Shout, shout…


A quiet moment at home

Happy Thorsday!   We – specifically, I … Mama – need your help.  It’s been escalating for a long while, but something has to be done about my girls’ big mouths.

Gg yaps because she’s a scared little dog, and being a JRT, one cannot admit she’s afraid in public.  Sissy yells because… Gg yaps and because she’s just a DIVA, and a very vocal one.   Enough time has passed since Gg’s injury and enough humbling moments have happened on our quiet country road, and it’s time to teach them to be silent.

How?  While both are plenty food-driven at other times, neither is distracted by even their favorite treats when they are screaming at a dog we meet on our walks.  I can quiet Gg a bit by picking her up, but I also know that’s not a permanent solution.  Sissy will sometimes hush temporarily on command, but not with regularity.

Any and all advice is appreciated!


2 Responses to “Shout, shout…”

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  2. sue Says:

    This is really tough. I tought Bentley to whisper so even though he was barking, it was a soft sound. I think you have to take them separately to work on this because they feed off each other and the excitement builds.

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