Confidence Restored


DIVA does the vet 12-11

A rare weekend report to share the great results from Sissy’s regular 6 week eye exam and our first appointment with our new to us local vet.

We got off to a great start with a new to us male vet tech whom Sissy took a shine to right away.  (Yes, I am Southern.  Yes, I live in podunk.  Yes, it shows up in my words sometimes.)  I almost would be content if we had a vet tech of record.  Then, perhaps I’d be more flexible about which vet was seeing my girls.  Anyway, he was great, and even tricked Sissy into a quick temperature check without any corners or sitting involved.  That might be a first!

Then, we met the woman we’ll now just call Local Vet.  The rather non-superlative name belies the way she quickly dispenses confidence, collaboration and compassion.   Score!!   She never flinched as I candidly put my cards on the table, and in fact, kept smiling and chatting as though it’s perfectly normal for every client to note that the former vet now a half a country away is still in charge of Sissy’s diet.  And while she admitted she hadn’t had a chance to read Sissy’s extensive chart yet, I believed her when she assured me she would read every word.

Tonovet in action

However, the way she – and the awesome vet tech – handled the sudden awareness that the Tonovet had a note about maybe not being functional on it assured that we’re staying put at least as long as she’s working there.   She didn’t just tell me she was sorry, the very tool we needed for that visit wasn’t working and send us on our way.  Said vet tech began looking for the manual for the thing, and she patiently fiddled with the thing until we did indeed get three accurate readings  –  8, 10, 9  –  all precisely where the pressure needs to be.

Sissy was very responsive to her.  Sis seems to take to males in the animal health care business quickly, but since Wondervet moved away, she’s been pretty reserved with women.  Not stand-offish or uncooperative, but sometimes… almost so, clinging to me like a scared child.  So, we’re good.  I’m positive Gg will do well with Local Vet’s calm, quiet demeanor, and if we’re lucky, it’ll be February’s annual exam before I can confirm that.

Many thanks for assuring me I wasn’t off in left field somewhere for freaking out, fretting and demanding a vet who would even happily fit into Sissy’s complex fan club of a care team.   Thankfully, I worried for nothing, and we’re once again in good, kind hands.

Happy weekend!


8 Responses to “Confidence Restored”

  1. Nancy Says:

    Whew! I’m so glad to hear all is well.

  2. Prudence Says:

    Very glad that everything is going to be ok!

  3. Chill in the air? « Chan Knits Says:

    […] though, I will mention that things went really well on Saturday with the woman we’ll now call Local Vet and Sissy’s eye pressure was […]

  4. Nichole Says:


  5. StarSpry Says:

    I’m happy to hear Sissy’s eye pressure is in a normal range! And I’m so glad the new vet and vet tech are so wonderful to Sissy and her needs 🙂

  6. Katherine Says:

    So glad to hear everything went well!! We’ve had prayers flying and paws crossed waiting for a good report. You go Sissy!! (and stay well Gg).

  7. sue Says:

    That has to be a huge relief for you. Sebastian has a favorite tech who took care of him while he was boarding. They really bonded and are both so happy when they see each other. I think he would have adopted him if we didn’t want him.

  8. Bubblesknits (@Bubblesknits) Says:

    I’m so glad you found a good vet! : ) She definitely sounds like a keeper. I kind of fluctuate on the ones around here. The ones with all the fancy equipment don’t have awesome staff and the ones with the awesome staff don’t have the fancy equipment. Wish I could have both.

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