Blogging the Change

BlogtheChangeToday is a Blog the Change day.   In the past, we’ve focused on glaucoma awareness, because, well… it governs our lives in the woods.  Today though, we want to talk about being a good neighbor. 

It’s not hard to be a good pet neighbor.  The golden rule applies here too…  Treat others the way you want to be treated.  We had a refresher course this weekend in the woods.  Someone had a presumed beagle running loose, after dark Friday night.  The fur-girls were highly responsive to its yapping, as were the labs next door.  Both the labs owner and I brought our dogs in to de-escalate the situation as best we could. 

Vision vet at work... from the Life Centre website

Vision vet at work… from the Life Centre website

A leashed dog is a good neighbor.  I know, I know, some of you have really obedient, not inclined to roam dogs.  But unless you can promise me it won’t get in Gretchen’s space… keep it leashed, please.  Gretchen represents shy dogs everywhere.   We’re working on getting her more comfortable no matter what happens, but it’s a slow process and there will still be incidents (sorry other patients and staff at Life Centre!) where she freaks out and appears to be a bratty, yappy dog…

Of course, on the other end of the spectrum is Sissy.  She wants the world to know she’s here, and it’s a constant struggle to keep her from inserting herself into other people and pet’s space…  But we do try to be good neighbors.

What makes for a good pet neighbor for you?


2 Responses to “Blogging the Change”

  1. Cross-posting for a Cause « Chan Knits Says:

    […] the Change day.   In short, we want to know what you think makes for a good pet neighbor, and Gretchen is giving a shout-out for shy dogs (and all dogs who need Sissy and the other extroverts to give them […]

  2. km Says:

    Amen! And I don’t think that tying a dog to a tree in the front yard counts as a leash. Then it seems like the german shepherd is charging you until that moment he chokes himself. That’s not fun for Holly or us as we’re walking. There are few dogs that I trust off leash. My trainer’s dog Snickers (a beautiful boxer pit) that is so trained they do fun exhibitions at the pet expo. And the chocolate lab visits the school yard where we play with Holly. He belongs to an LA county fire fighter. He’s trained as a urban search and rescue dog. And it’s A.Maz.Ing to watch him climb arched ladders on the play equipment. For the most part, I’m finding that while neighbors have “good dogs” they don’t take the time to work on manners and they’re not prepared for that oops when they open the garage door.

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