Cooler heads…

Untitled… or necks, as the case might be.

Happy Thorsday!  Has everyone seen cute, not so little Brutus?  If not, don’t worry about our babble about cool neckwear; go see Brutus the cute-us!

I picked these up at the beach, at one of those chain stores that carries cheap souvenir and beach going stuff.  They were…  less than $5 each, but you can find similar on QVC, Amazon and probably at a store near you.  They’re just little strips of fabric that you soak in cool water for 15+ minutes before your adventure, and then they stay cool for… at least an hour. 

UntitledIt’s almost too big for Gg, and she didn’t care for it, until she got hot.  Then she appreciated the bulk of cool around her neck.  Sis has an ice pack strip collar thing she wears, but honestly…  I think this might have stayed cool longer.

Sis could probably use two.  She has a 22″ neck, but the cool pellets or whatever only run about 12″ of the fabric.   Also, by the time I allowed for her neck skin (waddle?), I barely had enough fabric to tie off securely, as opposed to the picture-perfect bow I was able to do on the wee one. 

I was hoping they’d be more portable, something I could rotate and refresh Sis’s cooling garb as we hike, but … not so much.  Sis seems much more sensitive to the heat this year, so for now, we’ll do shorter walks (2-3 miles) when it’s over 75 degrees, and won’t walk at all if I can’t get them out of the house before it hits 85 degrees. 

What’s your climate threshold?


4 Responses to “Cooler heads…”

  1. Doggesses of the Hunt « Chan Knits Says:

    […] Thorsday, little friday, Thankful Thursday and more!   There’s a post on the girls’ blog about those little strips of fabric you soak in cool water and then have cool neckwear 15 minutes […]

  2. Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning Says:

    Great idea. We walk all summer but mostly at night close to sundown. And some nights it can still be in the 100s. But we walk every day and hope that it helps us get ready for the really hot ones.

  3. Nancy Says:

    I have two of these and use them when I mow the lawn and even when watching parades. I love them.

  4. Sue Says:

    I think of Portugal as a warm place but my dogs much prefer cool weather. Maybe it’s because they’re meant to be in the water most of the time.

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