Tails on the Trails

Happy Thorsday!  Oh, we’re excited!!!  Most of you know we live to walk, and Mama got to do a big walk with lots and lots of people earlier this month, but we were specifically uninvited.   Mama was polite about it and kept patiently murmuring about liability and some nonsense about not all people liking dogs.  What?!  Crazy talk, woman.  I mean, they gave her a PANK shirt and everything…

Anyway.  Thanks to the wonder of the web and our pawsome friends at FiveSibes, we get to be a part of a big walk!  It’s called Tails on the Trails, and evidently, that’s not exactly unique, so maybe Mama will be inspired and can create our own good cause with paw-friends…  We are registered as remote walkers – isn’t that a brilliant idea?! – and we will be hiking our own paths as usual, but it will be extra-special because we’ll be walking for a cause.  (Mama here… because walking for our health and such isn’t a worthwhile cause?!)

Mama has at least one local husky dog friend, so maybe she’ll invite that superlative Stirling she keeps talking about to join us.   That would put her well on her way to starting our own walk for a cause, right?

And yes, this makes us less sore that yet again, we’ve missed BROOD’s Ramble.  It was last weekend, and despite the fact that BROOD has a strong presence here in our very own podunk, the Ramble was far, far away.  Since Sissy DIVA had an eye appointment and neither of us are great riders, we’re letting Mama off the hook this year, but NEXT YEAR we’re reminding her that she’d promised Fred she’d go ramble in his honor since they never got to go either.  (Note a theme here?!  That Mama is a slacker.)

Are there dogs included charitable walks in your area?  If so, tell Mama about them.   No point in having parents that are all about non-profit stuff if they can’t fix the gaps in podunk’s walking world.


4 Responses to “Tails on the Trails”

  1. Freedom Door « Chan Knits Says:

    […] thursday!  Before I launch into my daily dribble, you might want to check out the post on the girls’ blog.  Ever heard of a charitable walk allowing remote participation? Photo Courtesy of […]

  2. gMarie Says:

    hmmm – the Ididarod (sp?) does a dog walk called the Ididawalk. It happens at the same time as the big dog sled race. You register yourself and your dogs and pledge to walk as many minutes as the race is long in miles. You get a t and a leash in exchange. Beau & Lucy did that a long, long time ago!

    My dogs are making me crazy today! Gonna have to look up what a Ramble is – never heard of it. Happy Thursday. g

  3. Katherine Says:

    Macy here…nothing available in the way of walkies around our little ‘burb. We do have a dog park with a trail and that’s nice to do with Mom and Dad. Max isn’t much of a walker though. He just goes straight down the path and I can’t seem to teach him that he is supposed to pull on the leash, crash through bushes, and generally give the walk some interesting moments. The kid just thinks he’s supposed to WALK. I say “why bother” if you are not going to have fun!!

  4. Sue Says:

    We have several walks that allow dogs to accompany their humans. We also have a three day outdoor art fest in May each year that has a dog parade and lots of dogs attend each day. Several of our have gone and met people and tasted the treats.

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