Working Thorsday

photo.JPGHappy Thorsday!  We’ve been working girls this week.  Wow, this work stuff sure takes a lot out of a fur-girl.  Good thing there’s plenty of room to relax between jobs…

What do we do?  Well, we greet the people, from co-workers to customers to delivery folks.  We help Uncle with lunch.  We keep Mama “circulating” with little walkies.  We keep Dadaw’s lap warm.  And Dadaw’s assistant calls Gg a paperweight, because she likes to just sit on Mama’s desk…

Are you a working dog?



7 Responses to “Working Thorsday”

  1. Nichole Says:

    We hope you working girls are getting paid top cookie!

  2. km Says:

    Fun! I (Holly) get to work everyday. Since Mama’s job is at home…I’m at work with her all the time. She sure needs my help to herd these kids. I follow them through the house making sure that no one is getting into trouble. I also keep the floor clean of crumbs. My favorite time is breakfast. The kids are sure to spill some Kix and those are my favorite. I don’t care what they say about dogs and corn. I will sit, lay, even shake paws for a Kix. And just to make sure that Mama is never lonely, I lay on the floor in the bathroom when she showers. I know she said the kids finally leave her alone when she goes to the toilet, so I just assumed that’s my cue to scratch at the door if she locks me out. I mean, why would she lock me out of the bathroom. I’m her shadow. Glad you get to work as greeters. Enjoy the day.

  3. Katherine Says:

    Oh Gretchen you could be CEO and Sissy could be President! Being a paper weight is menial labor. You two are ready to be executives–it’s written all over your supremely shiny fur!! Also, when you are tired at the end of the day you need to have your paws massaged and that shiny fur brushed. We working dogs must stay in control. Let’s form a union!

  4. scrabblequeen Says:

    We’re working girls….we have charge of security around here….duties include barking at everything and anything that moves or makes a noise within sight or sound of our house.
    Woofs…Sasha and Misty, Chiefs of Security@ForneyFarm Inc.

  5. Sue Says:

    Our Mom stays at home with us, but we try to help her with all her projects anyway.
    Morgan, Sebastian and the Porties

  6. Louise Says:

    Work, it looks like break time to me:) I’m sure you girls more than deserve it! Greeting people can be so tiresome, they want to ga ga and goo goo at you, and you just have to sit there and be polite. Oh the toil of it all!!!

  7. Jed & Abby in MerryLand, USA Says:

    We also do security work, including critter patrol. And when anyone unknown comes to the door, we politely sit right by mama’s side while she talks to whoever is there, just so the stranger knows mama is protected. And of course we keep mama busy taking care of us, so she can’t just sit in her recliner all day.

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