Care. Share. Wear.

Just a quick shout-out for a fundraiser we almost missed.  Okay, we did miss it, but luckily the deadline was graciously extended.

I’ve mentioned Blind Dog Rescue Alliance before.  While Sissy isn’t blind, she has already lost one eye to glaucoma and we’re fighting the good fight for the other eye, so we’re a little passionate about this organization.  Their slogan “Blind dogs see with their hearts” just makes me melt, as do their seasonal “buttons”.   I’d love a long-sleeved tee with that one on it… pumpkins, pretty leaves and dogs, oh my!!

Anyway, no thanks to Facebook and their crazy need to change just for the sake of change, I missed 27 other notices about the special fundraiser Three Scoops of Vanilla was having yesterday for BDRA.   There’s even a special bracelet with a little charm designed just for BDRA.

Yep.  One is on its way to us.

Do let us know when your favorite charities have special fundraisers!


7 Responses to “Care. Share. Wear.”

  1. Shopping by heart « Chan Knits Says:

    […] that has been extend through this weekend.  Actually, I’ve already done that on the girls’ blog, so you can either click on the photo to go shop, or click over to the girls’ for more […]

  2. Sue Says:

    I think even sighted dogs see with their hearts.

  3. gMarie Says:

    27 other notices – SNOL! And Sue is so right – all dogs see with their hearts, just some more so than others.

    So that little pic in the top with the lovely Fall dogs in profile? Is that available as tee? It’s stunning and I want one! g

  4. Maggie and Mitch Says:

    What a wonderful slogan! Love the sweet bracelet!

  5. kathy b Says:

    I need a HEAR with your heart for my deaf cat Radar………
    but I LOVE Your see with your heart for starters!

  6. Khyra Says:

    Furry nice choice!


  7. Nichole Says:

    What a beautiful bracelet… LOVE!

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