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Blog the ChangeOh, how we hate being late to a party… but better late than never.  Today is the 2nd Blog the Change date in 2012.

My – Mama, Chan – philosophy is pretty simple.  We’re all here to make the world a better place.  I could go on for days about how dogs make us better people, but for this post, the important message is to promote canine glaucoma awareness.  Eventually, we’ll have a separate site/blog to focus on that mission and to share resources and offer support to others trying to manage a diagnosis of canine glaucoma.

Our awesome Vision Vet is working on a post for us, but in the meantime, all you really need to know is that there are two kinds of canine glaucoma.  Primary is genetic and is what Sissy has.  Yes, HAS.  She lost her left eye to aggressive glaucoma over a year ago, and we’re fighting a good fight with the right.  It can occur at ANY age, so pay attention to any change it your dog’s eyes’ appearance and to any sign or symptom that might indicate a vision problem.  Secondary glaucoma can be caused by an injury or other eye illness, so likewise… it too can happen at any age.

December 2010 010

Sissy 12-26-10... already blind

Blinking and/or cloudiness of the eye are big clues.  That picture still almost makes me cry, because the other piece of glaucoma awareness you need is it is PAINFUL when the pressure is not under control.  Sadly, we weren’t able to control Sissy’s left eye’s pressure, so she lost sight permanently from the damage, and we had no choice but to remove the eye to stop her pain.

photo.JPGSo… there’s our post for change.  If we can help one other dog owner spot the signs sooner and get proper treatment faster, we’ve been successful.   That Sissy still lives large and keeps us on our toes with just one eye is just icing on the cake.   She’s still quite the live-wire, always up for an adventure, and she adapted so quickly that really, she helped us deal with the loss of her left eye far more than we helped her.

What change would you blog for your dog(s)?



11 Responses to “Blog the Change”

  1. Cathy Keisha Says:

    A couple of weekends ago, vets in NYC had a canine vision day for spotting cataracts and other vision problems. Thanks for the post.

  2. Mango Momma Says:

    Thank you for those important words. We lost our little hound to aggressive glaucoma that was not caught by the vet until she was blind in both eyes and in horrible pain. Since she had already lost both her ear drums due to maltreatment before we adopted her, we opted to put her down rather than have emergency surgery. Sissy always reminds me of my little hound. Her one-eyed face is so beautiful to me because it means that she is out of pain.

    Mango Momma

  3. Bubblesknits (@Bubblesknits) Says:

    Poor girl. I guess the change that I would blog is that they *do* have feelings. They need love, care, and attention, just like human children do. Although, some of the parents I’ve seen should be taken out back and beaten for the way they treat their human children, so….? /sigh/

  4. Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning Says:

    Very good post. As we have shared with you before, Mom’s sweet little cockapoo Lucky lost both eyes to glaucoma, mainly because the pain could not be controlled. The first one we blame on a vet who didn’t treat him quickly enough, the second one literally went overnight:(

    Thanks for telling others what to watch for.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  5. geosen Says:

    What an excellent post! I love you, Sissy!

    Love ya lots,

  6. Mitch Says:

    What an excellent post! I love you, Sissy!

    Love ya lots,

  7. Donna and the Dogs Says:

    Thanks for letting us know about the signs of Canine Glaucoma, and sorry that Sissy lost one of her eyes due to it.

  8. wantmorepuppies Says:

    Great post – very helpful info about what to look for!

  9. fern reed Says:

    They say if you get old enough you will have glaucoma. When I got new glasses last winter the eye doctor said at least my eyes were healthy very healthy for my age. Tom has had me take a supplement for eye care. It is VISION POWER. it is an advanced vision support dietary supplement. I have been taking for a few years now The brand name is ALTRUM. I gave Bambi one everyday and the vet said the night before she died that for almost 14 her eyes were as clear as a young dog!! So I would say the pill works!!!! I think and look for glaucoma all the time. Very good post Chan !!!!!

  10. KimT Says:

    Thank you for shedding light on a pet health condition that many of us never consider – a good reminder to pay close attention to any changes in our pets! Sure hope Sissy continues to do well, she’s lucky to have someone so dedicated to her!

    Thank you for blogging the change,
    Kim Thomas

  11. Katherine Says:

    We are so thankful that Sissy is doing so well and has a loving family to care for her.

    We worry about our fur-babies and all others and do what we can when there is a need. I especially worry that Max may be homesick at times. He spends five days a week with us and goes home on the weekend. He seems happy and adores being with Macy but I fret about the little guy who at times sits by the door and tells us he wants to go home. We always snuggle him and give him lots of love but if I could change anything we do to make him happier I would do it!!

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