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Spreading the Joy

December 27, 2012

Mama does the 12 Days of Christmas, so we’re still celebrating!  We’ve had Dadaw’s special salmon for dinner three nights in a row, and Sissy got to sample the special Grandma Vallie (Dadaw’s granny) strawberry cake cupcakes, but I told on her and then somehow, *MAMA* was the one who got in trouble.  What?!  Dadaw’s taking this whole DIVA can do no wrong thing a little too far.

Courtesy of Shutterfly

Courtesy of Shutterfly

Everyone loved our card this year, so here’s a glimpse in case you didn’t get to see it.  Dadaw’s aunt by marriage did the painting.  Isn’t she talented?

Mama always has to find a card with “joy” on it since DIVA’s registered name is Princess of Joy.   Our favorite story about the card is from a distant cousin of sorts, by way of (one of) our beloved auntie(s)…  Seems the elder cousin by marriage to Auntie remarked, “… and isn’t it cute that the big dog is winking at me  How did they get her to do that?!” 

Hem.  Auntie didn’t even bother to explain.  She just giggled, and said yes, it sure was cute and no, she didn’t know how the artist got Sissy to pose like that.  More hemhem. 

212108317_lgWe have too many favorite presents to list too.  Auntie K – Mama’s sister – gave us some really cool sock monkeys with squeakers.  Sissy got a big one, and I – Gretchen Greer – got a wee one.  We are taking them everywhere with us right now.   That means we had THREE monkeys in the bed with us last night, because we are still very fond of the singing monkey Dadaw got for us a few weeks ago, just because we’re cute and he loves us.

Did you get some Christmas goodies?  


Royalties are in order

December 20, 2012

Happy Thorsday before Christmas!   Frankly, we find this human hoopla a bit much…  extra parcels everywhere (but some smell like they’re for us, so that’s good), a fake tree inside, ribbons and paper everywhere and Sissy keeps getting told not to put her nose/drool/whatever on stuff…


Auntie Sus sent Sissy this ornament.  Thanks, Auntie Sus!  We all – especially Mama – lurvers it very much!   But look at our header.  I think someone stole our thunder!   Maybe we need to hire an attorney…

Anyway, we wish you a merry Christmas and we hope all of your meaty bone dreams and squeaky toy wishes come true.

Ouch and Beyond

December 13, 2012

Happy Thorsday!  Now that there’s a little distance between us, I can tell you about last Tuesday’s big scary encounter.  I’ve written about the bully dog who sometimes charges us on our walk before, but last Tuesday, it and its very large terrier mix “friend” came after us and made contact.  I was able to get the girls mostly safely up the road and called the Knight when I saw blood in Sissy’s mouth.  (The tiniest bit, but still!!) 


Exploring the exam room

Roughly 36 hours later, I notice a puncture wound near Sissy’s rectum.  It is now all but completely healed without incident, and after not walking at all (because they were tired from being at work with me) and walking on my inlaws’ road instead of ours on Saturday, on Sunday, armed with the spray the Knight had ordered as soon as we got home on Tuesday, we walked our usual route.

It was blissfully uneventful and we were all refreshed for it.  However on Tuesday evening, we marched up our road again, and heard the … problem(s) barking, so we turned around, but I caught the sound of their responsible male owner calling them in, so we turned again, and continued.  I wanted to thank him (positive reinforcement?), but a truck went by just then and by the time it cleared, he too was inside.


Resting comfortably

I had been wondering if the girls were emotionally damaged by the attack.  Their encounter with another (leashed) dog on Saturday was normal, which is to say Gretchen began shrieking, Sissy began shouting her hellos, and I just apologized and smiled, and continued walking, thankfully in the opposite direction.  Sunday, they didn’t look around or linger in front of the “problem house” as they usually do, so I was hopeful…

They acted normally on Tuesday.  They whined a bit, they looked up the drive when we passed, and that was that.  Then, about a quarter mile later, I heard Buster (the overly friendly young adult pit bull we’ve met several times before) being called by a VERY frustrated female.

Again, we turned, but not before the outgoing fella’ saw us and sprinted our way.  Sissy again turned and placed herself between us and him (hello?  one-eyed hound?  you’re not guard dog material!!), and then realized “Oh, it’s just HIM” and turned, wagging her tail.  Gg had to be scooped up to perch on my head/shoulder, but that’s her norm with Buster.  One Buster’s mom arrived and he and Sissy began playing, Gg did get down and just stayed close to me.

However, we also learned that Buster’s mom wouldn’t recommend the local dog parks to help my girls develop trust for other dogs.  I’d kinda’ already reached that conclusion, but it was good to hear it from a neighbor I know understands what I want from a friendly dog encounter…

June 2010 010

Sissy playing with a fur-relation

So, how DO you socialize your pups?  Yes, I realize that at 4 and 5 the fur-girls are very late to the party, but I was almost immobilized with back problems when Sissy was a pup, and Gg only weighs 11 lbs. now, so we were VERY hesitant to take her little less than 10 lbs. puppy self ANYWHERE.  They have played with relatives’ trusted dogs, but even the vet that relates to Gg best (since Wondervet moved away) QUICKLY nixed my notions of taking Gg to doggy school, based on the girl’s nerves.

Oh… and if you have a smaller dog that likes vest-style harnesses, click over to my blog for Gg’s new favorite!

You Won!!

December 6, 2012

photo.JPGHappy Thorsday!  It’s a very fun day here at the office.  Yeah, we’re working girls for a few days, but we let Uncle pick the winner of our contest, and the lucky pack belonging to Karen will get to go shopping at Mr. Chewy’s!  Our mama will sort out the details with your mama…

Why yes, I am comfortable.  Someone has to be the overseer, and I’m the girl for the job. 

photo.JPGThe photo of Sissy at the office is most indiscrete, but…  that’s our Sissy DIVA.  Luckily, she does awake and serve as greeter when clients come in, or when Dadaw and his assistant come back to the shop.  Geeze.  Does your family embarrass you? 

Full disclosure:  Mr. Chewy sent us noms (there are some just to the right of the desk blotter, not that you can see them) and he sponsored the give-away, but our opinions are our own.