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Dog Scouts

April 25, 2013

Happy Thorsday!  Mama was a Girl Scout, and while it’s the Boy Scout motto, she’s pretty good at the “be prepared” thing.  So, we thought we’d share what lives in the car for us.

41bZAiWaUAL__AA160_We have a collapsible water bowl, this precise one by Bamboo, actually.   It’s perfect for the trips to Sissy’s Vision Vet, when after the visit, we hang out in the grassy spot and do what we need to do before we get back in the car again. 

Mama doesn’t stock water bottles in the car.  Our climate is too unpredictable, and no one wants hot water, and there are some debates as to the chemicals in the plastic breaking down in high temperatures.  So, she just grabs some water before we leave…

While we travel with our leashes snapped on, Mama also keeps at least two spare leashes in the car too.  One is a retractable leash that even has poo bags snapped on it, so she always as a trash bag when one is required.  The spare leashes have come in handy when other dogs have needed a leash for whatever reason too.

She also has a basic first aid kit in the car.  There are pet first aid kits and she has had a couple, but really, a human first aid kit will do just fine in most situations.  

And no matter the weather, she always has an umbrella, a jacket and a blanket in there too. 

Shouldn’t there be dog/pet scouts with badges and uniforms and everything?!


Mama’s Little Helper

April 18, 2013

photo.JPGHappy Thorsday!  Last weekend while doing laundry, Sissy began stalking me.  Our laundry room is tiny, but there she was.  (No, she doesn’t fit under the dryer door and yes, she insists that we try every time…)  Finally, I realized she was doing what I would call “tattling” if Gretchen was doing it, so we walked into the living room, and saw something like the photo to the left.

Why yes, she *IS* blurry, because she’s frolicking in my CLEAN clothes.

Yes, I did put the clothes on the sofa, but seriously!?  Even Sissy knew it was wrong.  And if you don’t know Sis or any other basset hound, they have really, REALLY pathetic morals.

photo.JPGThe first photo was actually load #2.  This photo was from load #1, but it wasn’t as cute as the queen on her throne action I saw when I followed upset Sissy into the living room…

Why yes indeedy, you do see clothes spilling into the floor.  Hem.  At least she had the good graces to look less than comfortable in this photo.

Do you have special helpers who aren’t so helpful?

Blogging the Change

April 15, 2013

BlogtheChangeToday is a Blog the Change day.   In the past, we’ve focused on glaucoma awareness, because, well… it governs our lives in the woods.  Today though, we want to talk about being a good neighbor. 

It’s not hard to be a good pet neighbor.  The golden rule applies here too…  Treat others the way you want to be treated.  We had a refresher course this weekend in the woods.  Someone had a presumed beagle running loose, after dark Friday night.  The fur-girls were highly responsive to its yapping, as were the labs next door.  Both the labs owner and I brought our dogs in to de-escalate the situation as best we could. 

Vision vet at work... from the Life Centre website

Vision vet at work… from the Life Centre website

A leashed dog is a good neighbor.  I know, I know, some of you have really obedient, not inclined to roam dogs.  But unless you can promise me it won’t get in Gretchen’s space… keep it leashed, please.  Gretchen represents shy dogs everywhere.   We’re working on getting her more comfortable no matter what happens, but it’s a slow process and there will still be incidents (sorry other patients and staff at Life Centre!) where she freaks out and appears to be a bratty, yappy dog…

Of course, on the other end of the spectrum is Sissy.  She wants the world to know she’s here, and it’s a constant struggle to keep her from inserting herself into other people and pet’s space…  But we do try to be good neighbors.

What makes for a good pet neighbor for you?

Eye exam #…

April 14, 2013

The three eyes traveled well

I give up.  It’s her second quarter 2013 exam, but she gets checked every 6 weeks, so it’s exam #3.  Yeah.  That’s it.  It’s probably eye exam number… 40 or so, given that she had several before the eye was removed, and I forget how long it took us to get to this every 6 weeks schedule, and we’re HAPPILY into year 2 and counting…

Pressure was 12.  That’s within normal limits for Sis.  (Anything 15 and under is golden.)  Vision Vet never fails to educate me a little bit though, and that’s part of the why we keep trekking north for the quarterly exams even though we could back off to semi-annual exams… or could have, if Vision Vet hadn’t fallen under Sissy’s spell and now glares at the techs and interrupts them when they suggest we could go longer between visits.

Anyway.  Today’s lesson was TonoPen vs. TonoVet.  (Both devices measure ocular pressure.)  -Pen is generally + 2 mms higher in healthy readings, but she STILL wants to see Sissy herself if even a -Pen reading is above 15.  Fair enough.  I’ll be a hot mess if ever it’s even 15, much less HIGHER than that, so I’m glad we’re on the same page.

-Pen can also cause ulcers on the eye, as it requires direct contact with the eye.  Ugh.  I’m glad to know, but I think we’re going to offer to fundraise for new vet so she can have the -Vet for that reason alone.   Vision Vet did then assure me that prior to her current employment situation where state of the art is the way of the world, she was quite proficient with the -Pen, so it is possible, and after having seen our new vet’s technique, I suspect hers is also spot-on.

But still.  I want the -Vet for my girl’s regular, local exams, and I happen to know Dr. D would love to have one.  … not that I have the time to make Sissy’s non-profit legit and then whine to a few friends and pet-lovin’ businesses…

(What’s that saying about if you want something done, ask a busy woman?)

ThunderLeash Response

April 12, 2013

3505829c-c394-4f43-827c-dc4ddfc0c188_2Here’s what ThunderLeash said when I asked if their set-up allowed for any neck pressure…

Because of the configuration when the leash is configured into the harness there will be a slack buckle and a safety buckle these buckles will be located on the upper torso area and will not allow for pulling on the neck because these buckles will take the pressure from the pulling. If you have further questions feel free to contact customer service toll free at 866-892-2078.

What do you think?



National Pet Day Thorsday

April 11, 2013

How convenient!  National Pet Day falls on Thorsday.  So happy Thorsday AND National Pet Day.  Any celebration plans for you?

thunderleash-main-picIt seems Thundershirt has a new product, the ThunderLeash.   It clips right onto the collar, so I’m not at all sure it’s Sissy-approved.  I’m going to email them and ask, but given that Sissy needs a harness to avoid excessive neck pressure, which increases eye pressure, which is a HUGE no-no for glaucoma patients, I don’t think it will be coming to the woods.

What do you think?  Doesn’t the design seem to have to allow for neck pressure?

Watching Mama Work

April 4, 2013

photo.JPGHappy Thorsday!  We’re working dogs this week, or most accurately…  we’ve been coming to work with the peeps.  Dadaw doesn’t work in the office much, but we keep an eye – or three – on Mama.

Sissy’s poised to count cars too, or to count cows.  Yeah.  Cows.  Yes, seriously.  There are cows in the field across the road.  Sometimes there are crows on the powerline too. 

Do you like to watch your humans?