Another Pepe

Whew.  Happy Thorsday!  We’re able to blog today and everything.  There were snow flurries around us yesterday, but we just had CRAZY wind.


Pepe, awaiting a treat after performing his tricks

We are here to introduce you to another Pepe.  This isn’t the big dog that bite me – Gretchen Greer.  This is a dapper, entertaining fellow Mama calls a Frenchie, and he was at their board meeting last week.  We’re a little confused about why the President of the Junior League’s dogs weren’t the first dogs of honor when the board decided to have a doggy guest at each meeting, but Mama has this line about how she’s busy running the meeting and therefore, can’t properly supervise us.

(Note from Mama:  How soon they forget.  Both girls have been to Yappy Hour and didn’t exhibit the kind of behavior that inspires me to drag them to a meeting where I need to be on my game, as opposed to hanging onto a leash whispering “DammitSissyNO” through clenched teeth…)

Anyway, we’ve heard too many times about Pepe and his tricks.  Evidently, it’s not enough to be remotely obedient and very cute anymore!

Do you perform tricks?


8 Responses to “Another Pepe”

  1. Pi, Goats and Girl Scouts « Chan Knits Says:

    […] to celebrate today!  The fur-girls are enjoying their time at work, although there does seem to be some grumbling about their exclusion from the JLC’s guest dog […]

  2. Sue Says:

    We have great tricks that aren’t appreciated. We sing and spin and jump and counter surf. We rearrange furniture and digest books (literally). And that’s just the beginning. Mom says we don’t know any tricks. Humf!
    Morgan, Sebastian, the Porties, Syd and Mac

  3. gmariesews Says:

    Well I sing, high five, shake, sit, down and off. Abby is a show off – she spins, she used to roll over until she got fat and old, dances, and yells at mom for going to work. She’s pretty quiet these days. I’m sure she’ll be really mad when mom goes back to work! We hear she’ll have to leave in the morning with dad – when will we get fed? Beauregard James

    ps – Sissy, can you tell her skipping our breakfast is completely unacceptable?

  4. Katherine Says:

    Oh Gretchen girl, we JRTs DO. NOT. DO. TRICKS!! I’ve had a few choice words to say to Eddie and other TV JRTs. (Doing the bidding of a TV Director–what a waste of good doggie brain power). I always say if I’m not invited back to a human function, it is their loss!!

  5. Dexter Says:

    You have to be careful with all that trick stuff. There is a fine line between being a game chap and a shameless suck up. I know that you two have no trouble staying clear of the latter.


  6. Bubblesknits Says:

    I like to act like a big dog. Is that a trick? Mama says I’m just trickin’ myself.

  7. scrabblequeen Says:

    Of course we have trickses…we trick our mom and pop into giving us more treats…and Sasha tricks people into thinking she will give them her ball to throw, and…well, it’s probably best not to say too much more here. 🙂
    Woof…Sasha and Misty

  8. Nichole Says:

    That’s a mighty cute friend you’ve got there!

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