Flexi Fail

photo.JPGHappy Thorsday!  We had a rather scary moment on our walk Sunday evening.  I use Flexi retractable leashes almost exclusively.  (I use short, webbed leashes for vet trips and have light-up LED leashes for night walks.)

Gretchen HAD a cord version, while Sis has the belt version.  (Gg’s has a thin cord up in the retractable portion.  Sis has that “ribbon” belt from the clasp to whatever it attaches to inside the leash.)

Now, I’ve used Flexi for nearly two decades.  It was the only brand that would contain/hold up to Mugsy, my first JRT, who was literally twice Gg’s size and MUCH stronger.  The cases have survived being dropped on gravel, concrete and paved roads, being dragged and stepped on along the way.  The internal workings have survived countless walks in the rain, through the mud, through grassy fields, on the beach…

The same style as Gg's broken leash

The same style as Gg’s broken leash

Ironically, I noticed a small “flaw” in Sissy’s leash while we were at the beach and the Knight is looking for a new purple belt Flexi in the 50 lb. + range.   (Flaw is in quotes because that leash is almost 6 years old, so it’s very much normal wear and tear.)  So imagine my surprise when Gg made a hard turn towards home while Sissy and I were heading on our normal route, and suddenly, Gg froze and the whole 15 feet or so of cord fell limply in the road!

Thankfully, the right dog’s leash broke.  (And yes, I inspect Sis’s before every walk and the fray doesn’t appear to be progressing.)   Gg stayed frozen in terror until I got to her, and then I had to figure out how to hold onto the cord without getting more rope burn while we went back to the house.  (I did get a small bit of “sting” on my wrist, as the cord broke from the base, within the leash somewhere.)

I grabbed a spare (a different brand that I can’t recommend; the brake doesn’t hold!) and we finished our walk without incident.  The Knight bought yet another brand – with the belt system – that isn’t a Flexi, but it’s pink and it’s functional, but I’ll be ordering both girls new Flexis next week, when life has settled down and I have time to have fun with the “design your own” features!

Gg may get switched to the belt style if they make it small enough, because I’ve had two cable burns over the years.  I don’t remember whether baby Sissy or a still full of himself Mugsy wrapped around an ankle and I thought the scar would never heal (it did) and then last year this time, Gg zigged when I wanted her to zag, and I was on the phone, and I had a painful, impossible to avoid “burn” on the back of one thigh, into the bend at my knee.

Are you leash-loyal?  Have you ever had a Flexi brand leash fail?  I ask, because both boy dogs Flexis are still in circulation as spares (we keep at least two leashes in every vehicle we own, by each outside door in the house, etc.) and I’m now worried that they should be discarded due to age alone.



9 Responses to “Flexi Fail”

  1. Re-routed « Chan Knits Says:

    […] Thorsday, little friday and thankful thursday!  I have up a post about a leash failure on the girls’ blog, if you are […]

  2. km Says:

    I think if we had open trails without other dogs I might try a flexi, but our trainer (k9) recommended a rubber leash that I think is recycled auto tires. It can’t slip through your hands like webbing does. It weathers well (withstands sub freezing temps) and doesn’t crack like leather. Our walks are all about Holly heeling (the whole time), sitting at every corner before we cross the street, and ignoring the ill-mannered < 20 lb. dogs that yap at us for blocks while their owners drag them on walks.

    We really must take her on some hikes/to the beach this summer. I'll have to find time for M to take us all. I'm not up for it with myself and the 3 kids after the last time she dragged a kid 20' while trying to get a duck. ;0)

  3. Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning Says:

    Mom used a flexi for a couple of walks when one of the thin cord ones broke with one of our cockapoos attached. She has never used them since. But aside from that one incident, she doesn’t like them because it is too hard to handle two of the big casings at one time, especially when it is time to pick up the droppings:)

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. Katherine Says:

    We have always used Flexi and yes we have had them fail but we still keep buying them. I can’t seem to find a belt type leash that is long enough for Macy. She runs along just fine as long as she has plenty of room but if I draw her in close she throws a fit. I haven’t found a perfect leash but like you will keep trying!

  5. Kathy Says:

    We use a British slip lead because that’s what we were taught to use in dog school. I can’t imagine my giant beast on a retractable leash. It’s best for both of us if she is within a few feet of me on our urban walks. She goes off-leash in the woods with her daddy but she’s too much of a chicken to stray too far from him.

  6. scrabblequeen Says:

    Um…blush…I couldn’t begin to tell you what brand our leashes are…they are the color we like, though. 🙂

  7. Dexter Says:

    I have given up on Flexi leashes. I had one break many years ago, but that isn’t what made me stop using them. It was the day I dropped the handle accidentally and Dexter was so frightened and trying to run away from it and of course it was bouncing and rattling and chasing him. I realized how close I came to losing Dex as he would have run into the street to get away from that thing (we were in a parking lot at the time). No more flexi for me. I use canvas leashes exclusively now.

    Sometimes I use the 20 ft. and just let it drag. Not sure that would work with two dogs, but it gives Dex some freedom and I don’t have to worry about coiling and uncoiling the slack.

    Mango Momma

  8. Sue Says:

    I used to use Flexis, but I’ve had two of them break. The first the cord snapped. Fortunately we weren’t in a traffic situation and Monty came right to me. With the second, it wouldn’t rewind and I was left with 16 feet of leash trailing. Now I use leashes. Most are webbing but one is leather and I have a couple of soft denim ones that are comfortable on my hands. We have all lengths from one foot for crossing streets, to 30 feet for training.

  9. Mitch and Molly Says:

    What a scary thing to have happen! We have a flexi and angel Maggie has been the only one who has worn it and that happened when she stopped pulling and she was a senior. Mom won’t use them otherwise because we’re too strong and she’s afraid that we’ll snap it!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

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