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May 30, 2013

dd2b8eb57840d3c8cea36a04c0da1d54Happy Thorsday!  We’re very excited about a package that came our way recently.  Earlier this year, our friends at Lapdog Creations reviewed some Tricky TrisKuts products, and when the nice folks at Tricky TrisKuts learned of DIVA Sissy’s food issues, they kindly sent us some of their sweet potato Chomper’s Choice treats

They’re Sissy-friendly (vegan and corn-free) and fur-girl approved.  I tried to get a photo of them enjoying their treats, but the problem is…  the treats smell so tempting that Gg dances and Sis drools and that just doesn’t make for a pretty picture.

What really impressed me – beyond sending my high maintenance, special-needs girl a full-sized, free sample – is that Tricky TrisKuts emailed back and forth with me when I thanked them for the goodies to find out what independent pet food stores are in my area, so that we don’t have to order online.   There is one store, about an hour away, so for now, I think we’ll just order the peanut butter variety from Tricky TrisKuts’ webstore.

Has a pet product vendor impressed you lately?

Off the leash

May 23, 2013


Gg here.  Aunty Sus found this and sent it to Mama.  They are pretty sure it is based on Sissy and as Aunty put it, “The names – and dog suit – have been changed to protect the innocent.”

I’m not so sure.  There’s nothing innocent about Sissy, and Mama might tolerate a lot of space-invasions, but she’d NEVER let us spill her wine.  Just sayin’…

Happy Thorsday!



Flexi Fail

May 16, 2013

photo.JPGHappy Thorsday!  We had a rather scary moment on our walk Sunday evening.  I use Flexi retractable leashes almost exclusively.  (I use short, webbed leashes for vet trips and have light-up LED leashes for night walks.)

Gretchen HAD a cord version, while Sis has the belt version.  (Gg’s has a thin cord up in the retractable portion.  Sis has that “ribbon” belt from the clasp to whatever it attaches to inside the leash.)

Now, I’ve used Flexi for nearly two decades.  It was the only brand that would contain/hold up to Mugsy, my first JRT, who was literally twice Gg’s size and MUCH stronger.  The cases have survived being dropped on gravel, concrete and paved roads, being dragged and stepped on along the way.  The internal workings have survived countless walks in the rain, through the mud, through grassy fields, on the beach…

The same style as Gg's broken leash

The same style as Gg’s broken leash

Ironically, I noticed a small “flaw” in Sissy’s leash while we were at the beach and the Knight is looking for a new purple belt Flexi in the 50 lb. + range.   (Flaw is in quotes because that leash is almost 6 years old, so it’s very much normal wear and tear.)  So imagine my surprise when Gg made a hard turn towards home while Sissy and I were heading on our normal route, and suddenly, Gg froze and the whole 15 feet or so of cord fell limply in the road!

Thankfully, the right dog’s leash broke.  (And yes, I inspect Sis’s before every walk and the fray doesn’t appear to be progressing.)   Gg stayed frozen in terror until I got to her, and then I had to figure out how to hold onto the cord without getting more rope burn while we went back to the house.  (I did get a small bit of “sting” on my wrist, as the cord broke from the base, within the leash somewhere.)

I grabbed a spare (a different brand that I can’t recommend; the brake doesn’t hold!) and we finished our walk without incident.  The Knight bought yet another brand – with the belt system – that isn’t a Flexi, but it’s pink and it’s functional, but I’ll be ordering both girls new Flexis next week, when life has settled down and I have time to have fun with the “design your own” features!

Gg may get switched to the belt style if they make it small enough, because I’ve had two cable burns over the years.  I don’t remember whether baby Sissy or a still full of himself Mugsy wrapped around an ankle and I thought the scar would never heal (it did) and then last year this time, Gg zigged when I wanted her to zag, and I was on the phone, and I had a painful, impossible to avoid “burn” on the back of one thigh, into the bend at my knee.

Are you leash-loyal?  Have you ever had a Flexi brand leash fail?  I ask, because both boy dogs Flexis are still in circulation as spares (we keep at least two leashes in every vehicle we own, by each outside door in the house, etc.) and I’m now worried that they should be discarded due to age alone.


Pulled in Different Directions

May 9, 2013

photo.JPGHappy Thorsday!  This photo actually sums up the way our post-beach life has been going.  Oddly, we chose this time to give the fur-girls whole-house freedom.  Even stranger, we haven’t had any problems, EXCEPT WHILE I WAS HOME!  Sissy got into some peppermint candy I didn’t realize was within her reach.

Can anyone explain why she’d do that post-her-supper, while I was in another room but home, as opposed to while we’re gone for the work day?


May 2, 2013

Beauty BoyHappy Thorsday!  Just a quick flashback…  our first basset Fred was born 17 years ago today.  We only had about 11.5 years with him before cancer took him from us, but that was plenty of time for us to fall in love with the breed.

Miss you, sweet Hooey.