Pulled in Different Directions

photo.JPGHappy Thorsday!  This photo actually sums up the way our post-beach life has been going.  Oddly, we chose this time to give the fur-girls whole-house freedom.  Even stranger, we haven’t had any problems, EXCEPT WHILE I WAS HOME!  Sissy got into some peppermint candy I didn’t realize was within her reach.

Can anyone explain why she’d do that post-her-supper, while I was in another room but home, as opposed to while we’re gone for the work day?


8 Responses to “Pulled in Different Directions”

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    […] Thorsday, little friday and Thankful Thursday!   While I do have a question for you over on the girls’ blog, we’re hoping some of you might have some advice for our friend Ellie and her mom.  […]

  2. Karen Says:

    More than once I have found Sabrina on the coffee table trying to eat a pencil or pad and even a copy of the Constitution! Let me tell you, that did NOT go over well with the Husband, when I was home. I don’t know why. All she has to do is wander into another room to get all the adoring attention she desires. I think sometimes, just like kids, they like to get into a bit of mischief. 🙂

  3. Katherine Says:

    I’m betting she is so smart that she waited to demand your attention at a time when you were home and could give it to her!

    As for Ellie, we found that the key to helping our pets settle into new surroundings was to immerse them in it. We tried the split location thing–letting a friend keep them at thei old house until we were settled, but nothing worked as well as bringing them with us and giving them lots of attention in their new home. It helps to give them an area that is just theirs too, like a crate or box with familiar blankets. I even took a week off once to help settle the dogs by staying with them every minute.

    BTW brava for giving Sissy and Gg open house!! We were amazed how well it worked with Macy and Max!

  4. km Says:

    We’ve been giving Holly run of the house for short trips (30 min.) and she’s doing well. We do close the bedroom doors so that eliminates mischief, but I find the warm spot where she’s laid is usually in the middle of the hall. If we need her to protect our house, it’s no good having her in a crate?! But her crate is open, and sometimes she chooses that as her place to be.

    Holly has a thing for peppermint too. I don’t like when she licks the foamy spit of the sink from when the kids brush their teeth. Ewww! How much peppermint candy did Sissy eat? Are you worried about the amount or the stealing?

    And this week, Holly was chased by a german shepherd that was even without a collar. The family was coming home from dinner and she got out of the car…crossed the street and came after Holly. It was Mike that had the leash this time. Holly gave a warning of a curled lip, and then ran in circles around Mike before having a tussle with the other dog. REALLY!!??!! I just want to have a walk with my girl, but I’ve told Mike that I’m not taking the dog out without him.

  5. Kathy Says:

    I’m not sure is she thinks she can’t drink without a human home or if she knows too much water means potty which is uncomfortable if no one is home to let her out, but Lucy doesn’t drink water if the pets are home alone. She is really, really good in the house when the people are gone. The kitty on the other hand–are those paw prints on the glass top stove?

  6. Nichole Says:

    Perhaps she wanted Mom’s attention and figured some “trouble” would get her that? Or maybe she just wanted dessert and Mom wasn’t moving fast enough to get it…

  7. Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning Says:

    Just trying to freshen her breath so she could give you a good night kiss??? BOL

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  8. Mitch and Molly Says:

    We’ve never had peppermints! hummmmmm
    It looks like you girls had a wonderful time on the beach!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

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