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Thorsday, Links Edition

June 28, 2012

June 2012 008Time for your Thorsday update!  Gretchen Greer here…  Mama is still too busy to help me compose great posts, but Doggy Bloggyville is carrying on, and there are things I know you don’t want to miss. 

Houndgirl has a GREAT post about breaking up with your vet.   I’m not crazy about being in the car or being in places that smell like other animals you can’t see, but Mama insists the vet is an important part of my life, so…

Then, please go wish the Brit Knitter pack well.  We understand that sweet Tara was ready to cross the bridge, but Sissy says it’s still really, REALLY hard to adjust to life without part of your pack.  It sounds VERY upsetting to me, and I don’t want to think about it!

I’m also helping Mama worry about everyone in the path of those awful wildfires out west.   Does anyone know how to do a rain dance?

Power of the Paw?

June 21, 2012

Borrowed from Tara’s mom’s blog

Calling on the Power of the Paw for our doggy friend Tara and her mom.   Tara’s not the only dog in blogland under the grips of cancer, but Mama ended up in tears upon learning that they are now reduced to what Mama calls “comfort measures”. 

It’s not exactly a happy Thorsday post, but that’s the way it goes sometimes.  Would you consider popping over and supporting Tara’s mom?  And have you heard of 2 Million DogsMama‘s working on a post about that today too…

Our Dadaw Taught Us…

June 16, 2012

This is a companion post to Mama’s post, inspired by the Vera Bradley post

We’re lucky to have the very best Dadaw!  He plays rough with us and gives us extra kibble when he feeds us, and he always appreciates our licks and love.  So, here are just a few of the things he’s taught us:


August 2009

“That the world is mine for the taking, and that there’s no shame in demanding   asking for what you want.”  — Sissy, DIVA of the Woods and the world at large

December 2011 002

December 2011

“That you can be a fearless snake hunter and demure… just not at the same time, and that cute trumps everything.”  — Gretchen Greer

Don’t forget to wish your dad a Happy Father’s Day!

One Kool Dog

June 14, 2012

Happy Thorsday! My how the week has flown.

Courtesy of Amazon

We have the best friends!  After I whined about trying to keep Sissy cool on our walks, her Auntie Sus sent a care package.  Sunday, we used the Kool Collar and I believe my exact words to Susan were, “I don’t know whether to thank you or not…”

DIVA was a wild woman until she – and the air – sucked up all the cool the collar had to offer.  (About an hour into our 2-hour hike in the woods, if you’re wondering.)  Clearly, it made her feel like a frisky fall morning…

We used the frozen gel pack, but we’re thinking that for the next hot day, long walk, we’re going to put the frozen gel pack in, and then add as much crushed ice (because cubes won’t fit with the gel pack in place) as we can fit in there and still close up the pocket. 

I know it worked, not only because she was full of herself, but also because Gg actually drank almost as much water as Sissy, which is highly unusual.  Hmmm…  I wonder if Gg would tolerate a small?  We had to go back to a 1/2″ collar for her tags; she HATED the bulky 3/4″ one, and I walk her in a harness, so we don’t need the extra security a wider collar would add.  I think the Knight likes it better than her long-standing Lupine pank argyle pattern; he changed her out as soon as they both hit the sofa, while I was still putting away groceries!

(Sorry… no photo.  It was late…) 

More from Amazon

Now I’m thinking Gg has embraced her camo princess side, and she needs this harness…  I was thinking about a mesh summer harness for her anyway.

Anyone have experience with Doggles harness sizing?  The two listings I’ve seen aren’t helpful, at least not to my brain.  Gg’s neck is a loose 11″ and her widest “girth” is a loose 14″.  (Hem.  Sorry wee one.  Mama needs help, and you are a tiny little thang…)


June 7, 2012

Happy Thorsday!   Last weekend, we got to thank Farmer T who with his sweet wife, keeps us walking in the woods and along the river. They also have a labby-dog (Mama edit – Labrador), but since we generally see the Ts while they’re either trimming the walking paths or working with the horses, we’ve only seen their dog once.


Anyway, we ALWAYS look for the horses. There are a few fields of horses on our walks, but these three are the newest to our neighborhood and our favorites. The dark one will walk over to the fence if I call out to him, but that upsets Mama for some reason. I’m just being polite and saying hello! (Mama – see that “ribbon” fence?! Those are very big horses. Having grown up with horses and cows, I am NOT a fan of allowing dogs to yap or dash at the bigger creatures.)


These are our fish. Can you see them? Dadaw says they’re carp. They’re very big and have funny, dog-snout-like noses!

photo.JPGLast but hardly least are the bees.  We aren’t sure which neighbor they belong to, and Mama won’t let us visit them anyway.  Once in a while though, she lets us walk up the path to where they live, so we can check things out anyway.

Do you have fun neighbors?

Good, bad, ugly

June 6, 2012

That’s the theme of yesterday’s vet visit for Sis. 

The good:  eye pressure is within normal limits and the eye looks great.

The bad:  Sissy is reacting to her kibble, and Dr. M doesn’t care for the brand I grabbed about a week ago.  So… back to the drawing board, and to the next-most convenient pet food store in town, for a different range of doesn’t have the long list of allergens within foods.

Symptoms:  VERY pink belly, extra ear activity (no signs of infection… just… more like real basset ears than usual for Sis), and very soft stools.  Hem.  Sorry, but I use these posts to track her progress – and lack of.

The ugly:  Sis didn’t feel well.  Remember the soap episode?  It wasn’t QUITE that bad yesterday, and no soap was ingested prior to travel.  It’s looking like girlfriend is having some motion sickness, and her friends at the vets office miss the spunky spitfire.  Oh, she’s still spitting … up.   Poor girl…

It’s hard to watch my normally full of herself DIVA act like a normal, reluctant dog at the vet.  Any brilliant ideas out there?

Pitty Day!

June 4, 2012

It’s our honor to post today to honor Corbin‘s birthday.  We’d seen Corbin around doggy bloggy land, but we don’t really know him… and that’s a shame.  However, we do know a few pit bulls and pittie mixes, so we can certainly speak to the cause… even if Mama doesn’t have pictures of our neighbors.

First up are Dixie and Bruiser, our next door neighbors.   They’re both mixes, believed to have some Pittie within.   Bruiser is our hero.  He’s always shouting out hello, and the one time another dog from our road scared me (Gretchen Greer) in my own yard, Bruiser told him off when he crossed Bruiser’s property.  Mama says she feels very safe with Bruiser next door, even though he’s gentle as a lamb with us and all humans.

Dixie is less vocal and not such a guard dog, but she’s very patient with me when I get scared and yap when we all pass on the road on our walks. 

Then there’s Buster, the seemingly pure-bred Pit on a farm down the road.  He’s scared me twice, rushing out to join us on our walks, but Mama says he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body.  He followed us home one walk, and kept on smiling and trying to crash our party while Mama fussed and scolded him the whole way.   He’s a very young adult who just needs a little more work, and his owner is certainly doing his part!

June 2012 004

We’re all dressed up for Corbin’s pawty and the Jubilee… surely our invitation will show up today?

Mama is also doing a post about some other Pitties she’s known.  She’s also mumbled something about us not being typical of our breeds, but I’ll leave her to explain that, because I don’t have a clue what she means!

Love Adds Up

June 2, 2012

Gretchen Greer here!  Look what Mama found on Facebook  last night while she wasn’t walking us!  (Something about a tornado watch and it not being safe to even walk?  Sounds scary… but we got a walk in between rain drops and that stoooopid red bar across the top of the TV went away before bedtime last night.)

Love Adds Up.  Doesn’t that just warm your heart?  I want a dress with that logo on it, and Sissy would wear a ‘dana…  It’s the bestest doggy cancer campaign yet!  We’re posting today – instead of walking already – because our good friend Tara fights the good fight every Saturday and we’ve been looking for a way to support her more.

The design comes in a sticker or a magnet  right now.  Won’t you consider helping Zoey Stick it to Canine Cancer?  Don’t forget to “like” Zoey and her causes on Facebook too.

Hey Mama!  Why don’t we have a Facebook page?

Mama:  You do.  I can’t find it right now, but there’s a doggy affiliate and you have profiles there.

Gg:  But Mama…  Zoey has a PAGE.  Please?!  Maybe now that you have a social media guru for the League you can get her to help you get with the program for us too?

Ooopsie.   Sorry…  This post isn’t really about us… it’s about supporting Tara and her pack, and all the dogs everywhere with cancer.  But for the record, the reason Sissy and I need a better media presence is so we can increase awareness for canine glaucoma, canine food allergies and any other worthy cause that comes up.  If any of you know how to get Mama to quit her job and focus more on what really matters, we’re looking for advice.  She doesn’t seem to respond well to guilt trips, sad basset eyes and pleading JRT looks, although they do get us a free trip to work once in a while.