you wear the pink tiara because you like pink too.  Sissy could wear her purple party hat.  Don’t mind the drool…

But this is supposed to be a recipe for Miss Louise’s contest.  It’s National Pumpkin Day (on Thorsday Eve) and we love pumpkin!!!  In fact, we love pumpkin so much that I – Gretchen Greer – talked Mama into skipping the traditional cupcakes for Sissy’s paw-ty and instead, she baked her Cheater Pumpkin Eater Muffins.  (Catchy name?  I thought of it myself … kinda‘.)

Before we share this easy-peasy pumpkin lumpkin, you have to know that Auntie gMarie first told Mama about it, so it’s not exactly our brain child.

October 2011 001

Cheater Pumpkin Eater Muffins

1 box cake mix – any variety (unless you’re sharing with a dog or two, and then you can’t use chocolate!)

1 – 15 ounce can pumpkin – not the pie filling, just plain ol’ canned pumpkin

That’s it!!  Oh – wait – Gretchen here again.  Sissy just can’t blog by herself…  Obviously you want to preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.  Then you blend the two ingredients thoroughly and divide the batter into 15-18 standard, lined cupcake tins.  Mama baked hers in Pampered Chef stoneware, so hers took 25 minutes, but you probably want to check yours around 15 minutes if you’re using a metal pan.  They’re done when a toothpick or cake tester comes out clean.

Cool and serve.  Mama and I like them plain.  Dadaw and Sissy like cream cheese frosting on top.

Mama here…  My favorite varieties are made with spice cake mix or chocolate cake mix.  The ones this week were made with white cake mix, just because that’s what was in the pantry.  I also add nuts sometimes…  We hope you enjoy them too!


Queen for the… ever?

October 24, 2011

February 2011 006Today’s a most special day in the woods.  It’s Sissy’s fourth birthday!  (And yesterday was Gretchen’s third Gotcha Day, but for obvious reasons, we can’t make but such a big deal out of that.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you don’t know Sissy.)

And please excuse the over-used Mango Minster publicity shot.  I do promise a new tiara has been secured for today’s paw-ty back in the woods this afternoon, but I couldn’t give it to the Queen on Gretchen’s Gotcha’ Day, now could I?!

October 2011 005

Fetchdog card

Fetchdog sent the DIVA this card… presumably because I never used the birthday discount code in August for Gg’s birthday, so they stepped it up with the DIVA/Queen.  Personally, I think she needs the Old Glory sweater just because they show it on a basset in a lovely fall setting, but what do I know?!

Because the girls love a paw-ty, but Gg isn’t really much on other dogs in the flesh, we’re having a virtual paw-ty.  You can enter two ways… firstly, by visiting Fetchdog and suggesting what the Queen for the day week   month  Forever might want to spend discount on, and I suppose to be fair, suggestions for the Wee One will also be accepted.

The second way to enter is to go visit our pals the PWD pups.  Wednesday’s their birthday, and while Gg would be totally overwhelmed, Sue and I are sure Sis would have a ball with her pack.  (Don’t worry Gg, in this virtual visit, Rob and Dadaw will go supervise the rambunctious ones and you, Sue and I will hang out and have tea on the deck, just watching it all.)

Just come back and report in, and then we’ll come up with a prize or two next Monday!  You can receive one entry for gift suggestions and another for wishing the PWD pups a happy bday.  Maximum enteries – 2 per pack.

Great Expectations

October 20, 2011

Happy Thorsday!  Where has this week gone?  I’m sure it was just yesterday that we got our great Lupine box in the mail…  (Hound lovers, be sure to click over and wait for the main photo montage to rotate through to the basset and the pirate!)

Jill over at Pet Expectations mentioned forever and a day ago that she was testing a Lupine prototype for a no-pull harness.  Cry.  Hurry up and wait!   So when her email newsletter announced they were for sale, I bought two, right away.  The girls needed new collars to match the new harnesses too, of course…

October 2011 008

These are unlike any other no-pull harness on the market.  You don’t need to hire an engineer or go find a proficient in dressing babies person to get your dog into the harness.   Simply fit the “waistband” to the just behind the front shoulders, click, clip the front strap clasp into the D-ring on the collar, attach least to the D-ring on the strap, and get ready for one sweet walk.

photo.JPGBoth of my girls are pullers.  It’s in their genes.  Gretchen only pulls when she’s seriously excited, and I’d never found a no-pull harness that fits.  I’ll admit the 3/4″ is ALMOST too big for her, and she isn’t happy about the switch to the 3/4″ collar, but I feel she’s as secure as humanly possible.

Sissy could be a sled dog.  That girl is POWERFUL, and knows how to leverage it.  We’d used two other no-pull harnesses with limited success; one couldn’t be adjusted to stay on her funky, long and lean frame, and the other didn’t really work.  I mean… it was better than a regular harness, but she could still give me a good drag if she saw deer, squirrel, etc.

photo.JPGNot anymore.  This harness stops her on a dime, and if she pushes her luck, she’s suddenly cobbled, with one front leg not doing as she wants, and being a good girl at heart, she then immediately turns to me to make it better, which means I never lose control, not even for a second to set my feet in preparation for the attempt to drag!

Obviously, Sis also moved up to a 1″ size.  I did this for her comfort; it is imperative that she has no strain at all on her head or neck, because of her glaucoma.  Because of that glaucoma, we also can’t risk a harness “failure”, so I just knew Lupine would be perfect… and it is. 


Thank you Jill, for your great customer service, and for your fabulous eye for just the right products.   As your LOYAL customer, I’m also grateful for your connection to Lupine so we didn’t have to wait a day longer for the perfect harness!

The Eyes of October

October 17, 2011

April eye visit with Wondervet

So, Saturday Sissy and I went up to see Visionvet for the quarterly eye check.  All is well.  Pressures were 13 & 10, and everything looked fine.  Visionvet was back from maternity leave, so it was great to see her again too.

Sissy learned a new trick.  I didn’t get a picture of it, but see how she’s sitting on the bench in that photo?  Well, Visionvet has two plastic chairs instead.  Madame decided she cared not to sit upon the floor, so her exam was conducted IN said chair. 

Of course I’m serious.  The tech and VV just giggled, waited for me to crunch between the wall, chair and the exam table, and then humored the queen.   The reason she gets away with all of her dominant acts of self-expression is because somehow, this darling, dear, sweet Sissydog manages to dictate life as it happens around her while remaining the most delightful, SWEETEST pup on the planet. 

October 2010 014

October 2010

Yesterday, Lady Gretchen Greer and I went to Keswick Vineyards for Yappy Hour with several other League members and their dogs.   No, I don’t have photos of that either, because Gretchen stayed in a near-full melt-down for the entire two hours.  Girlfriend doesn’t like to be around other dogs.  We’re going to need professional intervention.

Our buddy Sarge the airedale and his parents get a SPECIAL shout-out for being really good sports and friends.  His mom held Gretch so I could go get a glass of wine because they were only tasting reds outside and I’m allergic  and then our little terrorized terrier band trouped away from the main group to give Gretchen some peace. 

It worked.  After an hour, Sarge could look at her and she would just “reach” for me.  Before we left, she let him visit, until he put his face in hers.  Sigh.  I’m trying not to be disappointed in Gretchen.  I’ve done a lot of thinking and pondering the last 24 hours, and I have come to the conclusion that Penn didn’t cause her problem with other dogs; it comes from the bully (dog) on our road that rushes out at us barking and being aggressive.  Having her safe/home space invaded by Penn did make it worse, but it didn’t CAUSE the problem.

Later this week, I’ll interview trainers AGAIN.  This time, I need to follow through.


October 13, 2011

Happy Thorsday!  We’re very excited today.  Yesterday was a most pawsome day indeed, even if it did rain and there was no walk.  Mama made up for it by letting us go to the firehouse and visit.  We got to run and run and there were lots of our two-legged friends there to play…

Mama also found out about a very cool company.  Do you do business with places just because they support your favorite causes?  We do.  And while Mama was poking around on the Blind Dog Rescue site yesterday, she found Hyperhound Coffee

Don’t you love that logo?  We were both running like that last night.  It was big fun to gallop around all the fire trucks!

Mama loves this cup too.   She’s excited enough she’s talking about learning how to use regular coffee in that Keurig thing of hers…  (Mama here – I have the special filter thingee, but I use it for loose tea, so I guess I need another filter thingee!)

Have any of you had Hyperhound Coffee?

Thorsday Remembrance

October 6, 2011

Mugsy, Sissy & Dadaw... napping at work Spring 2008

Yesterday was a day to paws – er, pause – and remember.  Sissy got to know Mugsy pretty well, but was never able to celebrate his birthday with him.  Neither of us ever knew Fred, but he crossed the Bridge on what turned out to be Mugsy’s last birthday on earth.

They were special boy-dogs.  Mama still talks to them every day.  She tells them to watch over the house – and/or us – when she leaves, and she tells them she misses them when she passes the spot where she and Mugsy had their wreck right before Sissy came to live in the Woods. 

Dogs in LeavesThey were big pals too… once they got over that fighting thing, so I hear. 

We still have some of their toys.  Sissy and I both enjoy tennis balls, but not to the extent that Mugsy did. 

Neither of us love pink grapefruit the way Fred did, but we are very fond of bananas and you know I love PANK!! 

Mama says Mugsy and Fred are our guardian angels.   Some days, we need all the help we can get. 

Happy Thorsday!  It’s sweet to remember the other pets who left paw prints on our human’s heart.  Who’s on your mind and in your heart today?


Care. Share. Wear.

October 1, 2011

Just a quick shout-out for a fundraiser we almost missed.  Okay, we did miss it, but luckily the deadline was graciously extended.

I’ve mentioned Blind Dog Rescue Alliance before.  While Sissy isn’t blind, she has already lost one eye to glaucoma and we’re fighting the good fight for the other eye, so we’re a little passionate about this organization.  Their slogan “Blind dogs see with their hearts” just makes me melt, as do their seasonal “buttons”.   I’d love a long-sleeved tee with that one on it… pumpkins, pretty leaves and dogs, oh my!!

Anyway, no thanks to Facebook and their crazy need to change just for the sake of change, I missed 27 other notices about the special fundraiser Three Scoops of Vanilla was having yesterday for BDRA.   There’s even a special bracelet with a little charm designed just for BDRA.

Yep.  One is on its way to us.

Do let us know when your favorite charities have special fundraisers!