Dudley on Thorsday


Dear departed Dudley, courtesy of gMarie

Happy Thorsday!   Chan – aka: Mama  – here for a follow-up, informational post.  Just as Thor changed Thursdays for me, even though I never got to have tea or read with the giant gent, Dudley changed my mind’s reaction to that word.   No longer do I think of Harry Potter’s bully of a cousin, or the family I know here with that last name…

March 2011 025

Dark nose 3-11

So when Sue responded to this post about Sissy’s fading nose, I was curious about this Dudley nose thing.   Now… it seems that the doggy medical community doesn’t even agree on what is what with nose pigmentation changes, because there’s also this snow nose (sometimes called a winter nose too)…

As the snow nose link above suggests, we removed our plastic waterer about ten days ago, and maybe it’s a coincidence, but I think Sissy’s nose is getting darker again.   (No, I don’t have a recent photo to show you…)  The Knight wants to put his best girl (Sissy, in case you’re confused and think it might POSSIBLY be yours truly) on a supplement of some sort.  Given that water analysis is basically his job, he’s convinced that the plastic must leach some essential nutrient out of the water and/or the dog, but my research doesn’t support that.  It’s much more likely that our allergy queen is also intolerant of some chemical IN plastic that is sneaking into the water…

January 2012 007

Paler nose 1-12

Since Gretchen HATES metal bowls and Sis only uses metal bowls, this has been a challenge.  I’ve finally settled on a metal water bowl in the master bath, and a ceramic bowl in the kitchen.  Gretchen will drink from the metal bowl if she must, and thus far, Sis hasn’t tried to pick up the ceramic water bowl, even when empty.

Of course, you should report any obvious changes in your dog’s appearance to your vet.  

Here ends the lesson on nose color changes. 

But we’re wondering… what kinds of bowls do you use, and why?


16 Responses to “Dudley on Thorsday”

  1. HoundDogMom Says:

    This is definately something I am beginning to watch with our hounds. We use metal, ceramic and plastic. They drink out of all of them, go for the water bowl that has the least amount of slobber in it. BOL

    We learned something new with Amiee about a month ago. She has a low thyroid and her nose was horrible looking (cracked, dry, scaling, etc). My vet told me this was a sure sign of low thyroid, I told him it was just from her going outside and eating dog poop and rooting like a pig. He assured me it was low thyroid. She has been on meds for a month she has the most perfect looking nose know and she still eats poop. I have noticed a light shade on Bella’s nose so when she goes to the vet for a checkup we are going to ask about it because she has had mange and stuff before we got her. All very interesting about drinking water out of different bowls could cause this.

    The HoundDogs and Mom

  2. The OP Pack Says:

    Interesting comments from HoundDogMom. Dakota had thyroid issues and a pink nose, but Thunder has low thyroid and had a very black nose. Ciara has a liver colored nose. Who knows? We have always heard that plastic bowls can discolor the nose but then we have read that is not true. In any event, we use stainless steel bowls because they last a long time and Mom says pups can’t chew the edges:)

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. Totes on Thorsday « Chan Knits Says:

    […] Thursday… Gretchen posed in many of the photos for this post.  Also, you can click over to their blog for more dog photos and my findings on something called Dudley nose, or why Sissy’s nose […]

  4. Kathy Says:

    Thanks for posting these links! I think Lucy has winter/snow nose. The article says it’s more common in light dogs (and she’s a blonde) and does mention that it may become permanent as dogs age.

    I have read about the Dudley coloring before in Labs. I think the dark nose babies have the genes that could have made them black rather than yellow, but yellow won out. The Dudley yellows couldn’t have possibly been black. Something like that.

  5. gmariesews Says:

    Very interesting! My dogs use all stainless – with the exception of the pond (plastic liner), the fountain (big ceramic pot) and puddles on the road (concrete and asphalt). Sounds appealing doesn’t it? We use stainless because I can scour it – Lucy *hates* ceramic to the point my food hound will refuse to eat and that’s saying something.

    Thanks for the photo of my old man. it was a bit shocking to come here and see him. I miss him. g

  6. Katherine Says:

    Hello Gretchen, Macy here. Mom says she heard about plastic not being good for us from my trainer. (I could tell you stories about that person! She scared me half to death with her big Mastiff). Anyway, I drink my bottled water from a stainless steel bowl in the kitchen and a ceramic bowl with my name on it in the bedroom (so I don’t have to go to the kitchen to get water at night. Hee hee). And oh my gosh, gmarie, puddles on the road? Yuck! I don’t know where that water has been.

    Mom says I’m sounding a bit spoiled. I don’t think so do you?

  7. fern reed Says:

    Zoie has stainless steel bowels and Happy has plastic bowels!!!
    Everybody is happy so far!!

  8. Sue Says:

    Long ago we used plastic. Then when Py’s nose started changing, I bought cute little ceramic bowls for everyone. Once the pups came along the ceramic bowls didn’t stand a chance so I bought lots of stainless steel bowls. They’ve worked well till recently when Fudge decided he didn’t like his bowl. I’m feeding him from plastic now, but I think I’ll try him again on the stainless soon. Tsar, of course, has decided that he needs to eat form a dinner plate. OK.

    The water bowls are larger stainless bowls which Fudge does pick up and spill when the water level gets too low for his pleasure (usually from him splashing the water out with his feet). We also have a plastic mop bucket in the garage that everyone drinks from occasionally.

    Let us know if Sis’s color comes back even more.

  9. Mitch Says:

    I’ve heard that about plastic bowls before. Mitch uses stainless steel dishes for both water and food.

  10. Louise Says:

    If I had a choice, and of course I don’t, I would go with the metal or ceramic bowl. I don’t trust plastic for eating or drinking, no matter what!

    I better run and look at my nose now, who knows:)

  11. Nichole Says:

    The metal vs ceramic things makes us chuckle a little… aren’t dogs finicky? We use all metal dishes here…

  12. scrabblequeen Says:

    Interesting nosy conversation. And that, btw, is the only thing I have to report re my grrls noses…always nosy! Ceramic bowls rule here currently, because metal and plastic bowls, both of which we’ve used in the past, get knocked over too easily.

  13. Mary Says:

    Hmmm, if folks think gmarie’s puddle in the road drinkers are bad, I guess I won’t mention the large ceramic bowl (aka: toilet) that is sometimes used by the darlings to remind us to fill the usual drinking bowl. We have stainless bowl to insert in the tall feeding station, but the not-so-delicate drinkers end up floating it, so they have been drinking directly out of the plastic. May have to change that in the future. And our pups are very discrimating poop eaters: deer droppings only, please.

  14. fern reed Says:

    I love the fresh stuff from the garden!!!!! Had strawberries in my steel cut oatmeal this morning!!!
    Can’t wait for the tomatoes !!!!

  15. Mango Momma Says:

    We use ceramic for inside water and metal for outside. The outside metal is just because it is lighter and easier to pick up (especially when I have to thaw it out in the morning). Inside ceramic one fits in a raised bowl holder. Of course during the summer, they prefer to drink from the wading pool (plastic).

    Mango Momma

  16. Jed & Abby in MerryLand, USA Says:

    Mama uses only stainless steel for food and water, after a lecture from her vet many years ago. She had a plastic water bowl for the Danes and one got a bad staph infection on her chin that was very hard to heal. The vet said plastic and ceramic scratch too easily, harbor nasy bugs in the scratches, and can cause both skin and internal infections. Even stainless steel can wear out and if it gets scratched, out it goes.

    Interesting about the nose color. Jed has always had a pinkish nose, along with a pinkish rim around his eyes. It’s normal and healthy for him. But he does have hypothyrodism, controlled by thyroxine.

    Jed & Abby

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