Hunting where Mama fears to tread

Happy Thorsday!   It’s finally time to report that we are making strides with Gretchen’s anxiety.   I still find it perplexing that when she’s hunting, she’s a normal, fearless Jack Russell Terror, but I am pleased to note that she can now make it past another dog without having a full-blown panic attack, especially if I can convince Sissy to keep her big mouth shut.

This question is especially for the hound owners…  How do you TRY to teach a dog that was bred to make noise when something exciting is happening to be quiet?!   Sissy is just being friendly and wants to say, “Hey!  How are you?!  Wanna’ play?” when she sees someone, but that excited energy flows straight over to Gretchen as STRESS.

Any ideas?  Talking sweetly, keeping Sis – well, both dogs, actually – in a close “heel” helps, but once Sis decides she needs to give a shout-out, it’s all over, no matter whether I stay calm, snap, issue firm commands, try to hand out treats just to distract her/them…


11 Responses to “Progress!”

  1. Kari Says:

    Haylie was always calm as a cucumber, Haylie could pass a dog on the sidewalk with no problem – she will lay in the front yard tied to the tree while I work in the flower bed and a dog can walk by on the sidewalk and she will not even bat an eye. Now Fred on the other hand would go nuts – he seems agressive to other people im sure since he was so loud but he was always the friendliest dog at the dog park and daycare so I think he was just excited and voicing it cause he couldnt go greet the dog. I never really fixed it I just avoided the situation 🙂 I would say in your situation start with treat and a command and then hopefully get to using the command only.

  2. HoundDogMom Says:

    We wish we had some advice for you, but think Kari might be on the right track of treat, command or which every comes first. I have to say I don’t do best on training. I just know that if I get excited the dogs get excited so I try to find my calm submissive self. BOL Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  3. fern reed Says:

    I wish I could help you Chan, but I haven’t a clue!!! Good luck is the best I can do!!!

  4. Katherine Says:

    I am never bothered by a dog barking! It drives DH crazy but I don’t even hear it. They are just talking about one thing or another and I love their big and little voices! On the other hand, our trainer did show us a way to select the barking we want to hear and silence the rest. She had us tap Macy’s nose when she barked and say, “No bark.” It took about a year but now she stops when we tell her. Max, well, Chatty Charlie is a different kind of dog!!

  5. Sue Says:

    Don’t know. Mine don’t usually bark on walks, but they do bark in the yard and our neighbors are selling their house. I’m worried about who we might get as neighbors and if they’ll be dog friendly.

  6. Nichole Says:

    After the ear piercing barks and howls that just went on here when the UPS man dropped off a box outside, I wish I knew the answer…

  7. Mitch Says:

    My Maggie always had something to say about everything! Mom says you need to blindfold and gag hehehe

    Love ya lot,

  8. Mary Says:

    I’m with Nicole…Jake has a wicked dislike for the sound of the “Brown” (UPS) and he sets off Abby. We even call it that in our house, as in ‘Oh, oh, the brown is coming.’ Funnily enough the dogs love the UPS guy himself and he them, but the sound of the truck…not so much. I would like to say that my alpha voice and a hand signal stops them (most of the time), but then Abby the Dobie will always let out one small ‘woof’ note, as if to have the last say.

  9. Jed & Abby in MerryLand, USA Says:

    Yea, Gretchen, for making progress! The closest mama has ever come to owning a hound was a brindle basset-mix she had in high school half a century ago. She was not an excessive barker. Of course, she lived with a pack of Great Danes, so when the estate ramparts were attacked by postmen and such, her voice tended to get lost in the general melee. Maybe the Danes were her security blanket; she didn’t bark that much in the yard, either, expect when chasing ground critters or playing. The nose tap idea sounds interesting.

    Jed & Abby

  10. fern reed Says:

    Zoie only barks when she hears someone around the oustside of the house and that ia almost never but she has heard someone and she told us about it !!!! She’s a good girl!!

  11. Bubblesknits (@Bubblesknits) Says:

    Chuckling at Mary’s comment. Micro is the same way about having to get the last word in. He likes to bark at our next door neighbors from our bay window. I use my alpha voice and he’ll quit except for that last, low, “woof”. lol

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