International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day

Happy Thorsday!

Gretchen Greer here…

Photo from Haute or Not Pets

How special is it that International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day falls on a Thorsday?!   We want to tell you about our favorite biscuits.  We actually don’t get many true “biscuits”… what with Sissy’s insanely long list of allergens and my wee mouth, but we’re currently mad for Planet Dog’s PB&J Eats!  Yes, they’re from the PANK ink box… 

The orange box pictured is a chicken & pumpkin pot pie flavor, that of course we won’t be trying because neither of us eats chicken.  Boo… because we LOVE pumpkin!  If you try ’em, I’m sure you’ll love ’em.  We’ve had several different flavors of Eats, and they’re always tasty.  Generally, they have at least one corn-free, vegan option so we can have at least one flavor…

What would you bring to a dog biscuit “cookie” swap… you know, if we could have one?


10 Responses to “International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day”

  1. Thankful Thorsday « Chan Knits Says:

    […] emailed her scatterbrained friend last night, so Gretchen was able to cover the special day on the girls’ blog.  Thank you, Louise!!  I’m so thankful for my friends, especially those who pander to my […]

  2. HoundDogMom Says:

    We could bring Mom’s famous PB homemade treats. They are made with Rice flour does that work for you guys. 🙂 Or we really like the store bought ones called Canine Cuts they are soft and we loves them. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  3. gMarie Says:

    You get the bestest cookies around. Our mom just buys the ones from the vet because they were Dudley Dog’s favorite and well, you know……

    Beau (I’m a working dog today)

  4. Sue Says:

    Tsar insists that our homemade peanut butter and apple cookies are the best he’s ever tasted. tsar is very picky, so I take his work for it.

  5. Katherine Says:

    Hello, Max here. Macy is feeling a little punk today so I am putting my paw toes to work writing what she tells me.

    She says–dad buys the all natural dog biscuits at Costco so that’s all we can offer in a swap. They are really big so mom says we can only have one a day. She breaks one for me and one for Macy and we get half in the morning and half after dinner. I really wish I could find someone who can explain all these rules to me!

    Well, that’s pretty much it. Macy has gone back to sleep so…

  6. Nichole Says:

    Oooh… the lapdogs just heard “cookie swap” and they are thinking there should be a snail mail swap box like all the fun knitting ones Mama used to do…

  7. Joanna Says:

    A local pet store called Pet People (the Whole Foods for dogs) honored national dog biscuit day by giving away 1 pound of biscuits per household. My mom took us hounds there at lunch and it was fun. We got bully sticks too.


    Reggie and Lola

  8. Ruth Says:

    Cookie swap!!! You’re a dog with a good sense of what’s important, I tell ya. Lately we’ve been driving mom and pop crazy with our picky-ness about treats. We still like our PeanutButter and Banana cookies, but mom also got some doggie meatballs and really great little bits from Jakes for us, which are softer, and so more popular with OLD Misty currently.

    Woofs…Sasha (Misty is sulking under the table)

  9. Jed & Abby in MerryLand, USA Says:

    There’s an International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day?! We’ll have to check that out.

    Due to Abby’s chronic pancreatitis, our treats are very limited. Biscuits usually have too much fat. But there are some delicious low fat treats that we occasionally get to enjoy – like the wonderful ones you guys sent us 🙂

    Jed & Abby

  10. Louise Says:

    I hear Queen Bitty and Bear’s mom, Duckie, bakes them Peanut Butter Treats. Perhaps you all could have a cookie swap over at The Pond!

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