Live the Adventure!


This post is NOT a Mango Minster entry. It was supposed to be, but Sissy issued a royal veto… see the next post!


February 2011 001

Sissy MM 2011

Mama here.  While the Mango Minster experience really was the balm that hurried on the healing (not HEELING – Sissy doesn’t do that) last year, we weren’t sure about entering this year.  I mean…  is it proper for Sissy to defend her title?  (Yes.  Mango Momma said so.)   However, we were still on the fence, because we’re still in mourning for Thor and…

Did I mention Sissy has a title to defend?  Unless you’re a first-time visitor here (and if you are, WELCOME!!), you know that when the officials at Mango Minster gave her the green light to try to defend her Best in Show title, the Queen DIVA, MM BIS 2011 put her foot down…

So here we go!

First order of business:  Happy Thorsday!  We dedicate this year’s Mango Minster entries to the memory of our beloved, departed grand gentle-judge, and to all the other MM associates who have crossed the bridge. 

Second order of business:  Details, details.  Please visit the official MM website.  The categories have changed.  The deadline to enter is February 5th. 


Given the new categories, Queen Sissy DIVA (her stage name, she says), BIS (best in show MM 2011) has decided to toss her tiara in the Adventure Animal ring.   For the queen, life is nothing but an adventure. 


As a pup, she hung out at work and met lots of people… and rocked the cute factor for extra treats.  (Ah… the joys of a family business.  Grammas are suckers!)


While still a pup, she ventured to the beach and discovered that hunting sand crabs and racing on the beach is pure bliss.


Photo by Anita 2008

January 2011 003To hear Sis tell it, she’s a great hunter who has traversed the globe sniffing and seeing great game.   However, many of you know that about a year ago, glaucoma took her left eye, and we’ve had to be very serious about keeping her on a short leash for her own safety.  I – Mama – worried it would break her indominable spirit, but other than a few hours post-op, she never checked up.

September 2011 008

Purple cheetah courtesy of Digital Cheetah

Now you can tell folks you’ve seen a one-eyed, no-horned, furry purple cheetah eater.  Can any of the other Adventurer contestants say that?!

January 2012 010

And she does it all in DIVA style, while wearing a tiara.  Sissy’s motto for this year is Life… Live the Adventure.


One Response to “Live the Adventure!”

  1. Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning Says:

    How we love that description of the one-eyed,no horned, furry purple cheetah eater:) Good Luck. Sissy!!!

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

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