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Goin’ Green?

July 25, 2013

Happy Thorsday!   This is what happens when Dadaw cuts the grass while it’s wet and we insist upon inspecting his work.


See the green on white?


How ’bout here?  For whatever reason, Gg REALLY takes on the grass dye, and wet, her freckles REALLY stand out.  Thankfully, the wee one has outgrown her allergy to grass.  Whew!

What do you help your humans do?

Kumfy Walks

July 18, 2013

UntitledHappy Thorsday!  Dadaw found a new cooling harness for Sissy that allows us to do some walking in this beastly heat and humidity.   The Kumfy Tailz harness has a big ol’ gel thing Mama keeps in the freezer, and it slips into the tummy part of the harness to keep Sissy from overheating on our walks.

They advertise that it will keep a dog cool up to an hour, but we’ve found that 45 minutes is pushing it for Sis.  The neato gel thing can also be tossed in the microwave to keep a dog warm in the winter.  I’ve already placed my order for a Gretchen Greer model!  I don’t get too hot, but I am very vulnerable to cold.

When we get home, Mama feeds us ice chips, and if Sis is at all stressed, she gets wiped down with some weird, special towel.   It gets cold when it’s wet.  I don’t mind having my feet and chest wiped down with it, but Sis likes to walk around the house with it draped across her back like saddle.  

How do you stay cool?

Look – or not?

July 11, 2013

Happy Thorsday!  It’s been a while since the fur-girls had a photo shoot, so…

UntitledIt’s hot and humid.  They aren’t cooperative.  It would seem that only the weeds like monsoon season here in podunk.

Or maybe Gg wanted you to see that her bite wound has healed completely?

Sis was squirrel hunting… or something.

UntitledClose.  But not quite.  Gg really does have a pretty face, but she also is too independent to pose on command.  I honestly have no clue what she’s watching.   Bugs, maybe?

Oh well.  So much for my notion that they’d be very cooperative at the end of a walk.

How are things looking where you are?

Happy 4th & Thorsday!

July 4, 2013

May 2010 007This is one of my favorite photos of the girls from 2010.  Gg is a bouncy little thing, and Sis is usually smiling!

We wish you a Happy Independence Day.  We’ll be at home watching some loud, action movie around dark, so that the booms from the assorted fireworks shows in the area don’t upset Gretchen quite so much.  I’m also eyeing Rescue Remedy.  We have similar products, but haven’t specifically tried that one.

How do your dogs weather the celebrations on the 4th?