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2011 Review

December 29, 2011

Happy Thorsday to you!  The last Thorsdays of 2011…

Gretchen Greer here…  Since we’ve been abandoned a lot recently, we’ve had a lot of time to look back over the year.  Do your humans do that?  We also get thrown outside while Mama wraps pressies.  Very rude, I think, but I’ve also seen the wet paper tear from Sissy shoving her nose in the way…

January 2011 015

One week before her left eye was removed

January was a very tough month at Haddon Woods.   Sissy lost sight in  her left eye on Christmas Eve, was diagnosed with glaucoma, and had her eye removed on January 10th.  This appears to be the last photo with both eyes, and it’s a good example of glaucoma warning signs.  The eye is not reactive (note how the eye ON the left of the photo is squinting but the already blind eye isn’t), it’s glassy and “hazy”, and it’s red around the white.    We’ve all learned a lot about glaucoma this year.

DSC01629By February, things were pretty much back to normal.  We got to come to work with Mama & Gramma while all the guys went to school.  (*I* still have never been afforded any educational opportunities.  Maybe 2012 will be the year?!)

February also saw both of us have great success at Mango Minster.   (Look for the 2012 show to start soon!)  I won reader’s choice in my division, while Sis won her division and then worked the sympathy vote for Best in Show.  We’re all still suffering for THAT one, but it cheered her and Mama up considerably, so thanks to all the judges for helping turn the tragic tide of early 2011.

Photo courtesy of Mango Minster

March 2011 004

Me rocking one of our prizes from Lapdog Creations

Everything was pretty normal until May, when Mama ditched us AGAIN (she left us for the first time EVER in January).  Don’t tell her, but we kinda’ enjoy it.  Dadaw gets us breakie from IHOP, and while we miss our walks, we love having Dadaw under our paws for a couple of days.

2011 was a pretty lucky year for us.  There’s the whole Mango Minster multiple wins, Mama won a few things at her gala (and from other contests), and we won several give-aways from Lapdog Creations


Sissy the lap dog at new friends' campsite this summer

We had birthdays, we met new friends, and we said good-bye to some big bloggy friends too.   Mama says that’s how life works… ebb and flow, ups and downs.  Personally, I like the ups.  The downs are sad, and I don’t like sad!

Best of all though, Dadaw taught us all a new phrase that opens all kinds of doors.  “… because she only has one eye.”  He uses it to excuse virtually anything Sissy does, to get Mama to walk us in the rain or cold, etc.  

photo.JPGOh!!  I almost forgot…  we did finally get back to the beach.  (Thanks, Sis.  You ARE helpful once in a great while.)  Dadaw says we’re going back very soon.  Hooray!!  I can’t wait to chase the birds, and maybe Dadaw will take Sis sand crabbin’…

We hope your 2011 had more ups than downs, and we wish you a 2012 full of extra treats, long walks and whatever else wags your tail.

Baking for Barkers?

December 24, 2011

That's Sissy's signature...

“No” is coming from the Grinch-ma a lot right now.  Why must she bake things we can’t have?  Do your humans bake for you?  I – Gretchen Greer – happen to know she’s gotten two doggie recipes in the past two days, but no… she keeps on with the chocolate and sugar and…

Mama does let me help with wrapping, but not Sissy.  Something about drool and wet paper and more “Leave it!”…

Wishing you a merry Christmas and lots of treats and toys, and holly-jolly humans!



December 22, 2011

No, not snowy…  it’s been flip-flopping from bitter cold to unseasonably warm here.  We’re talking Snowy.  You know, the cute white terrier in TinTin.

Oh – pardon me – happy Thorsday to you!  And happy Hanukkah to Jack (blogless) and our other Jewish friends.  Personally, we’re interested in celebrating the winter solstice with tree hugging, but you’ll have to go to Mama’s blog for that and for a peek at our Christmas card photo bloopers.

Did you know TinTin is an internationally beloved comic?  We didn’t either.  Mama says we can’t go to the theater to see the movie, but perhaps she will.  How’s that fair?!


Mugsy 12-2007

Anyway, Mama got all obsessed with this Snowy character yesterday.   Some of you might not know that the Jack Russell Terror before me was almost completely white, so she’s rather drawn to white terriers.  Then, there’s our friend Cory, a white Westie who is plenty spirited too… so I hear.

Good thing there’s this internet thing.  Mama Googled, and in an instant, we learned that Snowy was inspired by a white fox terrier.  You can read more about that here.  I’m counting on her buying the DVD when it comes out, so we’ll get to see Snowy eventually…

Since this is almost assuredly our only post before Christmas, we wish you a very merry Christmas!  Here’s a doctored version of the photo Mama used on both of our cards this year.

December 2011 012

Sending you warm wishes and candycane kisses!!

We’ve all got ’em…

December 15, 2011

Happy Thorsday!  This is just a quick little post, because Mama’s been too busy to tend to her fur-girl duties properly.  Oh, don’t worry… we’re getting our daily walkies, even though it keeps getting darker sooner, but the woman will not stay home with us it seems!!

photo.JPGIsn’t this just a disgraceful photo of Shadow?!  Clearly, he has no shame.   He’s at WORK for goodness sake!!  (Don’t mind Grand-dae’s messy bookcase…)  Not only is Shadow asleep on the job, he’s…

Well.  You have eyes.  Hem.  At least he’s back in the corner office, not flashing customers and such as soon as they walk in the front door.

But!!  Even Sissy knows not to be so brazen in public.  I. Am. Mortified.

Mama says we’ll have to watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation again.  Seems I *DO* have a Cousin Eddie and his name is Shadow…  Who is your Cousin Eddie?


We HATE Cancer

December 8, 2011

Happy Thorsday to you!   Whether you knew Thor or not, you need to pop over to his mom’s blog and admire him on her seasonal header.   Sniff, sniff…  we miss you, big guy.

We are very happy fur-girls by nature, but this has been a truly awful week in our doggy-online world.  Two of our best doggy friends were diagnosed with terminal cancers.  We’re not naming names… their moms aren’t blogging and they aren’t our stories to tell, but if you want to sling drool, cross paws, light candles, pray or whatever for H and J and their devastated packs, that would be fabulous.

Beauty Boy 2

Handsome Fred

Cancer is horrible, rotten, no-good stuff.  It took Fred from the woods, also rather suddenly.  It’s been four years and then some and Mama still can’t write about it without misting up, even though Sissy probably wouldn’t be here if timing hadn’t been what it was.

Sorry to be such a downer today, but that’s the problem with having lots of doggy friends…  We all suffer when a good dog is sick, but two in the same circle of friends in the same week?!

Where do you Occupy?

December 5, 2011

Several of our doggy bloggy pals have already shown their support, but we couldn’t miss the chance to lend our support to Mr Pip’s Operation Couch Occupation

photo.JPGLoyal readers might guess that the fur-girls are big on occupying soft, elevated spaces.  However, in a pinch, ANY human-intended seating device will do, as Queen Sissy so clearly demonstrates here.

No, I – Mama – cannot just move her.  See, she’s in cahoots with the new to us vet who took over her local care.   Supervet wasted no time jumping on the spoil Sissy train, and cooed that Sissy so thoughtfully perched there so she wouldn’t have to get in the floor to check her eye.  Yeah… riiiiiight…

And yes, Sissy’s eye is just fine.  The pressure was on the low side of normal (5-7), but she had numbed it so that the new vet tech could practice using the tool, because Supervet knows Sissy to be a relaxed, patient patient.   For all of her crazy antics, Sis does know when to be serious and be a good girl, and it breaks my heart a bit that she learned so young in life to cooperate fully with vets and techs.

Anyway, do pop over and get the details so you too can participate in Pip’s Occupation!

Beachy Thorsday!

December 1, 2011

Happy Thorsday!   We had a big time at the beach over Thanksgiving and beyond.   The weather was warm, so Mama took us for lots of LONG walks on the beach, and I – Gretchen Greer – even got an unsolicited training session from a nice lady on the beach.


I'm bird hunting and Sissy's dodging waves...

Friday and Saturday there were SO MANY people and dogs on the beach.   As regular readers might guess, I don’t enjoy that.  Sissy does, but I prefer days like Monday when we’re the only dogs on the beach for miles.  Leaves me free to hunt birds, which is my favorite beach activity. 

Dadaw even took us out to the ocean one night, which was BIG FUN.  Mama wasn’t happy, but no one got hurt, so she got over it.  She didn’t get many photos though because for some reason, she won’t take her camera out when just the three of us gals are on our big walks.

We also had a BIG visit with basically blogless Auntie Sus.  We lurvers her!  She sits in the floor and lets both of us crawl all over her and kiss her and kiss her.  She also brought treats and her Cory’s favorite toy.  I liked the toy and there’s a rumor that Santa is bringing me one.  Sissy isn’t much for a mental challenge; she tried to just chew the sliders out of the way to get to the treats.  Silly, impatient dog…

  (Photo of Cory can be seen here.)

Do you like puzzle toys?