Recap and regroup


Action shot of Me Do It 2009

Happy Thorsday!  It’s been a crazy 10 days, but little Miss Me Do It, aka: Gretchen Greer, the wee one, is BACK.   There are no new photos, because frankly, it’s all hands on deck  dog trying to even honor the spirit of her restrictions. 

After the drain came out on Monday, Tuesday morning, she got out of the doggy door – conehead and all – and was coming back up the 14 (thankfully shallow) steps from their pen by the time I got past the security locks on the human part of the sliding glass door.  The Knight caught her on the deck (just outside said doggy door) later that afternoon.

True story…  The Knight left work sick yesterday.  Said he was going home to let HIS dog out of jail.  (Her crate, cone on.)  15 minutes later – and we live 10+ minutes from work – I got a call.

Me:  Hello?

Knight:  YOUR dog is BAD.

Me:  Sissy?  (always a possibility)

Knight: NO.  Your perfect little angel.

Me:  You mean the one you left here calling “your dog”?

Knight:  Yes.  I renounce that claim.  The little brat had the tie on her cone untied.  If I’d stayed at work all day, I’m sure she –

— Wait baby, wait –

— Never mind.  You’re not supposed to jump you know.  I was trying to pick you up.

Challenging as it is, I love it.  It far beats the pathetic, hurting, confused pup we had a week ago.

How’s your week going?

If you’re on Facebook, will you “like” Sissy and Gretchen Greer?  (Hope that link works…  I don’t really know what I’m doing here.)  Sissy got in her fool head that she had to have a Facebook “account” so… she kinda’ does.  I don’t know how often we’ll post anything there, but I know some of you are there too, so let’s be friends and/or “like” each other.





7 Responses to “Recap and regroup”

  1. Nancy Says:

    Relieved to hear that Gg is on the mend!

  2. Let there be Litey! « Chan Knits Says:

    […] doing MUCH better, and there’s a little more information over on the girls’ blog, including a (hopefully it works) link to their new Facebook page.  […]

  3. Mary Says:

    Sassy Gg is much better than Sad Gg.

  4. Marjie Says:

    When the children are good, they’re his. When they’re not, then “YOUR son/daughter did…..”. Why should dogs be any different? BTW, I’ve been known to do that, too: “YOUR sons were wrestling in the foyer and kicked out the glass in the front of the curio cabinet!” “Were they hurt?” “No! But YOUR sons broke MY curio!”

  5. Mitch and Molly Says:

    We’re so happy that you’re on the mend, Gretchen! We couldn’t wait to go to facebook and “like” you!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  6. Sue Says:

    Oh yes, when the pups are adorable or sleeping, they’re his puppies. When they pee on the carpet or chew up a shoe, they’re my puppies. Funny how that works.

  7. Ruth Says:

    Love it! Dogs teaching their humans how important they Really are to them.

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