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Stranger Danger!

March 28, 2013

Warning… rant ahead.  We’ll wish you a happy Thorsday though.

photo.JPGYesterday, we set out on our walk.  Around the mile mark, we encounter the end of state maintenance on our road, and as fate would have it, the school bus was turning around, so we had to wait.  There was a little pheasant or some other ground bird running around in the field, and of course, my girls went nuts while we waited.  As we headed onward, I noticed a strange-to-me dog lurking at the woodline, and thought little of it.

About a quarter of a mile in, Gretchen stopped trotting out in front with Sissy and dropped into a tight “heel” position, which is her way of telling me she’s frightened.  Our farmer neighbor who lets us use their paths passed about then, and after we finished waving and stepped back in the road, I saw we were being followed by a LARGE Saint Bernard (mix?) and a Blue Heeler.  We kept walking, because I hoped they’d go back “home”, but I soon realized they were steadily gaining on us, and the Saint had that poor bird, dead, in its mouth.

I phoned the Knight and ordered a RAPID pick-up.  We kept walking, and I tried to emit a calm I didn’t feel.  About the time I was pondering our options, the cavalry rode in.  I loaded the girls quickly, and as we pulled off, Gg barked her head off and the strangers headed for the river.

We live in a rural area, and I know most of the dogs, but we’re seeing far too many loose dogs of late.  I honestly don’t know what I would have done if the Knight hadn’t been at home to rush to our rescue, or if he’d delayed even a moment longer.   Maybe they would have been scared off if I fussed, but Pepe – the dog that bit Gretchen – wasn’t.  Dogs pick up on Gg’s stress too, and feed off of it.  My ordinarily sweet Sis goes into protective mother mode, and the other dogs pick that up too…

I do carry doggy mace, but again… we were over a mile from home on a dead-end road. 

Thoughts?  Suggestions?  


Spelling Bee Word

March 26, 2013

photo.JPGI can never remember how to pronounce, much less spell sebaceous.  That’ll change, as Sissy now has two such cysts we’re watching.   Dr. D has already warned me – and Sissy – that the one near her “armpit” might have to be removed if it grows or begins to interfere with the harness and/or Sissy’s athletic pursuits (otherwise known as *MY* walks?).  I found the first one, the one we’re watching, before her annual exam, but neither Dr. D nor I could find it during said exam.  Then a few days ago, I found another one on the outside of a rear hip, so Dr. D wanted to take a look … and a sample to assure all is well.

And it is.  Quite well indeed.

photo.JPGSee the purple circle?  The cyst, about the size of a green pea, is in there.  Dr D chuckled and thanked me for marking it so it was easy to find.  The joke was on me though; I couldn’t find the one I just *KNEW* was on her rear hip “in the white area”, but the awesome vet tech found it… on the opposing (left) rear hip.  It’s a little smaller, and in my defense, it’s deeper AND in the white part of that hip.  Anyway, it was found and sampled.

Sis also got what I’m learning is Dr. D’s routine “while you’re here” go-over.  She asked if all was well with the eye, gave it a little look, flipped each ear around, shoved her nose in each ear to assure they were as healthy as they look, etc.

photo.JPGSissy was – as almost always – a VERY good, cooperative patient.  She does go to the vet often enough that she has this rather rude notion that once the vet leaves the room – and she knows a vet from a tech, somehow (the white lab coat?) – she’s DONE.  And I mean D.O.N.E.  That means we should exit the exam room and LEAVE.  So… she was impatient and fussy while we waited on the lab results.  Silly dog.

Yeah, that photo was taken before Dr D came in the first time, while Sis was still being patient.  You might note that I had to sit in the corner on the bench so that The Queen could sit where she could see out the window in the door.  It’s all about keeping the DIVA happy.

Anyway, hooray for great vets and good lab results!

National Puppy Day!

March 23, 2013

amfIt’s National Puppy Day, and we couldn’t miss the chance to celebrate.   Animal Miracle Foundation is new to us, but they’re part of the founding group for this day of awareness that honors the joy and unconditional love puppies (and dogs of all ages!) bring.   We love the AMF logo, don’t you?   Sissy is QUITE SURE that’s a basset, and since her ears aren’t the longest ever…  the colors are great too, aren’t they?

Anyway, we hope you’ll join us in celebrating a great cause, because who doesn’t love puppy breath?

We also thought you might enjoy seeing the fur-girls’ baby pictures.


(Yes, that’s her brother behind her, under the desk)

The day we met baby Sissy (and some of her littermates), December 14, 2007.   She had us BEFORE hello.  The Knight named her when he told me he’d called about the puppies and there was one lemon female available.  “Mugsy’s Little Sister” was destined to be ours.  Long-time readers might recall I bought a puppy crate just in case…

(For not-long-time-readers, her registered name is Princess of Joy, but she’s Sissy, DIVA, The Queen, Queenie, Sis-ma, etc.)

And perhaps my favorite photo of baby Sissy, with her idol – er, brother…


12-24-2007, by the Knight

Yes, her wee tail is hugging him!!


By her breeder

Of course, we have baby Gg photos too.  This is the one that sent the Knight over the moon.  Yes, both of our dogs are from breeders, not rescues.  There are sound reasons for that choice and I hope everyone can respect that.  We support rescues, and in fact, tried to adopt a rescued basset before we got Sissy, but…  those tales have been told and that’s that.

We bonded instantly with the wee one too – of course – and the rest is history.


They’ve been snuggle-buddies from the get-go.  It still warms my heart to see them wad up together!

We hope you’re enjoying puppy day and the baby pictures!

Mud Puppies

March 21, 2013


Happy Thorsday!  Despite the crazy weather, we’re walking pretty regularly, but snow/rain, thaw leads to mush ground conditions, even with all the legendary March winds.

Yes, even the darling, self-grooming, always pristine Gretchen Greer was FILTHY… and happy.

Do you like to get dirty?

Another Pepe

March 14, 2013

Whew.  Happy Thorsday!  We’re able to blog today and everything.  There were snow flurries around us yesterday, but we just had CRAZY wind.


Pepe, awaiting a treat after performing his tricks

We are here to introduce you to another Pepe.  This isn’t the big dog that bite me – Gretchen Greer.  This is a dapper, entertaining fellow Mama calls a Frenchie, and he was at their board meeting last week.  We’re a little confused about why the President of the Junior League’s dogs weren’t the first dogs of honor when the board decided to have a doggy guest at each meeting, but Mama has this line about how she’s busy running the meeting and therefore, can’t properly supervise us.

(Note from Mama:  How soon they forget.  Both girls have been to Yappy Hour and didn’t exhibit the kind of behavior that inspires me to drag them to a meeting where I need to be on my game, as opposed to hanging onto a leash whispering “DammitSissyNO” through clenched teeth…)

Anyway, we’ve heard too many times about Pepe and his tricks.  Evidently, it’s not enough to be remotely obedient and very cute anymore!

Do you perform tricks?