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Greener Pastures

February 28, 2013

Happy Thorsday!  No, things aren’t greening up here yet, but over the weekend, the horse pasture was empty, the gate was open, and we ventured to the lake and the bench. 


Clearly, it’s still a winter scene with dead grasses and a cold lake, but tomorrow brings a new month, more daylight hours and hopefully, greener pastures.

Any signs of spring at your house?

Eye Spy…

February 26, 2013

photo.JPGToday, Sissy met the new vet.  It was time for her regular, 6-week eye pressure check and her annual visit stuff.  This dog cracks me up.  She’s watching the street in front of the clinic.  True basset aficionados will appreciate those wrinkles.  The girl is fit as a fiddle, but finally at age 5 has gotten herself some of that saggy, loose basset skin.

No, they’re not fat rolls.  Bassets were bred to hunt and flush rabbits and other small game from the underbrush, so they needed thick, double-coats (a layer of fine, almost down-like fur under a coarse, straight coat on top), and loose skin to take a briar and carry on.    <basset conformation class over>

photo.JPGHonestly, watching Sissy watch the world breaks my heart and motivates me to FIGHT for her remaining right eye.  We speak regularly about how she’s a scent hound, NOT a sight hound, and she ignores me.  I’m tickled to pieces to have a vet who, before we parted, verified that I knew what to watch for in that one eye, in case the pressure does spike.  Best of all, she’s about 10 minutes away if we do have an eye crisis.

Oh, and her pressures were fine.  They were higher than at the eye clinic, but I now know that eye pressures tend to be higher in the morning because of circadian rhythms or whatever.  Dr. D also pronounced her “wonderful” even though Sissy’s weight is higher than it has been before.  As with Gg’s first visit, she touched every hair on Sis’s body, listened to heart and lungs, checked ears, and given Sissy’s digestive issues, she poked and prodded all through there too.


And you know I’m always fascinated by what’s on the vet’s walls.  Love that muscled JRT, bottom left.

It’s a VERY good day in the woods, rain and all.

Love your pet day

February 21, 2013

2 years ago, but repeated regularly

So, yesterday was Love Your Pet Day.   We got to go to work with Mama, not because she knew it was such a day, but because when all the trade-certified employees go to training, we come to work to visit with Gramma.

Like all kids, we LURVERS our gramma.  She lets us get away with everything, slips us extra goodies…

Do you have a gramma or a faerie dogmother?  We’re lucky… we have both, and awesome aunties and…

Oh!  Happy Thorday too!

Our Valentine!

February 14, 2013

Mama didn’t get her act together in time to mail Valentines (except to the vets who took such good care of me), so here’s your copy, from us with extra licks and love!

Stationery Card
View the entire collection of cards.

Don’t you think my – Gretchen Greer – name should have been first, since I’m on the left?!  It would have made sense, but Mama said Sissy’s the oldest and the alpha-queen-DIVA, so she’s always first.  This is true too, so…  You know which is which anyway, right?

Hope there’s much sweetness and love in your world today and always!

Close enough…

February 7, 2013

photo.JPGHappy Thorsday!  We’re calling Gretchen healed.  The remaining scab/wound is hard to find, she feels great, the hair is growing back in, and I’m trying to be gradual in our return to normal activities.  No more cones, crates or onesies.

Those of you with experience rehabbing terriers may laugh now.  Thanks so much for the prayers, crossed paws, advice and more.


February 2, 2013

photo.JPGThe stitches are out, but we’re not exactly free and clear.  I’ll spare you the photo of the hole that is roughly the size of the original wound/bite, but we’re doing a onesie in an effort to void the cone.  She’ll still have to be coned and crated when we aren’t home and maybe even at bedtime tonight despite my promises to the contrary, until THIS wound heals!

On the ultra-positive side, there was no charge for this “post-op follow-up” even though Dr. D didn’t do the surgery.  Nice, eh?

Thanks for all the support, but if you don’t mind, keep those paws crossed and prayers going for another week while we suffer through more healing and continued activity restrictions, not to mention two more mornings of pilling.