Logical Choice!

Happy Thorsday!   I have a happy story to share…  A good while back, Hound Girl had a contest, and we won!   And I mean, we REALLY hit the jackpot…

The contest was for a gift certificate from Nature’s Logic for the food of your choice, from a local retailer.   Awesome, as they have both canned and frozen varieties that Sissy could have. 

… not awesome, because it turns out that we no longer have a local NL vendor.   However, before I could even despair, the NL gift-giver person noted that under the circumstances, they’d just ship me the canned variety directly. 

Now…  if you live in a bubble, maybe you didn’t immediately get that the postage for 6 cans of dog food isn’t cheap.  They could have totally mailed me a gift certificate good at one of their online retailers, which would have honored their prize obligation, and indeed, I would have been happy.  Instead, Nature’s Logic took care of assuring that I wasn’t inconvenienced at all, and the box arrived on my doorstep in a hurry!

I didn’t include a photo of the stuff, because frankly, I find canned almost everything pretty disgusting, and dog food is probably second only to canned SARDINE dog food.   But the girls LOVE this stuff, and I love the quality – and the incredible customer service – so, we’re sold.   I’d still like to try the frozen rabbit variety, but with 100 degree daytime highs, even if I could find it “locally” (read: 40 minutes or so from home), I wouldn’t want to purchase it right now.

I’ve never fed canned food regularly.   I have this notion that dry kibble helps keep the teeth clean, but Sissy has a tartar problem nothing is helping, in addition to her very special diet.  Do you feed canned regularly?  If so, how?


8 Responses to “Logical Choice!”

  1. Hazardous Duty « Chan Knits Says:

    […] little friday and Thankful Thursday!  I have up a quickie review of a new to us dog food on the girls’ blog.   For this post though, I’m going to talk about the calculated risks I take to share my […]

  2. gmariesews Says:

    What wonderful service. Maybe in your next career you should become a NL distributor? Anyway – I do not feed canned – in my house it is reserved for very sick dogs who need coaxing to eat. And Dudley & Beau have horrible tarter. Lucy who inhales her food is the only one of my pack who hasn’t needed her teeth cleaned. Go figure. Any – have you tried brushing? g

  3. Katherine Says:

    We have tried canned food several times with Macy and she always gets sick from it. She has been on dry kibble since she was a pup and not the expensive brand either–Lite Bountiful. It seems to keep her trim, fill her up, and keep her teeth in good condition so the Vet says why change, even though it is not what he would have recommended.

    We have discovered that both Macy and Max would rather eat Laughing Cow cheese spread on Club crackers than anything else. They go wild for the stuff which makes me wonder what is in it and whether I should be eating it!!

  4. Sue Says:

    We keep canned food on hand for sick dogs and also Morgan eats a combo of wet and dry just because she’s Morgan and that’s what se wants. At her age I’m not going to argue.

  5. Mitch and Molly Says:

    We’ve never had canned food – always crunchy kibble but the Tripett Tripe that mom buys for me keeps my teeth white. It’s amazing stuff and yummy too!

    Love ya lots

  6. Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning Says:

    Phantom gets more canned food that the rest of us, but we do get a taste. Mom says she thinks she might be able to find that at our local specialty ($$$) pet store. Hope she gets some for us.

    Very nice of them to ship it to you too.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  7. Nichole Says:

    Yay for a great company! 🙂 We feed about a tablespoon of “mix in” with dry kibble each night… sometimes it’s high quality canned food, sometimes things like cottage cheese or yogurt. You could try just mixing in a bit with the girl’s dry food.

  8. Mango Says:

    The stinkier the better. HoundGirl rocks for sure.

    We don’t eat canned food, but we do eat 25% of our food in the form of Primal Burgers which are mushy like canned stuff. I, Mango, have a touch of gingivitis. But Momma is too lazy to brush my toofers and the vet says my weekly raw meaty bone helps keep them from getting bad.


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