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Yesterday We Celebrated

August 30, 2012

Baby Gg 12-29-2008, 4 mos. old

Happy Thorsday!  Yesterday was my – Gretchen Greer – 4th birthday.  Mama did a very sappy post on her blog yesterday, and I really do appreciate all the good wishes. 

Size mediums… evidently, we prefer smalls then… because we buy a four-pack

However, we need your help.  Somewhere, Dadaw found a four-pack of small or medium Kong Air Dog Squeakair balls, in solid colors.  The PANK ball is the most precious thing in my world, and both Mama and Dadaw have been using their internet shopping and searching skills… to no avail.  Mama did find these cute Happy Birthday ones that I have a feeling are headed my way, but she also knows that my uncle sent me some pink (not quite PANK) raquet balls, and I’m a bit sorry to say I don’t like them.

Mama here – if you happen upon said four-pack of solid-colored balls in the not weest nor biggest sizes, please let me know.  Oddly, Sissy also prefers to play “catch” with this size as well.  Yes, our one-eyed girl LOVES to sit a few feet in front of a human and play catch, probably because we make such a huge deal over it.

And it *IS* a huge deal.  With one eye, she has no depth perception. 

Any big deals in your world?

Cross Paws for our Friends

August 27, 2012

Just a quick plea for some power of the paw, prayers, or whatever positive vibes you send for Honey and her human.   Glaucoma is a VERY painful condition, and it is ridiculously stressful for the dog and especially for the owners.

January 2011 011

1-11 – A reminder of those stressful, painful days

Sissy and I really want to have the time to start a foundation for canine/pet glaucoma awareness and general support.  There’s just not that much information out there, and we are SO LUCKY to have the best vet care and to have you, the best doggy bloggy support system out there.  Some of you have emailed me articles you’ve come across.  I’m especially grateful for the one Sue found about harnesses.  The short version is, while our eye vet had heard something about it, that article was the final straw and she now strongly urges her human care providers to use harnesses with her canine glaucoma patients.

Speaking of Sue, please cross paws and fingers and look up at the stars for Sue and Samba.   Samba has been Sissy’s alpha-DIVA mentor through her health challenges, so it is very difficult for us when Samba isn’t full of vim and vigor. 

We’re hoping to hear that both grand girls are soon feeling better and that their health issues are under control.


Shop for a Cause

August 23, 2012

Happy Thorsday!   Just a quick little drive-by post for today, but it’s an important one.  If you haven’t already purchased your ticket through your favorite non-profit, would you consider supporting BROOD – Basset Rescue of the Old Dominion? 

The details are on their site (linked above and via the image), but in short, this Saturday you can shop at Macy’s, even online, and get a 25% discount, a chance to win a $500 gift card, and the entire $5 ticket price goes to BROOD.

Shopping… my civic duty.

There and Back Again

August 16, 2012
July 2012 012

High maintenance, and totally worth it

Happy Thorsday!   I need to learn that especially with Sissy’s kibble, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.  Gretchen loved the previous kibble, but the signs of Sissy trouble started almost as soon as the Knight bought the large bag. 

This is how it works.  Sissy almost always LOVES a kibble change.  If it’s really a problem, we know within an 8lb. bag.  However, if it’s just not quite right, sometimes it takes 25 lbs. or more to get there. 

WARNING:  This is about Sissy’s food allergies, signs and symptoms.  Continue reading at your own risk.

Any food change results in a soft stool.  I’m all about Sissy’s pooo…  It’s ridiculous, but her anal gland health depends on a firm poo, and the poor girl was over 2 years old before she had her first, nice, firm, normal stool.   So the first sign of trouble is that the stool either gets even softer or just doesn’t firm up.  With the previous kibble, even Gg the soooper pooper had soft stools, so I wasn’t shocked when we reached the critical, all-telling stage 2.

June 2012 003

Gretchen is mortified that we speak of such things…

The second and clear warning is when Sis won’t eat her kibble dry.  Now, you hound caretakers out there are laughing at me.  Of course a hound – a DIVA hound, a SMART DIVA hound – will work the system.  I know that.  So we ignore the first episode or three.  But when it reaches the point that the girl simply won’t eat the kibble without significant enticement, it’s the kibble, not the dog.

While Sis has eased out of the 40s and into the very low 50 lb. range,  she’s still lean enough that we worry when she won’t eat.  Also… see above.  We worry when she won’t eat because her food allergies have ruled our lives since before we knew they were food allergies. 

So…  back to PetCo.  I’m so grateful that the City and PetCo corporate decided to build directly across from the League office and almost within sight of  The Pink Palm.  Highly convenient.  It’s also nice that they’re open longer than many stores, because the Knight and I eat late and therefore are usually in town after normal business hours.

Courtesy of Wellness

We’re on our second small bag of Wellness Whitefish & Sweet Potato.   This time, poor Gg is taking one for the team.  If she doesn’t firm up soon, I’ll consider doing a two dog, two kibble world, but that creates so many problems because like kids, they always want what the other has, especially when they (Sissy) can’t have it!

I’m not really looking for feedback, but I truly appreciate each and every one of you who read all of this.  While this blog is mostly for doggy bloggy fun, it also exists so that my fair knitting friends and fashion friends don’t have to read about dog poop and anal glands unless they want to. 

Oh – and the title?  Wellness was the first premium food that Sis did well on, briefly… but I’m not at all sure it was Wellness’s fault that the relationship wasn’t permanent.  See above; it took us two years and then some to find Wondervet with her focus on allergies and even food allergies.  It took her two visits to get Sissy’s message on precisely how allergic to chicken she is, and as the wonderful Wonder-woman predicted, we’re so happy with our healthy girl that we don’t care to figure out whether Sis might could eat lamb.  ALL poultry is off the table, because of the severity of her reaction to chicken, and we’ve just stuck with no land animal save rabbit and seafood-based protein sources because they keep working… mostly.

April 2012 005

Lean but not mean!

When there is a failure, it’s almost assuredly because the manufacturer sneaks in trace amounts of chicken something.   In case some manufacturer is reading, my girl can’t do chicken fat, chicken meal, or eat your kibble if you ran a batch of chicken anything through the factory before her seafood kibble.   We know this happens because there are some very caring, awesome people in the pet food industry who share these dirty secrets, and we are so very grateful for their shared wisdom.

Seriously.  Sis is THAT sensitive to chicken.  Know a human kid with peanut allergies?  Yeah.  Like that.  Thank goodness thus far, her reactions have been NOT the traditional human anaphylaxis not-breathing type, but despite my background as a medic and my training in pet CPR… we’re not taking that chance.

Working Thorsday

August 9, 2012

photo.JPGHappy Thorsday!  We’ve been working girls this week.  Wow, this work stuff sure takes a lot out of a fur-girl.  Good thing there’s plenty of room to relax between jobs…

What do we do?  Well, we greet the people, from co-workers to customers to delivery folks.  We help Uncle with lunch.  We keep Mama “circulating” with little walkies.  We keep Dadaw’s lap warm.  And Dadaw’s assistant calls Gg a paperweight, because she likes to just sit on Mama’s desk…

Are you a working dog?



August 2, 2012

July 2012 019Nope.  That’s not a typo.

Oh– ‘scuse me.  Gretchen is having a fit because I didn’t say happy Thorsday.  So, there you go.  Seems to me that lying trumps being polite; there’s not much happy in the Woods. 

In case you can’t tell, I Sissy-DIVA, Best in Show Mangominster ’11, have had to resort to composing my own post because Gretchen is a Mama’s girl and won’t fuss enough, not to mention she never says much worth saying by the time she gets done with all of her civilities and whatevers.

Anyway.  Two nights now, that crazed woman I call Mama has been way past dark getting home.  Why yes, Dadaw has been home with us, but what does that have to do with anything?!  And Dadaw keeps noting that it’s been too hot for afternoon walkies anyway, and Gg keeps getting Mama up earlier for longer morning walkies, but…

Y’all know where I’m coming from, right?  I am the Queen, and yet…  where’s the respect?  The duty? 


The sit-on technique captured by a friend last summer

Never you fear doggybloggy fans.  I put Mama in her place last night.  She settled in on the sofa, and I climbed into her lap and pinned her there.  Dadaw laughed at me.  Just wait fella’.  I’ll get you next.  I’ve mastered my technique and have figured out how best to stage a sit-on strike.

How do you let your humans know they’re out of line?