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Dudley on Thorsday

March 29, 2012

Dear departed Dudley, courtesy of gMarie

Happy Thorsday!   Chan – aka: Mama  – here for a follow-up, informational post.  Just as Thor changed Thursdays for me, even though I never got to have tea or read with the giant gent, Dudley changed my mind’s reaction to that word.   No longer do I think of Harry Potter’s bully of a cousin, or the family I know here with that last name…

March 2011 025

Dark nose 3-11

So when Sue responded to this post about Sissy’s fading nose, I was curious about this Dudley nose thing.   Now… it seems that the doggy medical community doesn’t even agree on what is what with nose pigmentation changes, because there’s also this snow nose (sometimes called a winter nose too)…

As the snow nose link above suggests, we removed our plastic waterer about ten days ago, and maybe it’s a coincidence, but I think Sissy’s nose is getting darker again.   (No, I don’t have a recent photo to show you…)  The Knight wants to put his best girl (Sissy, in case you’re confused and think it might POSSIBLY be yours truly) on a supplement of some sort.  Given that water analysis is basically his job, he’s convinced that the plastic must leach some essential nutrient out of the water and/or the dog, but my research doesn’t support that.  It’s much more likely that our allergy queen is also intolerant of some chemical IN plastic that is sneaking into the water…

January 2012 007

Paler nose 1-12

Since Gretchen HATES metal bowls and Sis only uses metal bowls, this has been a challenge.  I’ve finally settled on a metal water bowl in the master bath, and a ceramic bowl in the kitchen.  Gretchen will drink from the metal bowl if she must, and thus far, Sis hasn’t tried to pick up the ceramic water bowl, even when empty.

Of course, you should report any obvious changes in your dog’s appearance to your vet.  

Here ends the lesson on nose color changes. 

But we’re wondering… what kinds of bowls do you use, and why?

Vote for me!

March 27, 2012

… erm… sorta’.   Any vote for any basset hound is kinda’ like a vote for me, right?

Why yes, ’tis I…  Queen Sissy DIVA, BIS  MM ’11, blogging all by myself.  (Note from the editor/publisher – hem.  Mama helped, and I’m sure Gg did too.)

Click here to vote - please and thank you

Why?  Because this is IMPORTANT!  Newsweek – whatever that is – is having a contest and you really need to vote for me  the basset  Hush Puppies!

Gretchen Greer here… her please and thank you are implied, of course.  She’s not the rude heathen it seems she might be.  Okay, maybe she is, but she was raised better… 

Never mind.  This post is going nowhere fast.  Please vote for the Hush Puppies ad in Newsweek’s retro ad campaign.  (Why don’t they have a Mad Men line for cute little doggies?)



FiveSibes Blog Tourists Stop Here!

March 22, 2012

Please and thank you?

Happy Thorsday!  If you’re new here, Thorsday is a very important day around here.  We ALWAYS blog on Thorsday, because it honors the memory of the departed giant gentledog, Thor.   Never mind that little detail about Mama and the tradition of Dogs on Thursday…  it’s all about Thor, and maybe Mama will babble more about that on her blog

Anyway, it’s our great privilege to host the FiveSibes Blog Tour today.   We   I – Gretchen – take being a hostess very seriously, so if you’re looking for fur-girl cuteness, again, click over to Mama’s blog and/or scroll down to our previous posts, because this one is all about the book and the blog tour to promote it.

For starters, if you don’t have your own copy of What’s Wrong with Gibson, get one.  Heck, get two and give one to a friend or your vet or…

Ooopsie.  Mama says I’m getting ahead of myself.   And pardon me…  I am Gretchen Greer, the voice and paws behind this blog.  It is – of course – Queen Sissy DIVA’s blog, but Queenie’s big ol’ paws don’t type well and there’s a good chance she has ADD because she won’t stick with a project…

But back to the tour.  We had a few questions for the FiveSibes and their mom, and I bet you’ll find them interesting too.

  • About that seizure-monster…  We know that the medicine for such has to be rather precisely administered.  Does the time change affect Gibson at all?  For instance, Mama juggles Sissy’s eye drop within an hour’s window, so even with the time change, she has Sissy back on schedule within one day.

Yes, Gibson’s dosages are pretty exactly timed. I do plan for the Standard Time change and do the same as your Mama, I move Gib’s dose on the time change day by a half hour to keep him pretty steady and by the next day we are back on track also.

  • Do any of the Sibes seem to sense when Gibson isn’t well?  If so, what do they do to alert the humans?

Thankfully, Gibson’s seizures are being controlled by his meds, so they haven’t had to experience that since he first started having them three years ago. However, there are days when he is feeling lethargic or has a stomach upset (sometimes from the meds, sometimes from the heat – like we’ve been recently having an unusual heat wave here in the northeast with temps up about 30 degrees higher than normal and that had an affect on him and he had some vomiting issues). The other Huskies sense when he is not well and they do not leave his side. His love, Harley, is always right by him. And his brother Wolf will lay up close to him. Chloe and Bandit stick pretty close to him too. It’s like his very own get well committee.

  • When is the next book coming out?  We really enjoyed this one!

I am so glad you enjoyed What’s Wrong With Gibson?!!!! I am currently working on the second book of the series now! It is scheduled for late spring/summer. And there is also a Christmas book in the works, too!

  • To humor Mama, and because we’re curious – how did you decide on the target age group/audience for your format?  We liked that there were still quite a few words to go with the pictures.

I was the founder and volunteer editor of an elementary school newspaper when my daughter was in elementary school, so I worked with young children from grades kindergarten through fifth for five years and saw first hand from my daughter and her classmates just how much they loved animals and enjoyed reading or being read to, and learning new things…and how they especially liked to learn about how to help, whether it’s animals or humans. When I was putting the concept for this book together, I knew I wanted it to be the first of several “tales” and I wanted to do it in a rhyming format. I also envisioned having the illustrations depict my Huskies in a fun, child-friendly form, and my illustrator, Michelle Littler, did a wonderful job! I really wanted to target that elementary age bracket and hopefully help children understand about Canine Epilepsy, and Epilepsy in general, and to remove some of the fear that goes along with seeing someone you love, whether a family member, pet, or friend, go through a seizure. And sprinkled throughout the tale are true hints that can help a seizing dog, such as getting ice packs (or in this case frozen peas. When Gibson had his first seizure, I did not have any ice packs, so I used a bag of frozen peas and a frozen loaf of bread!) If children can walk away from this book with a little less fear and, if they ever have to witness a seizure, if they remember to get a bag of frozen veggies, they not only feel good about being helpful, but they have actually assisted in applying first aid to the pet. I also think it’s a nice addition for any Siberian Husky lover’s book collection!

  • How can we help you share your book?  Do you have a marketing plan to encourage vets to display the book in their waiting rooms, or to offer the books to patients new to canine epilepsy, perhaps especially those with little humans?

Sharing is wonderful! Thank you! I believe awareness and education is key with Canine Epilepsy. My veterinarian team play such an important role in Gibson’s healthcare and together we came up with a medicine, vitamin, and diet regiment specifically tailored for Gib. I believe it is important for folks, not just children, to know that with the proper care, dogs can lead a happy, healthy life. That’s why it was so important for me to get Gibson’s story out there. Plus, I will be donating a percentage of proceeds to a the wonderful non-profit Canine Epilepsy Resources center. They offer Epi-dog parents worldwide valuable resources, information, and support. So it’s important on two levels.

The book is currently at our vet’s office, and some readers have also notified their vet’s. I would love to have it in veterinary offices and hospitals all over! I think it is a great book for for patients, especially those with children. I am marketing the book myself at this point, so all the help I can get in getting out the word is most welcomed! I have been invited to read the book in some schools in my area, and think that is another great place to share this story. The Blog Book Tour is the first big step of our marketing journey and it’s wonderful how our pet community has joined in to share our book and Gibson’s story on their blogs. And just recently, we were interviewed on Mushing Radio by Dog Works Media out of Alaska with co-hosts Robert and Michele Forto. It was so much fun! I would love to do more shows like that, too, to continue to bring Gibson’s story and awareness about Canine Epilepsy to a wider audience. I will also hopefully be expanding into pet supply and specialty stores, and book stores, but right now it’s all by word of mouth. I want to sincerely thank you for joining us in our Canine Epilepsy Awareness campaign, and for being part of our Blog Book Tour!

Thanks for stopping by, and we hope you’ll consider adding What’s Wrong with Gibson to your library.  Do come visit us again soon too, and please leave a comment so we can return the favor.

Flowers on Thorsday

March 15, 2012

Happy Thorsday to you!  Mama is still finalizing details on the Five Sibes book blog tour, so just stay tuned and we’ll host them soon enough.   It’s a really cute book though; we’ve read it several times!  (Well…  Mama and I have.  I’m not sure Dadaw’s read it and who knows when Sissy is paying attention?!)

Instead, we’ll distract you with Mama’s new favorite photo of Sissy, and one of me just because Mama says that’s only fair.

March 2012 006

Sissy is a hoot, isn’t she?  And yes, her nose used to be darker.  Mama is guessing the immuno-suppressants Sis was on a couple of years ago did it, as the only other dog-ma she’s spoken with who has seen the same thing happen has a dog also on those drugs.

November 2010 066

That’s the original nose.  Do you have any experience with such?

March 2012 008

And that’s the fair air time photo of yours truly.  I’m not as into wearing non-clothes as Sissy is, but we thank our Auntie G very much for thinking of us!

Whether the weather…

March 8, 2012

Whether the weather is cold,
Whether the weather is hot,
We’ll be together whatever the weather,
Whether we like it or not!

The editor here…  that’s how I learned what I believe is actually this little poem.  I accompanied a cousin to an acting workshop once, and that was one of the warm-up exercises…  I don’t remember anything else about that adventure, other than which cousin I was with, but that little ditty stuck with me! 

March 2012 001

Anyway, I recite it often for the dogs, especially for Gretchen when the weather doesn’t suit her, and when things are falling from the sky, it’s most unsuitable according to the wee one.

Now back to our regularly scheduled Thorsday post, brought to you by the letter W – as in what the heck?  weather? whether? and so on.

 Gretchen Greer here.   It *IS* a very happy Thorsday, mainly because that cold white stuff is gone, and today, it’ll be warm enough Sissy will pant and get all slow and pokey on our walk this afternoon.  Personally, I’m pretty sure I’ve never been too hot, but Sissy prefers the cooler weather and almost never wears a coat!

March 2012 002

I especially hate snow – sleet, rain and anything else that falls from the sky – when it’s coming down.  It’s bad enough that Sis routinely, accidentally wipes her slime on my head or back, but who needs to be pelted by stuff from the sky?!  (Other than Mama… that weirdo will actually reach her hands out to catch snowflakes, and has been known to tip her head back and try to catch ’em on her tongue.)

The only nice thing about snow is it makes a wonderful backdrop for my darker fur and for my PANK vest with the furry trim around the hood.  Do you like snow?

Rainbow Thorsday

March 1, 2012

Giggle…  Mama planned this post over a week ago, but the timing is spot-on; yesterday we survived a day of heavy rain, flood warnings, etc., and this morning the sun is shining and it’s a BEAUTIFUL pre-spring day.

Our friends Jed & Abby and some of their friends created this pawsome, reflective place, Our Rainbow Friends.  It’s a cyber place to honor those beloved pets who have crossed the bridge.  Please help us help them spread the word!   Your departed pals don’t have to just live in your heart or on your blog’s archives.  Thanks to Jed & Abby and all the humans involved in this special project.

Is there a rainbow in your world today?