The Other End of the Leash

Happy Thorsday!  I had to taking matters into my own hands and post, because I’m pretty sure y’all are tired of hearing about how the fur-girls suffer because the humans actually have lives and go places dogs aren’t allowed.  Hem.

Yes, Gretchen could be a carry-on dog and fly with me, but given how poorly she travels by car, this is out of the question.  Also, when I travel, it is exclusively for a conference, and my hours are insane, so…  it’s not an option on about 20 levels.

So…  I did what I consider the next best thing…  I read up on how to be a better dog-ma while I was on the plane.  (Well… when I wasn’t sleeping.  I’d like to protest and fuss and ask, “Whose idea was that 5:15am flight?!” but it was my idea, so…) 

Gretchen had a little neurotic flare-up precisely two weeks ago that seems to be easing up a bit thanks to lots of treats and human behavior modifications.  (Also known as who is training whom?)  Suddenly, after never failing to trot into the crate or our bedroom when we leave, she staged a sit-in… in the living room.  Now, she’s been left free in the house since she was a wee pup, but she HATES being separated from Sissy, who lacks Gretchen’s good manners and does doggy things when she gets bored.

Anyhow, Gretchen spent two weeks resisting being confined in the bedroom, so since she is giving us the silent treatment, I’m reading and guessing, and we’re adapting.  This morning I’m happy to report she just stayed on our bed while I got ready for work, while I kissed them good-bye, while I put the baby gate up, and then trotted over for her bye-bye treats with Sis.

I can’t say the book has changed our lives, but it wasn’t dry or hard to read, and there were a few body language tips I’ve already seen at work.  Just yesterday morning, I was able to catch Gretchen as she tried to worm in on Sissy’s breakfast (which Sis allows, because she’s a ridiculously benevolent leader) merely by seeing Sis’s tail move out of the corner of my eye.

Do you read dog-help books?  Dog fiction?


5 Responses to “The Other End of the Leash”

  1. km Says:

    My vet recommended Perfect Puppy in 7 days. I bought the google book. It’s been good, and while we’ve had our pup more than 7 days and she’s hardly perfect, I still think it was a good book to read. You can download the charts that are in the book (6 pages) for free. There’s even a link to CD’s with noises for those who live in a quite environment.

    And a friend just loaned me Training People by Tess of Helena. I’m just starting that one. I see I might need to do some book reviews.

  2. Jed & Abby in MerryLand, USA Says:

    How did they take the picture on the cover of that book? We’ve heard of it, but haven’t read it. Mama is still working on Inside of A Dog by Alexandra Horowitz. but she’s not reading as much lately as she usually does.

    Jed & Abby

  3. Sue Says:

    I’m afraid consistency is usually the answer and the problem. Maybe in a one person household it would work, but Rob and I are often not on the same page, especially when it comes to treats and getting on the furniture, and no meaning no, and just about everything else.

    • chanknits Says:

      A lot of that happens here too. Mark grew up with shelties. Mugsy tried to teach Mark to be fair and consistent but …


      Sent from my iPad

  4. fern reed Says:

    Hi Hi Hi I am here!!!! Finally!!!!
    I have never read a how to book about dogs!!! An interesting idea tho, thanks!!!

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