Model Dogs

April 2012 008Happy Thorsday!  Just a quick little post today, because when Mama is home, we’re making her walk us… when she’s not pressing us into service to model her knitting projects.

Hardly my style.  (Sissy here.)   Couldn’t she tell I was busy watching those annoying squirrels?!   What with keeping up with those little pests and yelling at the deer that are already eating things out of the yard, I’m a busy DIVA.   The woman needs to get on my schedule if she wants me to model AND cooperate with the camera. 

April 2012 009Hem.  Gretchen Greer here.  Don’t mind the grumpy DIVA.   Believe it or not, she can be really focused when she’s hunting.   Luckily, Mama always has me.  As one wise friend said so well, I’m interested in whatever interests Mama.   And no, I really wasn’t trying to rub my new pretty in the pollen; that’s my happy, flirty pose.  Yes, I had to sneeze when I was done!  Awful, yellow, icky mess…

Are you a model dog?  Or do your humans snort when you suggest such a thing?


8 Responses to “Model Dogs”

  1. No nekked necks? « Chan Knits Says:

    […] course, the fur girls have their own post up already, so I’ll get right to the dogs on Thursday part of this post.   Gretchen is most […]

  2. gmariesews Says:

    Well of course she’s focused when she’s hunting! They all are. Just try and tell Beau it’s okay for the kids to walk down the path that goes past his fence. He isn’t going to stop alerting until he can’t see or smell them any longer. Sometimes it takes *hours*.

    GG – you are adorable as always. Hope they icky yellow stuff washed out of your Momma’s headband – or she’ll be sneezing too!


  3. Katherine Says:

    Gretchen, I could never get away with telling mama that I’m a model pup! In my wild JRT-ness I get really carried away with horses and squirrels and such. When mama says to come in “NOW” I know I am supposed to go but I can’t help but tidy up a few loose ends before I leave the yard. So I’m 5 or 6 minutes late arriving at the door. Does anyone really know what “NOW” means anyway?

    You look quite fetching in the PANK neck fancy!! And the turquoise is beautiful on Sissy.

  4. Nichole Says:

    Zeus is the star of the Lapdog models, that’s for sure… although everyone has their moments!

  5. StarSpry Says:

    You’re both beautiful models! Even if you don’t have time for it, Sissy 🙂

  6. Mitch Says:

    You’re both the perfect models and I love your fancy new knitted collars! You get treat rewards for your services, right?

    Love ya lots,

  7. Mary Says:

    Gretchen, anyone can tell you were simply doing a deep curtsy. Very nice one, too. And Sissy is simply above it all. She’s busy, people!

    The only modeling our canines would be good for is a sleep number bed…zzzzzzzzzzzz.

  8. Bubblesknits (@Bubblesknits) Says:

    My boy doesn’t sit still long enough to model. 😉

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