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Small Milestones

July 26, 2012

Happy Thorsday!

Photo credits in link – click!

While Sis had another good eye exam and we don’t take those for granted, we’re also celebrating a few “little wins” for Gretchen Greer as well.  Last week, she managed to let our neighbor who teaches people how to drive a cart – a pair of ponies connected to a pretty little “wagon” – pass by without flipping out.  She went on alert, stayed in her right-sided heel (both because I can shield her and because Sissy already knew to heel left), and only gave one kinda’ mild bark!

Another “borrowed” photo – click for credits

Yesterday, a wild turkey hen passed just a few yards in front of us.  Evidently, Gg knew it was “game” and not a neighbor-threat, because while she tried to pull and we picked up speed, she didn’t bark at all, and Sissy just whined her heart out while pulling and racing too. 

Progress!!  I’m so proud of Gretchen.  Overcoming fears is tough work, especially when you’re tiny and the entire world looms large.

Are you celebrating any little wins or milestones?

Eye, eye, eye, eye…

July 23, 2012

Wall art in our exam room

Sissy had her regular eye exam on Saturday.  Her pressure was 5, which is well below the 15 which is the highest “normal” she’s allowed.   Other than being very drooly, which we’re guessing is due to vision-related car sickness, Sis had a great trip.  She wasn’t as stressed as her previous visit though, so I think the DAP wipes helped. 


More exam room art

I can’t say enough about Visonvet or the rest of the staff at Eye Care for Animals.   They’re always personable, and they truly care ABOUT Sissy, not just “for” her remaining eye.   We discussed what heartworm and flea and tick preventatives I was using, we reviewed Sissy’s diet, etc.  They might be specialists, but they definitely don’t have tunnel vision and care about the whole dog — and the entire pack.  I was mildly scolded for leaving little Gretchen Greer at home alone since it is a long round trip for us! 

We are so, so blessed to have such a skilled, caring team taking care of our fur-girls!

We wrapped up our adventure with a stop at Dog House Yarns.   They’re having a fabulous sale if you are a local and need to stock up.  Since we were in a hurry to get back to Gretchen, I didn’t do any shopping, but I can’t thank them enough for welcoming us in for a little break from all the car time.  I did get a sneak peek at the Frog Tree alpaca sport they’re ordering…

Logical Choice!

July 19, 2012

Happy Thorsday!   I have a happy story to share…  A good while back, Hound Girl had a contest, and we won!   And I mean, we REALLY hit the jackpot…

The contest was for a gift certificate from Nature’s Logic for the food of your choice, from a local retailer.   Awesome, as they have both canned and frozen varieties that Sissy could have. 

… not awesome, because it turns out that we no longer have a local NL vendor.   However, before I could even despair, the NL gift-giver person noted that under the circumstances, they’d just ship me the canned variety directly. 

Now…  if you live in a bubble, maybe you didn’t immediately get that the postage for 6 cans of dog food isn’t cheap.  They could have totally mailed me a gift certificate good at one of their online retailers, which would have honored their prize obligation, and indeed, I would have been happy.  Instead, Nature’s Logic took care of assuring that I wasn’t inconvenienced at all, and the box arrived on my doorstep in a hurry!

I didn’t include a photo of the stuff, because frankly, I find canned almost everything pretty disgusting, and dog food is probably second only to canned SARDINE dog food.   But the girls LOVE this stuff, and I love the quality – and the incredible customer service – so, we’re sold.   I’d still like to try the frozen rabbit variety, but with 100 degree daytime highs, even if I could find it “locally” (read: 40 minutes or so from home), I wouldn’t want to purchase it right now.

I’ve never fed canned food regularly.   I have this notion that dry kibble helps keep the teeth clean, but Sissy has a tartar problem nothing is helping, in addition to her very special diet.  Do you feed canned regularly?  If so, how?

Blog the Change

July 15, 2012

The doggy bloggy community is very precious to us.  I will forever be grateful for all the support when Sissy was diagnosed with glaucoma and rather immediately thereafter, lost her left eye.  So we’re proud to do our part to Blog the Change.

While there are so many worthy causes to speak about, including our own vision of a canine glaucoma awareness foundation, today we’re sharing some information  I found via social media.

Dogster had a great article about how to store all of your pets (heck, it would work for human family members too) important information in your smart phone.   Even if your pet isn’t ridiculously high maintenance with special needs out the wazoo (love you Sis!), this list has all the potential to literally be a life-saver.

Please do click over and read the whole article, but just in case, here are the high points:

Take photos of and store in you phone’s photo album:

  1. All of the pet’s medications
  2. Your pet, from several angles
  3. Collar tags – rabies, local dog license, etc.
  4. The microchip data – the chip #, manufacturer, etc.
  5. The food – SERIOUSLY important for dogs with allergies and/or food intolerances!
  6. The pet store where said food comes from
  7. The vet’s business card or screen shot of the website
  8. The emergency vet’s contact information

July 2012 013Obviously, some of us (yes, you Sissy) will need a longer list.  We have the eye clinic and its national info for when we travel, we have the emergency vet info for the beach, etc.  I also intend to forward all of this to the Knight’s phones and to the handful of people who could find themselves caring for the girls.

Do you have any great advice to share?


July 12, 2012

We have the bestest fairy dog mothers!   Sue and her pack really know how to spoil us. 

July 2012 019

First up – of course! – is the DIVA herself, doing a pretend “no pictures” pose in her new, purple-ish Princess tiara.  Really, she’s just having a good stretch, and do note that she can do so without disturbing her crown.  Talk about to the manor  throne born!   As the card with the package said, a DIVA dog can never have too many tiaras.

July 2012 021Of course, Sue would never forget me – Gretchen Greer.  Despite an outside temperature over 100 degrees the day the package arrived, I darted away when Mama tried to take my new pretty frock off.  Even when we did the photo shoot a few days later, you can see I was rather guarded and more concerned about when she was going to strip me of my beautiful new dress than about posing for the camera…  Don’t you love how the fluffy neckline gives a nod to both me and my Sissy?  Thanks so very much, Sue and all of the gang!  We love our presents and the treats too.

Oh – and happy Thorsday!   We hope you’re getting spoiled by all kinds of nice people too!  

If you don’t normally read Mama’s blog, you might want to stop by today.  She’s sharing a really special piece of art, with the prettiest subjects ever!

Sad & Sweet Sevens

July 7, 2012

Mama’s favorite photo of Cooper (on the left), borrowed from Cooper’s mom

Gretchen Greer here.  Mama says it is a bittersweet day.  Today was her dad’s birthday, and the day Soot was born too.

We think it’s just plain sad.  We never got to meet Soot or Mama’s daddy, and we just heard that doggy bloggy pal Cooper went to lick that great dishwasher in the sky.  You might remember his mom… many of you visited her just a few days ago when her Tara cross the Rainbow Bridge too.  She and Emma are lost, as you might imagine…

To top it all off, it’s too hot to get Mama to take us on a mind-clearing walk.  Maybe Dadaw will fetch us all some ice cream!

We Made It!

July 5, 2012
June 2010 006

Summer 2010

Happy Thorsday!  It’s always cause for a celebration when we make it through all the fireworks within doggy-earshot of the woods.   Sissy couldn’t care less, but they cause Gretchen to slip into yappy little dog mode, and THAT upsets Sissy.

The good news is this year, despite having at least three different fireworks displays Gg could hear, she only had one race around the back yard barking at the sky moment, and she was calm enough that I just called both dogs inside, gave them a chewy treat, and the moment passed.

We’re still crossing paws that one local pack will get their power back today.  They too have a special needs dog… she has seizures.  Their vet hasn’t called it epilepsy yet, but she’s gone longer than usual without having an “episode” and as some of you will understand, that doesn’t give her dog-ma much peace; instead, she’s more concerned than ever about being there when the next seizure happens. 

How did your 4th go?