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Five on Thorsday

August 29, 2013

Baby Gg and Sissy 10-25-2008

Today’s a very special day in the Woods.  Little Miss Gretchen Greer is five years old today!  She’s been Sissy’s sidekick from Day #1.

Happy birthday, wee one.  You’ve brought much affection and devotion to our home. 

Shrimp tails will be featured for the special birthday dinner, and I’m going to try to slip out early for my meeting at the office by the pet store and get a new PANK harness too!


Lest They Forget

August 22, 2013

January 2012 007Queen Sissy DIVA, Best in Show 2011 here.   Happy Thorsday!  Every once in a while, the staff – also known as Mama and Dadaw – need to be reminded who is in charge. 

Oh, I do appreciate that Mama insists upon delaying our walks when it is very warm.  And I am grateful for Dadaw’s sharing nature – except for his pillow.  The man is downright rude about his pillow.  Claims I heat it up and then he can’t get to sleep.  Have you ever heard such nonsense?!

But sometimes, I just have to assert my authority.  Here’s my favorite way to do it.

Last night, I slipped up on the sofa and put my head in Mama’s lap.  Then, when she put the laptop down, I climbed into her lap.  Then, she knew what was coming and started to try to name her terms, but it was too late; I assumed the position. 

Oh, I wish Dadaw would get a photo.   I put my front feet on the arm of the sofa, and my bottom in Mama’s lap, and I hold that pose as long as I can, even as she fusses.  In fact, the more she fusses, the happier it makes me. 

Of course, you gotta’ crane your neck around and make kissy-face with her.  That makes her laugh and gives me an extension on the amount of time I can enforce my authority.

How do you remind the humans who is in charge?

Tremble, Tremble, Pant, Pant

August 15, 2013

Happy Thorsday!  Because life keeps getting in the way, this is a vet report from Gretchen’s 6 month check-up on Tuesday.   Yeah, Sissy’s eye pressure checks get reported almost instantaneously and the wee one has to wait 36 hours or so for a well-visit report, but Gg is well and Sissy is high maintenance.

UntitledDespite how cute and concerned she looks here, the girl was a white-hot mess.  I’m not sure that’s a real expression, but regulars who follow my blog will know I’m quick to turn a phrase and invent words.


She was beyond stressed.   The Knight is guessing it was part separation anxiety, because she and Sissy are so very attached to each other.   Again, regulars will know the little girl doesn’t ride well either, so… another stressor.  The vet did confirm that she isn’t always so stressed, and said that particularly following Gretchen’s nasty bite wound in the winter, vet stress wasn’t unheard of.

Our action plan is to take the girls to the vet together in the future, and I’m going to invest in more DAP products, as they seem to work and Gg can’t reject them the way she does calming chews, Thundershirt and especially, prescriptions for anxiety. 

We are so very grateful for our new, wonderful vet.  I wonder if Texas A&M Vet School teaches sweetness and compassion, or if it’s a coincidence that Dr. D. and Wondervet are both just so awesome?  Dr. D. had won me over months ago, but watching her plop down in the floor (in black pants!) and “make nice” with Gretchen before the exam just renewed that happy feeling that we’re in the right place.   Despite Gg’s full-blown panic attack, she was happy to go to Dr. D. when called, and she even gave the good vet a kiss or two.

Does anyone else have a dog that likes moral support at the vet’s?

Clippy Dee Dodah

August 8, 2013

Happy Thorsday!  Please visit Mama’s blog for a review.   We don’t care whose name is on the box or the blog; we got to sample the treats!


Which of us was falsely accused?

There’s no photographic evidence – because Dadaw ALWAYS has Sissy’s back – but the DIVA is on thin ice.  She’s gnawed on THREE “holsters” for Dadaw’s cell phone.  (The weird man actually ditched his smart phone for a phone that just does phone calls, texting and poor-quality photos.  He actually TALKS on his phone and found the flat, smart thing awkward for conversing.)

Only one was damaged to a point of disuse, and the man had the nerve to suggest *I* – Gretchen Greer – might have left the rather large teeth marks on said piece of plastic.  Thankfully, Mama always has *MY* back and promptly reminded him that since adulthood, I’ve destroyed NOTHING.  She then pointed out that even my toenails couldn’t leave dents that big.  Heh.

Does your pack have one who can do no wrong?

Calling All Paws

August 1, 2013

Kinda’ crossed paws?

Happy Thorsday!   Our friend Ellie is ailing again.  Crossed paws would be appreciated (even though we’re jealous that Ellie gets to go to lots of League meetings with her mom while we have to stay at home).   Please cross paws too for our friend Stirling, who has joined the ranks of those fighting the dreaded cancer.

But it’s also Miss Katherine‘s birthday, so we’re hoping Macy and Max will give her licks and love from us too!