Spreading the Joy

Mama does the 12 Days of Christmas, so we’re still celebrating!  We’ve had Dadaw’s special salmon for dinner three nights in a row, and Sissy got to sample the special Grandma Vallie (Dadaw’s granny) strawberry cake cupcakes, but I told on her and then somehow, *MAMA* was the one who got in trouble.  What?!  Dadaw’s taking this whole DIVA can do no wrong thing a little too far.

Courtesy of Shutterfly

Courtesy of Shutterfly

Everyone loved our card this year, so here’s a glimpse in case you didn’t get to see it.  Dadaw’s aunt by marriage did the painting.  Isn’t she talented?

Mama always has to find a card with “joy” on it since DIVA’s registered name is Princess of Joy.   Our favorite story about the card is from a distant cousin of sorts, by way of (one of) our beloved auntie(s)…  Seems the elder cousin by marriage to Auntie remarked, “… and isn’t it cute that the big dog is winking at me  How did they get her to do that?!” 

Hem.  Auntie didn’t even bother to explain.  She just giggled, and said yes, it sure was cute and no, she didn’t know how the artist got Sissy to pose like that.  More hemhem. 

212108317_lgWe have too many favorite presents to list too.  Auntie K – Mama’s sister – gave us some really cool sock monkeys with squeakers.  Sissy got a big one, and I – Gretchen Greer – got a wee one.  We are taking them everywhere with us right now.   That means we had THREE monkeys in the bed with us last night, because we are still very fond of the singing monkey Dadaw got for us a few weeks ago, just because we’re cute and he loves us.

Did you get some Christmas goodies?  



11 Responses to “Spreading the Joy”

  1. Nancy Says:

    Squeaker gifts are definitely the BEST!

    Love the Christmas card.

  2. HoundDogMom Says:

    Oh, the story of her thinking the DIVA is winking is super cute. The card is just beautiful. We got lots of toys and Mom is working very hard today between real work on getting our posts up about it. We thinks if she wasn’t so worried about all the pictures she might be able to post things a little quicker. BOL We are glad to hear you had a very Merry Christmas and we hope the new year brings you nothing but good things. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  3. Hounds Unite « Chan Knits Says:

    […] Thorsday, little friday, Thankful Thursday, 3rd day of Christmas and more.   Gretchen has a cute little post up today about some of her favorite parts of Christmas thus […]

  4. Mary Says:

    DH was v excited to see the card. We loved it!

  5. Mitch and Molly Says:

    Your Christmas card is just beautiful and you know we love those sock monkeys!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  6. scrabblequeen Says:

    We loved your card…we only got one gift for Christmas this year…but as it was a BIG bag of duck jerky, we won’t complain too much. Woofs…Sasha and Misty

  7. Dexter Says:

    I love your card (wink and all).


  8. Katherine Says:

    Merry ongoing Christmas to two of my favorite fur-people. Macy (AKA Scruffie’s Eclaire) here, wishing the best to Gg and Princess of Joy. Your card was amazing. Big slurpy kisses to the painting Auntie! Max and I are on the same wave-length because we also got sock monkies. I have been sleeping with mine but Max killed his by chewing it open to take out the talk-box. He did a good job of it too! Mom sewed his back up but I am keeping mine f-a-a-a-r away from the little monkey killer! All in all it was a great holiday and I’m glad to hear yours was the same! Keep sucking up that salmon and enjoy the beginning of a new year. Catch you on the flip side!!

  9. gmariesews Says:

    Love the winking story! How cute is that and it does look like she’s winking – the littlle rascal! Now, please explain why your *Momma* got in trouble when Sissy ate the cupcake? Because I don’t understand. I think Beau would love to try one and also to play with your monkey, if you’d share. g

  10. Jed & Abby in MerryLand Says:

    That is a wonderful card! Hope you got a full-sized portrait to hang on the wall, too. Glad you had such a wonderful Christmas. Happy New Year, ladies!

  11. Bubblesknits (@Bubblesknits) Says:

    lol Yes, that card was my fave out of the bunch, too. 🙂 Micro’s favorite present so far is a rubber shark that SQUEAKS. I put that in all caps because that’s how loud it is. >.< lol

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