PCA May!

May is Pet Cancer Awareness Month, according to PetCo and Blue Buffalo.   We lost our beloved Hooey Hound, Fred, our first basset, to cancer almost five years ago.  Ironically, May was his birth month, so it’s all the more fitting that we support this campaign.

It’s also important because some of our doggy bloggy friends are currently fighting the dread disease, and it seems almost everyone who has had more than one pet in her lifetime has a cancer story.  We’d link to each of them, but the list is long and we don’t want to accidentally forget anyone.

Please consider shopping at PetCo this month and rounding up on each purchase.  Pennies make dollars and dollars fund research.  Additionally, $1 from each bag of Blue Buffalo purchased in May will go towards the campaign.  We’ve been considering a switch to Blue for a while, so this will be the month we actually give it a try.  Yes, there’s chicken fat in there and that worries me (Mama), but I recently learned that even the premium brands don’t necessarily fully disclose ingredients they use in “trace” amounts…

But this post isn’t about Sissy and her allergies.  It’s about pet cancer and supporting those companies that recognize that our pets are family members.  It’s about doing anything we can to improve the quality of our pets’ lives.  It’s about doing what we can locally to support our doggy bloggy friends and our pet pals everywhere…

Pretty Hound
In memory of Fred and all those across Rainbow Bridge because of cancer, and in honor of those fighting the beast now.   The PCA link includes pet cancer facts and signs and symptoms.


5 Responses to “PCA May!”

  1. Teresa Says:

    My Seamus is both a cancer survivor (mast cell tumor 7 years ago) and a cancer warrior (recent eye melanoma). I have been looking into the Blue food line as well, so thank you for this timely post.

  2. susancyr Says:

    Fred was such a beauty!!!!

    Lost my Fergie to liver cancer.

  3. Karen Says:

    Our Snoopy, was also a May baby and we lost him to cancer at age 3. We got him through puppy find online which I would never do again or recommend. Our Vet was sure he came from a puppy mill due to all his problems. What made it even sadder was that he was crazy glued ( more than bonded) to our preteen son. Heartbreaking. Thanks for this post, everyone needs to be more aware.

  4. fern reed Says:

    I had lost my GS dog to cancer but none since then –thank GOD!!!! I work at them not getting caner since!! With Bruce I didn’t know how to keep it away, now I do.

  5. sue Says:

    Our loss is still fresh and painful. He wasn’ t the first and won’t be the last, but we’re fighting.

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