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October 25, 2012

Happy Thorsday and all kinds of things!  We’d leave someone out if we tried to name names, but just know that we know that many of you in doggy bloggy land have birthdays this week too.



Instead, we’ll note that Tuesday was Gretchen’s 4th Gotcha’ Day.  Yeah…  still snuggling after all these years.   I still call her Sis-ma, because Sissy really is the most benevolent alpha ever.  We got Sissy a puppy companion a little sooner than perhaps the humans were ready for, because Sis just wasn’t happy as an only dog.  I’m so glad we did; Gg is the perfect addition to our happy pack!


Baby DIVA and two littermates trying to get Mugsy to play 12-14-2007

Yesterday of course, was the DIVA’s 5th birthday.  I had planned to make pumpkin muffins, but the Knight snagged mini pumpkin spice cupcakes first.

I’d forgotten how little Sis was when she came to us, but she was a pushy charmer right off the bat.  Only Mugsy wasn’t so sure she needed to be a part of our pack, but he came to tolerate her… most of the time.


Sissy & Dadaw 1-08

And then today is our anniversary.  Since this is the fur-girls’ blog, it makes sense that I sing his praises as a doggy Dadaw.   Do note that the kinda’ wee Sissy is tucked in his very warm coat.  Do note that she’s sure his face is dirty, and he’s tolerating it.  Be still my heart.  What a man!!

It’s a good week in the woods.  Happy birthdays to all of our friends celebrating this week, and to all of Sissy’s littermates.   The true tri-color in the above photo is still living with their mom and her family, so we wish him an especially great day.

Knitted with Dog Hair

October 18, 2012

Happy Thorsday!   Our apologies to those loyal folks who read both blogs.  The photos are the same, but the thoughts are very different.

October 2012 002Long ago, Mama started a blanket for a friend.  We don’t quite remember the order of things, but friend miscarried and this project was also the one Mama knitted on and cried over during Sissy’s eye surgery.  Mama put the project away for a long while, and then finally, about 8 months ago, we learned that some of our favorite locals were expecting.  

October 2012 001For whatever reason, Mama got a wild hair in the heat of summer to finish this blanket up for one of her MANY friends having a baby this year.  Good thing Baby E is growing up with a house full of dogs, because I’m pretty sure there’s not enough Dreft in podunk to get rid of the dog hair Mama knitted into this blanket.

And yeah, it was presented to the happy family, in the hospital, right after these photos were taken.  What part of they’re dog people who know us and love us confuses you?!

GPS and Dogs

October 13, 2012

Anyone out there use Tagg, the pet tracker?  We aren’t in the market, but a friend is doing some research, as she has a digger.  No, if you’re not a terrier person, you probably don’t understand.  It’s not as simple as fortifying a fenced yard, not leaving the dog unattended, etc.  Most terriers were bred to “go to ground” and if you haven’t seen one in action… just take my word for it.  I’ve had labs and hounds that dig, but it’s just not the same.


1-08 – The thankfully not-so dynamic duo

For instance, if Sissy and Mugsy had been alive together in their primes, we would have had to Tagg Sissy, plain and simple.  See, Gretchen Greer is a rare JRT, totally trust-worthy off-leash.  Even when her anxiety kicks in, she bolts UP her human’s body to the highest point, not out and away.  Still, because she’s so tiny, we never let her off-leash except in controlled environments.  Sis is another story.  Sadly, her father died an early death because his nose was to the ground and he was hit by a car.  Sissy is far too much like her father, and would follow a scent to her own death.  Add in serious food allergies and the glaucoma, and girlfriend gets no “second chances” to prove she’s a grown-up and can focus on the humans off-leash.

Anyway, if you’re a Tagg customer or use another doggy GPS tracker – and the contemporary ones, accessible via the web and/or smartphone, not to be confused with the ones hunters and field trial dog owners have used for eons – please weigh in so my blogless pal and I can research this matter to bits, as we both like to do…

Vet Mom

October 7, 2012

Sis on the bench at the local vet

You know… I’m not a soccer mom, but every 6 weeks or so, my Saturday mornings are spent doing the eye exam thing with Sissy.  This was a quarterly check-up, which means we trekked north to the eye clinic.  I can’t rave enough about each and every person at that clinic.  From the founder to the newest front desk woman, they are top-notched, experienced veterinary professionals, who really love what they do and love animals.

It’s the little things.  Our local vet has signs up saying not to bring another pet along for the appointment without prior arrangements.  Fair enough, but that’s a totally different vibe than the “Your pets are all part of our family” signs in the waiting area the eye clinic shares with several other pet-vet-specialists, begging that one does not leave another pet in the car while the patient has an appointment.  They even offer to make special arrangements if the other pet needs a private waiting area.  I tell you… these people are beyond compare.

Those signs made me feel better, as I kinda’ had to take Gretchen along yesterday.  The Knight was working, and we’ve never left either dog ALONE for 6+ hours.  Regular friends and readers know Gg has significant travel anxiety that four years later, we’re still barely managing, so she was still quite stressed when we saw the vet.  Instead of making me feel Gg was an unwelcome distraction, Vision Vet noted that while Gretchen was a little manic, Sissy appeared more like herself, vs. the drooly, tense mess she’d been on the last couple of visits.  Then she took a moment to visit with Gg at the end of the exam, and both girls worked the tech for treats.

And yes, Sis is fine.  Her pressure was nice and low, and the new vet tech laughed when pregnant Vision Vet merely pointed at the small, typical stackable type chair, Sissy hopped up, turned, and no one had to sit in the floor or heft my big girl onto the table for the eye exam.  Sometimes, being a DIVA comes off looking like being a model patient.  Who knew?!

She does have a harmless skin tag on the lower lid of her “good” (remaining, right) eye.  Vision Vet can freeze it off with a local anesthetic, much like a human wart removal, but it isn’t bothering her at all and is roughly a month old, so we’re going to watch it, and as long as it doesn’t grow or start bothering her, we’ll leave it alone.

Our next regularly scheduled trip to the eye clinic will mark two years since that left eye was removed.  I see them more than I see some of my family, so it’s nice that they think we’re all family.

And since I do also use this blog for reference sometimes, both girls had a squirt of the travel anxiety serum an hour before we left.  I wiped the hammock down with a DAP wipe  and then Gg got a calming chew about an hour into the ride.  On the trip home, Gg got the two remaining chews while the vet tech slipped Sissy more banana chips, then each girl got another squirt of the serum, and I wiped the hammock again with our last wipe.  Sis was great, but Gg’s chews were out of date and while she “just” hyperventilated and trembled a bit, I’m still hopeful that with fresh chews, she might have continued small improvements, until we get to a point where she’s almost a good rider.

If anyone knows of a DAP diffuser for the car, please let me know.  That would be ideal.

Licks & Love

October 4, 2012

January 2012 005Happy Thorsday!  There’s so much grief and suffering in doggy bloggy land right now, so we’re just doing a drive-by to send licks and love to all those in need.  We’re keeping our paws crossed for lots of you too… too many to mention.

(Yes, it’s a Christmas photo.  It’ll be here again before you know it.)

Do let us know how you’re doing, especially if you’re on our crossed paws list.

Yellow Day

October 2, 2012

Today’s a yellow-letter day in Doggy Bloggyland.  The humans have Livestrong and a bunch of other let’s fight cancer together sites and organizations, but the pets have We Livestrong Today.

Beauty Boy 2I guess I’ve been too wrapped up in my own little world.  I know I’ve seen that moving, powerful graphic before, but I can’t believe I’ve missed this cause two years running.  You see…  it was almost five years ago to the day that our Fred was rushed to the Vet ER, and three days later, we had to help him cross Rainbow Bridge because they couldn’t manage his pain. 

I wish we’d had time to fight, but Fred did cancer on his own terms, which is how he lived his entire life.   I still mourn for our beloved Hooey, talk to him daily, and am grateful for the bassetitude he brought to our lives.  He hated for me to cry, so I have to end rather abruptly.

Livestrong, for Fred and everyone affected by cancer.