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In search of…

May 31, 2012

photo.JPGHappy Thorsday!  Gretchen Greer here.  We have a not so little problem in the woods.  Between Mama’s excuses and the heat that makes Sissy all draggy and panty, walks aren’t happening as often as they should.  We haven’t been IN the woods but once in the past 10 days.  HRMPH.

Mama says I’ve never been too hot.  Maybe not, but she still needs some help with the cooling off of the dogs on long walks thing.  Hound Girl has told her to get Sissy a cooling vest, but it hasn’t happened yet.   The boy-dogs who lived before us had cooling bandanas.  I don’t even like wearing my no-bugs neckerchief, so I’m not eager for that weight either, but Sis’s inability to deal with the heat is shortening *MY* walks too!

We’re also still trying to find the right water solution for all of us.  There’s a cool, old bottle with a “bowl” on top that’s great for short walks or not very warm days, and Mama just slings that on a strap, crossbody style.  She has a water backpack for our long walks on very hot days, but that hurts her back, so I think now, she’s going to try one of those hip holster thingees.   I don’t think it’s going to hold enough water either, and she’s still going to have to carry a bowl for us too.

Do you walk a lot when it’s hot?  What does your human do?  I’ve tried to explain to Mama we can just hop in one of the creeks or little streams, but she’s soooo hung up on snakes and potable water…


First Dogs

May 24, 2012

We’re very excited… even if we aren’t invited to the party.

Oh – happy Thorsday!  It’s a very big day here in the woods.  Tonight, Mama becomes president of the local Junior League.  That’s what all those meetings and missed walks are all about.  We’re going to be compensated with being the guest of honor at a meeting here and there, so we hear… mainly because the outgoing president is a beloved adopted auntie and issued a decree!

March 2012 002Mama says this year, Sissy will go to the Yappy Hour social, but I – Gretchen Greer – have been invited to attend Board meetings.   I’m trying to pin Mama down on a when so I can start figuring out what to wear.  I’m thinking the Marketing VP should have a collar made with their logo, or their custom Vineyard Vines print…  Or she could buy me my own tote and have it monomgrammed in PANK…  I might even let her carry me into the JLC office in such a tote…

April 2012 009Or maybe Mama should buy another AJLI scarf and maybe if I beg, my Auntie G would make me pretty wee one scarf from it…

Where’s the most exciting place you get to go?  Do you get gussied up to go special places?

Floppy Hat Thorsday

May 17, 2012

May 2013 004Dear Mango,

I know you always have Sissy’s back.  Please help.  This is Mama’s idea of a summer hat for the DIVA.  DIVA is NOT amused.  Can you and your bigness apply some pressure and get poor Sis a proper hat more fitting for the Mango Minster Doggy DIVA and Best In Show 2011? 

It’s bad enough Sis had to wait a year for her tiara…

Licks and love,

Gretchen Greer, proudly serving as scribe to the DIVA

May 2013 001P.S. – I suffer too.  I might be the eternal baby of our pack, but I don’t need to wear a flippin’ knitted infant hat, do I?!

P.P.S –  Happy Thorsday to all!

Thank you, I’ll Have Another

May 10, 2012

February 2011 006Happy Thorsday, y’all!  Sissy here…  Gretchen is on squirrel watch, so I’m stuck composing my own post.  Hrmph.  A DIVA’s gotta’ do what a DIVA’s gotta’ do…

Did you see Mama’s smarty-pants post over the weekend?  Little miss perfect put her allowance on the wrong horse, and they just laughed at me, but if they’d listened, we’d all have some extra coins in our purses!  *I* picked the Derby winner!! 

I’m demanding a new hat as an apology and/or trophy.

What do you think?  It’s not so fancy I couldn’t wear it around the house, or on walks…  and it’s reversible too. 

Of course, even with your help, it still took 11++ months for me to get a proper tiara, but feel free to see what peer pressure can do here too.  Mama thinks this is all very humorous, but I’m hoping I’ll Have Another is the long-awaited Triple Crown winner Mama has been fussing about for all of my life and most of hers…  THAT would teach her to mock me, wouldn’t it?!  (And if that’s the case, I should get an apology pressie after every race and my own big ol’ ring of flowers when he wins it all, right?)

PCA May!

May 6, 2012

May is Pet Cancer Awareness Month, according to PetCo and Blue Buffalo.   We lost our beloved Hooey Hound, Fred, our first basset, to cancer almost five years ago.  Ironically, May was his birth month, so it’s all the more fitting that we support this campaign.

It’s also important because some of our doggy bloggy friends are currently fighting the dread disease, and it seems almost everyone who has had more than one pet in her lifetime has a cancer story.  We’d link to each of them, but the list is long and we don’t want to accidentally forget anyone.

Please consider shopping at PetCo this month and rounding up on each purchase.  Pennies make dollars and dollars fund research.  Additionally, $1 from each bag of Blue Buffalo purchased in May will go towards the campaign.  We’ve been considering a switch to Blue for a while, so this will be the month we actually give it a try.  Yes, there’s chicken fat in there and that worries me (Mama), but I recently learned that even the premium brands don’t necessarily fully disclose ingredients they use in “trace” amounts…

But this post isn’t about Sissy and her allergies.  It’s about pet cancer and supporting those companies that recognize that our pets are family members.  It’s about doing anything we can to improve the quality of our pets’ lives.  It’s about doing what we can locally to support our doggy bloggy friends and our pet pals everywhere…

Pretty Hound
In memory of Fred and all those across Rainbow Bridge because of cancer, and in honor of those fighting the beast now.   The PCA link includes pet cancer facts and signs and symptoms.

Pop, crackle, stinky…

May 3, 2012

March 2012 012Some things smell better than others.

Gretchen Greer here…  Happy Thorsday!  It’s been a TRYING week in the woods.   On Tuesday, we had a power surge, and when things came back on, not everything worked and there were some AWFUL smells.  Mama and Dadaw were most upset about the not working parts, but Sissy and I didn’t like the smells or the sizzle-pops that accompanied the return of the electricity. 

The surge protectors worked, even though they too need to be replaced.

Hope you’re not having too many storms and/or bad weather.  This head and humidity are messing up our walks too.  Hrmph.