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Casey Jones Bones!

June 27, 2013

WF%20Carrot%20GingerHappy Thorsday!  We want to thank the pack at Lapdog Creations for our Casey Jones Bones.   So far, the carrot ginger are our favorites.  It means a lot to us that our friends are on the lookout for Sissy-friendly (read: basically vegan, corn-free) treats.  Some experts claim dogs don’t like variety, but we sure do! 

Do your dogs seem to like variety?

Shout, shout…

June 20, 2013

A quiet moment at home

Happy Thorsday!   We – specifically, I … Mama – need your help.  It’s been escalating for a long while, but something has to be done about my girls’ big mouths.

Gg yaps because she’s a scared little dog, and being a JRT, one cannot admit she’s afraid in public.  Sissy yells because… Gg yaps and because she’s just a DIVA, and a very vocal one.   Enough time has passed since Gg’s injury and enough humbling moments have happened on our quiet country road, and it’s time to teach them to be silent.

How?  While both are plenty food-driven at other times, neither is distracted by even their favorite treats when they are screaming at a dog we meet on our walks.  I can quiet Gg a bit by picking her up, but I also know that’s not a permanent solution.  Sissy will sometimes hush temporarily on command, but not with regularity.

Any and all advice is appreciated!

Colorado Thoughts

June 13, 2013
November 2010 003

11-10 Not-so-fire-suits

We’re crossing paws for Colorado.  Mama has friends who were evacuated, and they were lucky enough on Wednesday to get permission to go back for their horses too.   If you’re on Facebook, please consider sharing or at least liking any of the found/missing pets for that area; we’re all so interconnected these days you just never know.  If you aren’t friends with us or Mama, leave a comment and we’ll fix that!

Cooler heads…

June 6, 2013

Untitled… or necks, as the case might be.

Happy Thorsday!  Has everyone seen cute, not so little Brutus?  If not, don’t worry about our babble about cool neckwear; go see Brutus the cute-us!

I picked these up at the beach, at one of those chain stores that carries cheap souvenir and beach going stuff.  They were…  less than $5 each, but you can find similar on QVC, Amazon and probably at a store near you.  They’re just little strips of fabric that you soak in cool water for 15+ minutes before your adventure, and then they stay cool for… at least an hour. 

UntitledIt’s almost too big for Gg, and she didn’t care for it, until she got hot.  Then she appreciated the bulk of cool around her neck.  Sis has an ice pack strip collar thing she wears, but honestly…  I think this might have stayed cool longer.

Sis could probably use two.  She has a 22″ neck, but the cool pellets or whatever only run about 12″ of the fabric.   Also, by the time I allowed for her neck skin (waddle?), I barely had enough fabric to tie off securely, as opposed to the picture-perfect bow I was able to do on the wee one. 

I was hoping they’d be more portable, something I could rotate and refresh Sis’s cooling garb as we hike, but … not so much.  Sis seems much more sensitive to the heat this year, so for now, we’ll do shorter walks (2-3 miles) when it’s over 75 degrees, and won’t walk at all if I can’t get them out of the house before it hits 85 degrees. 

What’s your climate threshold?

Stressed Up

June 1, 2013

So happy – and calm – together

Today was the local six-week eye pressure exam.  The Tonopen readings ranged from 12-21, which is a little concerning, as we’re to stay under 15.  However, I don’t expect Eye Care for Animals to want us to come visit; we’d been warned the Tonopen reads 2-3 parts per whatever higher than the preferred Tonovet.  Additionally, Sis was STRESSED.  I think Gretchen is the key to a calm Sis.  They really don’t like to be separated.

We do love our new vet.  Dr. D. has an interest in eyes, but she never fails to plop down in the floor and put her hands all over Sis too.  Sis’s weight is fluctuating a lot, but Dr. D. says she considers Sis an athlete, based on our weekly walking mileage, so… it’s all good, but Sis is about at her top end of optimal right now, so if the heat holds us back on walks, she’ll have to cut back a bit too.

Now, to squeeze in a walk before it’s too hot and humid.  It’s already 17 degrees warmer than it was at dawn, and we have roughly another 15 to go.