Ouch and Beyond

Happy Thorsday!  Now that there’s a little distance between us, I can tell you about last Tuesday’s big scary encounter.  I’ve written about the bully dog who sometimes charges us on our walk before, but last Tuesday, it and its very large terrier mix “friend” came after us and made contact.  I was able to get the girls mostly safely up the road and called the Knight when I saw blood in Sissy’s mouth.  (The tiniest bit, but still!!) 


Exploring the exam room

Roughly 36 hours later, I notice a puncture wound near Sissy’s rectum.  It is now all but completely healed without incident, and after not walking at all (because they were tired from being at work with me) and walking on my inlaws’ road instead of ours on Saturday, on Sunday, armed with the spray the Knight had ordered as soon as we got home on Tuesday, we walked our usual route.

It was blissfully uneventful and we were all refreshed for it.  However on Tuesday evening, we marched up our road again, and heard the … problem(s) barking, so we turned around, but I caught the sound of their responsible male owner calling them in, so we turned again, and continued.  I wanted to thank him (positive reinforcement?), but a truck went by just then and by the time it cleared, he too was inside.


Resting comfortably

I had been wondering if the girls were emotionally damaged by the attack.  Their encounter with another (leashed) dog on Saturday was normal, which is to say Gretchen began shrieking, Sissy began shouting her hellos, and I just apologized and smiled, and continued walking, thankfully in the opposite direction.  Sunday, they didn’t look around or linger in front of the “problem house” as they usually do, so I was hopeful…

They acted normally on Tuesday.  They whined a bit, they looked up the drive when we passed, and that was that.  Then, about a quarter mile later, I heard Buster (the overly friendly young adult pit bull we’ve met several times before) being called by a VERY frustrated female.

Again, we turned, but not before the outgoing fella’ saw us and sprinted our way.  Sissy again turned and placed herself between us and him (hello?  one-eyed hound?  you’re not guard dog material!!), and then realized “Oh, it’s just HIM” and turned, wagging her tail.  Gg had to be scooped up to perch on my head/shoulder, but that’s her norm with Buster.  One Buster’s mom arrived and he and Sissy began playing, Gg did get down and just stayed close to me.

However, we also learned that Buster’s mom wouldn’t recommend the local dog parks to help my girls develop trust for other dogs.  I’d kinda’ already reached that conclusion, but it was good to hear it from a neighbor I know understands what I want from a friendly dog encounter…

June 2010 010

Sissy playing with a fur-relation

So, how DO you socialize your pups?  Yes, I realize that at 4 and 5 the fur-girls are very late to the party, but I was almost immobilized with back problems when Sissy was a pup, and Gg only weighs 11 lbs. now, so we were VERY hesitant to take her little less than 10 lbs. puppy self ANYWHERE.  They have played with relatives’ trusted dogs, but even the vet that relates to Gg best (since Wondervet moved away) QUICKLY nixed my notions of taking Gg to doggy school, based on the girl’s nerves.

Oh… and if you have a smaller dog that likes vest-style harnesses, click over to my blog for Gg’s new favorite!


8 Responses to “Ouch and Beyond”

  1. Nichole Says:

    Do you have a doggy play date group anywhere (not the dog parks, but at one of the boarding places or doggy schools) that she could try? I wonder why the vet is SO against doggy school to help her with her nerves… I’m wondering if a play group instead of a class might be a better try though?
    We don’t visit our dog park anywhere near as much as we did when Zeus was a pup.. .and it’s literally right down the road! First it was the over-crowded part when people from not only other towns, but states started frequenting it on the weekends. When we met Lamby’s adopters there, we witnessed one unresponsible owner allow her dog to start tuffles and go after smaller dogs not once, not twice, but about five times before he and another owner had words and he FINALLY took his problem dog and went home. Another unresponsible owner continues to let his problem dog try to mount every dog in the park. Lola was having NONE of it… and he just laughed and thought it was “funny” (have I mentioned how much people suck lately?). I hesitate in situations like that after Lola was bit in the mouth at the store earlier this year, but I have to say… my baby girl’s good loving nature has not changed that much, which is a blessing.
    As for little pups, our dog park DID put in a smaller adjacent area in the back for tiny dogs — GG would be great for that. It really is used only by the tiny tots!

  2. ABC for Gg! « Chan Knits Says:

    […] Thorsday, little friday, thankful thursday and more.   My post over on the girls’ blog is about our less than ideal walk last week and the aftermath, but this post is all about doggy […]

  3. Sue Says:

    As for Gretchen, I’d call the local dog training center and talk with someone about maybe enrolling her in a puppy class. Even though she’s no longer a puppy, they usually keep pups separated by size and she might not feel threatened by young, small puppies. Or the person might be able to direct you to a breeder who has a calm litter that could play with her in a non threatening way. Pups can be rough, so you need to find calm puppies to work with. Porties are not calm pups, but there are some breeds that are.

    In young puppy classes they play games and do very basic commands, but mostly socialize.

  4. gmariesews Says:

    Oh I love the idea of a puppy class even though GG isn’t a puppy – it will teach her to play and keep her with pups her own size.

    I do take mine to the dog park, but honestly Beau likes to chase dogs GG’s size because they are fast and it’s all about the run for him, but then he starts howling and scaring the little dogs and their owners and it’s not fun for anyone any longer. 😦 g

  5. AlisonH Says:

    Does the owner(s) of the attacking dogs know their dog got yours sent to the vet? That there was actual biting and attacking? Around here, a dog that gets loose and bites would be put on probation and potentially put down and the owner fined–you don’t let your dog do that to others! Yowsers. I’m so sorry.

  6. Bubblesknits (@Bubblesknits) Says:

    Goodness! We had a similar problem at our old house with some overly friendly labs. I don’t think they would have intentionally hurt Micro, but considering one paw was the size of his head…?

  7. Dexter Says:

    Dog parks are to be avoided (in my opinion). Too many owners who don’t get it. Even daycare can be bad if it isn’t well run. Stick with play dates with dogs you know. I hope everybody is ok after that very scary encounter.

    Mango Momma

  8. HoundDogMom Says:

    We are behind in blog reading but spending some time catching up. Wow we are so sorry you guys have had to go throught his multiple times. We are glad everyone is healing and gettign better. If you get any good tips on socialzing your fur-kids let me know. I could use a tip or two for Miss Bella. She still dislikes other dogs then her own fur-siblings. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

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